Help needed for Tent SCROG

Hi Fam,

Thanks for taking the time to come by and lend a hand. I have a question I really could use your help on. I have a tent grow and it’s my first time LST training.

The area I live in has lots of pests and I need to always be monitoring my girls to ensure that they show no signs of infestation.

The tent is a 4x8 and it’s back and sides are too close to the walls for me to gain access too. There’s enough for airflow through the vents, but not me.

I really want to balance the canopy as I am running LEDs, but my concern is that once the netting is up, I won’t have access to the back and sides of the tent to check for bugs and defoliate. It also makes it hard to water the back plants.

So is it worth it to add the SCROG? Or should I just let them go and keep tying them to the pots to keep them as low as I can?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here’s a video of my setup:

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Man wish I could help but I had the exact same problem last grow and this time haven’t put up a net. Will be watching to see if there are any ideas I can use as well.

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Split it up into two screens? You could have two 3x4s in there with an access gap right down the middle. If I’m imagining it correctly.


The net can be a hindrance in a tent for sure.I got yo-yo’s a couple grows ago so if they get heavy I string them up. I actually just leave them hanging from my fixture.

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It’s a little hard as the openings of the tent have no way for me to enter the center. Thanks for the idea though.

That’s pretty cool, but then do you need to untie them everytime you want to gain access to the plants? Hmmm…

I don’t know if it’s your first grow or not. I did scrog my first indoor and I wish I had just grown normally my first time just to get a harvest under my belt. I know that doesn’t help with your immediate question but, it’s a thought.
As far as monitoring for bugs, get yourself some sticky traps. Place a small square by the stem and maybe hang a few from the light or somewhere. Consider getting a silica suppliment as that helps fight against chewing and sucking bugs. Just don’t over do it.
You shouldn’t have to handle your plants too much. LST is extremely easy; as soon as a branch blocks another branch, gently tie it down. Make sure to top early and often to maximize your LST efficiency and create more budsites.
Also, I don’t understand how you have a 4x8 that you can’t get into. If you can’t reach the back or the sides then either start with less plants, or you could take them out each time to inspect them.
Hope this helps somewhat


It’s not really untying them so much as unhooking them but yes, I can undo them and take the plants out of the tent with the yoyos much easier than I ever could have with a screen.

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Sounds like a good solution. Thanks for the idea!!

Thanks Bigbean,

Yeah, this isn’t my first rodeo, but I am always looking to improve. It is however my first time with LST.

Will take a look into Silica as I haven’t tried that before (I use PNK’s Mighty), but the issue of getting the product under the leaves is what I am trying to solve. It looks like the best choice would be to get some of those yoyos riahgorl_1 was talking about to help support bud growth and then loosen them when I need to defoliate and spray.

(my growroom is 9x9, so the tent is setup against one wall leaving only 1 foot of space on either side. I only have access to the front entry of the tent.)

Thanks again :wink:

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I’m in the same situation as you. 4x8 tent with only front side access. I did a scrog in half of my tent with a single plant, it’s doable. You just might have to get in there underneath the screen for maintenance or break your back reaching to the back of the scrog lol.

All in all it’s my first time doing scrog but I’m lovin it so far. I say go for it, you just might love it too. :thumbsup:

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Another option for you might be those tomato cage scrog screen things. It would be easy enough to make your own this is a commercial version but I’ve seen them made with tomato cages and some mesh across the top.


I did see these, but worry that they would be too big as my plants are quite wide (if you saw the video, there are only 8 plants total in that tent).

Someone mentioned just growing 2 massive plants and scrog them that way. I suppose it would be easier to get in underneath them if there were only two.

Thanks again!

If you have ever had Spider mites, then you will know it when I say that I will do whatever it takes to ensure they never come back!

Not having the ability to get in and really look at the leaves and make sure I use Mighty from PNK all over the undergrowth would be my biggest fear.

3 grows ago, I was a week away from harvest, looked in at my girls and saw 3 plants covered in webs (makes me angry just thinking about it). Now I am vigilant about taking preventative measures.

As for breaking my back, well, with 4 herniated discs and degenerative disc disease, I think that getting “under the hood” might be a little bit of a problem XD.

Really appreciate the ideas though. Would love to see how your setup is doing to compare and learn from.

Stay lifted!

Oh man feel bad for you. I just have one disc that I herniated twice and some of the worse pain ever. Even beat the kidney stone pain which is second on my list for most pain.

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Tis why I grow my own meds. Now I am completely off Hydrocodone and Oxys and only use my flower and Coconut concentrate rub. Works way better and no side effects…except being lifted XD

Thanks again!

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Something you could try that I was thinking about doing was a single plant scrog where you stick some stakes in the pot and attach a screen to the top of them.

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If it were me, I would probably do modular scrogs. Similar to that “tomato cage” looking thing up there, but wider and better designed. Essentially, all it means is having your screens attached to the plant containers, rather than to the tent. This is what makes them modular. I would do each one at 2x2. That is the perfect size for being able to get to all of it. 3x3 would work too, but those are considerably more unwieldy. With several 2x2 modular scrogs, you could grow a single tree in each one, and your yield wouldn’t suffer. In fact, arguably your yields would be better, because the whole point is to be able to have access to the entire plants for pruning and maintenance, which would lead to a better harvest.

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Definitely will look into these for the next go around. Great idea, was looking for these, but never knew what they were called.

Thank you!

Only a month behind, must be getting closer :joy:

Remembering, we are talking about one of the most adaptable plants on the planet.
In a enclosed space, like a tent, with the lighting technology available now, why we couldn’t trellis up the three un-opening sides. Like a scrog, but set vertical (65 degrees) rather than horizontal (180 degrees); with the good parts pulled/pushed/trained through the scrog (or OGscr as i like to call it). LED spread is 120, times 3 equals 360.