Outdoor trials and tribulations

Soooooo here I am again. Last year went poorly in nearly every way imaginable. Ah the tribulations of an outdoor gurilla :sweat_smile: well this year didn’t start as smooth as I had hoped for. I really thought about skipping out altogether. But I figured what the heck why not document my struggles so maybe others don’t replicate them. A grow for the people of you will :joy:

So this was the start

I had about 15 qk1 seeds left from a giveaway by @lefthandseeds as well as some black widow from @firehead. All was going well up until planting day…


So last year my planting was interrupted by a huge rainstorm and I decided to work through it and finish the plantings because i had already brought everything there and in guerilla spots the less times you go the safer it is as far as safety… I lost nearly every plant I planted that day within 2 weeks… All 30.

So that brings me back to my planting day this year. I got all my stuff ready to go and all the starts gently packed with all my gear in the backpack. I get out into the patch and realize I forgot the slug pellets(slugs are very destructive here) :astonished::skull: so now I’m hit with the dilemma of do I plant these plants now and just bring it next visit? Do I cancel the planting and bring it all back? These decisions are complicated by the fact that I have certain responsibilities that take precedence over grows so I did not for sure know when I’d be getting back to this site. So I decide to go ahead and do the planting but just try to return quickly.
So once I’m about an hour into digging up the spot and have planted the first few plants it kinda gets dark over me… Rain. So armed with the failure of last year on my mind I decide to not dig in the qk plants and I leave with a plan to return soon to plant them as well as to bring the slug bait.
I got back there 4 days later and not a single plant survived that hadn’t been dug in. Such a feeling to have… Feeling the losses is probably the worst thing about growing like this. But with some survivors left you have to continue on. At that point there were 7 black widows and 3 clones of my own cross I made.
I didn’t take great pics cuz I was pretty bummed. But this is a few of the b.w at that time


So by this point I really felt like the next time I visit they’ll be gone and whatever who cares. Kinda bummed but I saved some seeds and whatever I’ll live to fight again… But I went to check anyway. These babies are not pretty…but they are alive :sweat_smile:


So yeah I have a small photo garden. Got some auto seeds I’m gonna be planting as well. Might just pull off a decent crop this year in spite of myself :sweat_smile:.
Make a list of your gear needed
Check the list as you pack
Check the list before you leave
Look at the tree canopy to find your way in the woods(multiple reference points)
Don’t plant in the rain
Liquid fence works (only if you ACTUALLY bring it)
Slug pellets work (if you REMEMBER to pack it)
Don’t be like me :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: save yourself the heartache

Forgot my small auto patch. Still gonna plant some more tho. Sorry it’s a poor pic it was about to rain had to gtfo :sweat_smile:

Idk what kinda shit my camera was on but this is trippy lol


hi @_randomguyinthewoods
i admire your tenacity–and your desire to learn. takes guts to put yourself out there by starting a thread and posting pix.

is there a reason you can’t veg your plants for longer so they’re bigger before you put them in the ground?


perhaps you know this, and if so forgive me.
in my opinion, you’re going to be disappointed and taking risks for no reason unless you do two things. first, your plants need to be much more developed before they go in the ground. second, you need to prep the ground and amend the native soil in some way. my suggestion is to dig large holes or beds and fill them with an amended soil.

you’re not using pesticide slug pellets right? i imagine you’re talking about the pellets made of compressed wool that expands with watering. :slight_smile:

The nature of my spots kinda takes away large plants coming out cuz I’d stick out way too much. I don’t really have the space for indoor anything and my neighbors are herb nazis and will call the police. Which even tho it’s not a crime here I can get kicked out for community standards violations. Can’t really risk it. So I usually plant like twenty or thirty small ones at a time and just try to mitigate losses as best as I can. And yeah man site prep can be make or break a year. I dig beds amend them and plant in them typically. I try to be as hands off as I can. Will also be using some smart pots soon to see how well they do with a few autos in each. Thanks for stopping in :v: