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Hello everyone, I wanted to move my journal from another forum. I’m switching to making seeds so I think this is probably the best place for that. I’ll post a link to my old journal.

Some background on myself, I started growing cannabis when I was around 12-13. I remember gutting a PC tower and building a stealth growbox when I was kid, splicing phone chargers to fans with a 44 watt CFL growing Red Diesel Bagseeds. I’ve done time for growing twice. Most recently 2018-2021. The first time I was 17 and charged as an adult. I’m in AZ though and it became legal while I away this time. I have a certificate education in horticulture as well as several construction licenses including Electrical and Universal EPA 608. I am currently pursuing a BA in Accounting to get my CPA.

My interest in breeding is mainly surrounded on the basis of preservation and stabilization. Multiple males and females of stable expressions. I currently have a few main projects I will cover shortly. I operate under a 60 plant caregiver limit we are trying to get to 120 but that will be a ways away. Hopefully this is a good introduction post and I hope to meet like minded people to share and create with. I will post the link to my previous post but all future updates will be here. I had it as a closed thread on the other forum but I’d like to try to keep it open here. All feedback welcome. Bless y’all and my first OG update should be in the next couple days. I am currently on day 36 of flower.


Welcome on board, wishing to see your abilities … beer3|nullxnull


Welcome to OG, hoping I’m here to see this journal come to fruition, sounds interesting for sure.


Welcome to OG @SWIM_Yenobi :V


Welcome to OG @SWIM_Yenobi


Welcome to OG @SWIM_Yenobi :grinning:


Welcome aboard @SWIM_Yenobi


Another RIU convert! Welcome. I look forward to watching your work.


I’d like to thank you all for the welcome. It is appreciated. I’m am forever learning, I’d like to approach this journey as humbled as possible. I’m just here to do my part.

I will be in the room tonight and will photograph and prepare my update. Here’s a photo of a bumblebee on my pumpkin and okra until then.


Here is my keeper Midtown Madness (ONYCD x Sour Diesel BX2). I’m using it as my diesel baseline keeper but it is also the only plant I’ve held as a mother longer than one run since I got back (almost 2 years).

*Here is my breeding projects so no one has to make an RIU account to see them:

Sour Diesel Project. Will most likely just open pollinate all together and not worry about separate in-crosses.


I’ll update soon. Not much to cover but I have a schedule.

Seed Stock:


Wow! Now I’m definitely down even more! All of the above sounds like great projects! Truly! Seems like wale are fans of similar terp profiles from your packs alone! I’ve always wanted to obtain and grow Jesus OG! Been looking for a pack of modified banana for well over a year now. (Even SMF only has 4 originals in the vault and would not part with one which I get) and those mota rebel packs! Awesome! Always been a real big fan of his work no matter which moniker he was working under at the time. His plants almost always turned out stellar and aligned perfectly with my preferences. When we talked online more we had both put up lists of our favourite strains etc. and they were identical. Was a real eye opener but soon after he started swapping names etc. and his packs became harder to obtain. I’d love to have his entire older collection, green rebel too when he was working with that killer pink cut lots! Gems I tell you gems!
Can’t wait to see these projects come to fruition @SWIM_Yenobi , definitely will be along for the ride. Much respect :facepunch:t2:


The banana project is important to me. When I was young I smoked some Banana Kush out of a Ms.Buttersworth gravity bong in the backyard with two of my brothers and it’s the most memorable smoke session from my youth. The Modified Banana is what I smoked the day after my son way born January this year. “Shango Modified Banana” from a local dispensary. I have smoked it 3 times altogether and it’s the best thing I’ve ever picked up from a dispo. I will open pollination incross the entire pack of F2s. I’ll definitely send you some of the beans I make. That will occur after the Sour Project (5-6 months). I’ll shoot you a DM so I don’t forget. Respect going right back at you and Thank You.


It’s funny as @JAWS myself and another are about to do a banana Kush project any day now! Very cool


Very Nice! What cuts and seedstock do y’all plan on using? I thought Jaws wasn’t going to progress the Banana Kush line any longer. From what I understand, Jaws Banana Kush is from OrgnKid and received at F7-8.The Chiquita is supposedly an earlier offshoot of Orgnkids work kept in clone form. I’m just doing this project to hunt my own variants. I have no problem sharing though as long as it’s not against the rules.


We are just going to do an increase and work through some together and see what we find. He had no intention of it tbch but recently there’s been such a demand someone’s gotta do it. In the next few day we’ll be starting a thread you are more than welcome to join in the fun. I’ll tag you when we create it. And sharing is definitely NOT against the rules here, in fact it’s encouraged. An absolute wealth of beans is constantly being passed around here. Allowing so many to grow cultivars otherwise completely unavailable. It’s a breath of fresh air in a bunch of trolling, non encouraging forums imho. Glad you came over, perfect timing too!! Love everything you have planned :facepunch:t2:


I have really liked skunkmaster’s work, spoken to him a few times over discord before I deleted it. I had to include the Mikey Mikey to get as close to his Larry OG IBL for my OG project.

Please do tag me in it, that’d be cool to be a part of. When I do my project I can shoot you a bunch of em to be donated out as well. Thank you, I agree with what you said. No drama for me, just reading grow journals with my morning coffee and news (when I can).


Sweet! I’ve been trying to get a cut of Larry for a while now, definitely elusive! And real old school Larry is absolute fire! Not sure why it was so slept on , lemon Larry was great but straight up Larry OG :drooling_face: bomb! That would be awesome! And I’ll 100% tag you, I’m following your thread now anyway I’m always around. Hmu anytime too


Welcome @SWIM_Yenobi !! Sounds like you’ll be a great addition to the OG family!
So what’s all this talk about Larry OG? I was gonna be buying some Larry og from cali connection in the spring.

Do you have a seed list of stuff you currently have ready to go?


Very cool! Ironically I think I JUST finally found some Larry OG! Definitely doing an adage and I’ll gladly share when the time comes. I love flex’s take on OG! I love a lot of his stuff tbch . Would kill for some modified bananas! Thats cool he found that cut but BS what they did to him, disrespectful AF!