Over it. Thanks for your help to those who provided useful info. Stay lifted!

Low tolerance for bullshit we say @trinity :joy:


And I make no bones about the fact I like sales. Sales are always good. Cos that’s money. And I like money. I also make lights.

But I’m still sticking a GN Telos in my room today to see how it does. Over in the chemdawg and rainbow kush thread. So if you want a visual of “how it does” you know where to look. And that’s technically a “competitors” light

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to be truthful, we cant help you. it doesnt matter if the users think you didnt violate terms; it only matters what the admin think.
fortunatly, everyone here is cool as fuck, especially the admin. how this unfolded was extraordinarily fair, as far as weed sites go. … lol thcfarmer immediately banned me, without warning for posting a website address in response to a question about my genes. when i went to hit post, i got a popup saying i was spamming. i closed the popup and the page redirected to login. emailed admin, no reply. banned just like that, lol… To add insult to injury, they never took me off thier mailing list; i still receive thcfamer updates and spam. like me, u didnt mean any harm, but yur lucky yur on OG,…you posted an entire trade-show-booth infomercial and are still here to tell about it, lol.

in this new legal world, most dont encourage constructive critism, but since you ask i will give you my two cents… from the standpoint of a viewer, what i didnt like (and im echoing whats already been said) was that the video doesnt show weed. you gotta put weed into a weed video, otherwise its just a “gardening video”, man… its like u just added yur stingers on a stock sales video. u want to relate a lil better, do a dab on-camera when u start, or be puffing on a phatty during yur screentime/sitdowns.

keep some of the promo footage if you must, but kill their audio and record yur own V/O narration. kill the music track(s) and, under creative commons, use some cool weed related music to score it with . nothing that’s too on the nose, but something to show yur relatable and not some cold gardening company trying to get some greenrush money from us. show your one of us… know yur target audience and cater to them. if u like how they showed the product with ornamental flowers, then restage it on yur own, but instead use yur weed plants as the on-screen talent. Even if that wasnt a factor in determining OG violation, I would still expect to weed plants and weed in a weed video.

love the idea of videos; you’ll reach more people nowadays with vids. yur cutting is clean. and i like yur stinger a lot. titles are fine. remember your target demo and be mindful of length. for something like that, 3:55 is too long i think… 2:00 is what i would aim for… yur stingers are 9sec ea, and yur titles are 7sec, thats fine. yur standups are fine too; u have to get that stuff in. its the middle; the demo part that can be cut. like i said restage what u liked most, and use weed plants… you do great work man; dont ever stop.

next time, if u think yur video may violate terms, just DM an admin and ask them.


Actually, I was thinking the same thing, but there were so many videos that did this, I thought it was an industry standard (remember Trinity, I am new to this stuff :wink: )

100% agree, which is why you see me throughout the video with the product in my hand and in the beginning of the video with my face and product in the same shot! I saw this movie XD

Thanks again for your thoughts, I will probably discontinue sharing those unboxing here in OG, and to be honest, probably won’t share any more video content here.

I have decided that it’s probably better to help newbies with photos and journals, as well as answering questions with problems that they may have.

Stay lifted!

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Very respectful allotment. Thank you for keeping an open mind.

Some people type out their experiences on OG, why in 2019, with everyone having a video camera in their pocket, shouldn’t we consider video as an acceptable alternative method of creating content without it making me a bad guy?

But as I replied earlier to Trinity, I won’t post anymore video content here, so this should solve the problem .

Haven’t made a thread:

Maybe you are right…

Duly noted. Thank you for that.

Stay lifted!


Grow something or piss off. Even your website is full of affiliate links and bullshit. anyone who has budget and viparspectra in seperate categories seriously needs to rethink their career choice. Good day


Very sneaky of you, salesperson. You missed the interesting part of that posting about affiliate links, free products and reviews as a service for companies.

My mind is open, but that does not mean you can feed it every kind of bullshit.


Once the trust is gone, well. I don’t believe a word. I read every post as sales. Like these, all for the same product. Infomercial music go!


I mean, you saw the trailer maybe… It’s like reviewing an album on the basis of the cover, since you didn’t use them.

I’d stick with that. It’s all the people on here doing just that that got me into this place. Anybody pushing products of any kind are clearly signposted as sponsors, so generally speaking I know when to add that pinch of salt.

I’ve just about finished my first grow, and the best thing I could have done towards that grow was join up here and get a diary going. The help I’ve had along the way has been invaluable. Videos of people taking plant pots out of boxes has not.



I’m gunna use a whole lot of LITFA on this one.

When I come across these types of problems I always use LITFA.

LITFA is available here at OG and if you want some just tell the legend selling it that i sent ya and you might just get a bloody good discount on the retail price.

Smiles for days…


No, use my affiliate link because I want to give back to the community.


Just pay the sponsorship £€$ @thegrowtentguy and your free to punt all the gear you want. ( but who’s gonna trust you now.!?)
Pay for sponsorship or just do a grow log or something similar.
It’s plain to see you are selling ‘products’.

Other than that I’ll LITFA - this thread .!
Have a good one :point_up:t3:.


I try to not post until after the second coffee.


Greatest post ever.


Well I feel I’ve made a pretty solid contribution to this thread now :sunglasses:


There’s absolutely nothing of value here Simba :expressionless::sweat_smile:


@thegrowtentguy I hope you can find your fit out there somewhere in internet-land but youtube & overgrow are distinctly different & separate, even if we do link to it with music & whatever else, this is an established community.

There’s not a lot of hate here & the moderation is excellent-- (another contrast to youtube).

Much of what’s been posted by others echoes my initial confusion & discomfort with the thread/approach.

As an analogy, picture a person sitting down too-closely & too-friendily on public transit. The natural instinct is to retreat at the very least & if the newcomer persists & insists they “love me & this place”, they might get handled a bit roughly.

No, acutally MOST, if not ALL OGers type! That’s how this works! :laughing: And you presume waaaaaay too much about “everyone”. It’s insulting.

:sweat_smile: :blush: … I felt guilty for flagging early.

And that’s the jist of how this all began: you posted a youtube video! :bellhop:


:evergreen_tree: :keyboard: :information_source:


I would never let someone tell me how good something tastes , when they told me all they did was look at it.


According to the changed topic OP has left the building. I think this is settled. I’d like to thank @Calyxander for how fair this was handled. It’s good to know there is room for discussion when things go wrong. Another thing that makes OG special. I think this thread can be closed. Let’s get back to growing. :seedling::seedling::seedling: