This thread is for all us Okies to say howdy, share whatever you want, and discuss the joys of growing in the Great State of Oklahoma. :grinning: In my mind I can see a post-covid, OG is OK double smoke-out happening somewhere.

My wife and I live on 40 acres about 8 miles south of Muskogee. We have a commercial license, and are in the planning stages of building a new structure to house a grow. The challenge for me with that is the only grow room I ever set up consists of 2 tents in a spare bedroom.

I’m not a businessman, I just want to grow some weed, sell 2-3 pounds a month to a dispensary, and ease into my 60s with a little revenue stream from doing something I enjoy. Oklahoma makes that very difficult. Their regs are tailored for large businesses, with investors, 10,000 sq ft grows, and employees and shit. I don’t want to do any of that.

I have a deep and abiding aversion to being told I’m required to do something stupid. Unless there’s a rational reason for it, I have a terrible time forcing myself to do it.

While I do have a lot of concerns about my ability to navigate the whole enterprise, that’s not gonna stop me. The State of Oklahoma tried to stop me growing weed for years and failed, and they’re not about to stop me now. :fu:t4:

Full disclosure, that’s one of the things I hope to get a better feel for with this thread. For those of you who are commercial, how do you deal with all that horseshit?

Alright Okies, ya’ll speak up.


What are your concerns? You mean on the business/ finance side of things? I could help you run a spreadsheet for numbers or something if that is what you need. T-town here.

Also, I’m not exactly employed at the moment, so if you need someone to swing a hammer… I could give you a hand on both ends.


This has been brought up a couple times recently. :wink:


I’m totally down with this idea.


Okie Here!

Located about 50 miles north of Tulsa. Run a small scale commercial grow and you are correct, it is geared towards the big boys for sure, but Oklahoma is a lot more friendly than a lot of states to us little guys. Ya just gotta find your niche.

You might want to get caught up and take part in this thread, it’s for sure Okie-cintric.

Anyway I hope you do well!



Actually, my wife is the business side, but she loves spreadsheets man. :slight_smile: It would probably make things much easier for her. Right now she doesn’t have a lot of concrete data.

I’m more worried about the construction phase and the regulatory compliance. On the construction my big concern is forgetting something that costs $10,000 to fix later. The current plan is to build a 40x60 metal bldg here on our land. I want to spray foam the entire shell to stop it raining inside during the summer. :slight_smile:

The HVAC is a concern because I don’t know of any companies around here that have a feel for what’s needed for an indoor grow. I barely understand it myself. I don’t know how to calculate electrical service. I’ve never managed a construction and I feel like I’m over my head a bit.

And regulations, they just weird me out man. Part of that is, I’m not sure what they are, and the ones I do understand seem crazy. How the hell to do you determine how much “drying” marijuana you have on hand? Hang it from a scale?

I’ve been standing at the bottom of this mountain and it’s been hard for me to get enough traction to start the climb. Funding’s been the main issue, but the Covid relief bill lets you tap a 401k without a penalty, and 3 years to pay the taxes, so that issue is better.

Now the problem is insecurity, specifically mine. :slight_smile: I can grow pot, I’ve been doing it for a while, and I can produce a product that I’d feel confident selling. It’s all the other shit that has to be done before you can even plant your first commercial seed. Figuring out both of those things at the same time has stressed me out.

@Badger, I’d love to find out about that spreadsheet, and if I ever get to the point of building rooms inside my new building, I may talk to you about swinging a hammer.

@JBow918, good to see you man. You too @riahgorf_1. It sounds like you’re doing what I want to do, I’ll check out that dispensary thread, thanks for the heads up.


You need a business plan. It would ease your mind. If you have a plan, goals, you know where you are heading. If not, you’re hoping you get lucky.

The construction part is easy enough. I have a friend who has a 5000 Sq foot indoor, and he will let me know what they did, and how it is working for them.

The regulatory stuff is why the tracking programs have been so popular. It is one less thing to worry about. 600-1000 a month is money out of your pocket though, and I’m not sure it is necessary. I think it looks worse than what it is. You just need a good, organized system to follow.

I’m gonna hit you with a pm.


That buildout we did was one of the scariest things I have ever taken on.

HVAC guys will tell you what they think you want to hear. I will tell you think go overboard, you’re gonna need it. Also don’t forget about heating, somehow a few I know have. I was lucky to be in a small town and know who the cool cats as far as HVAC and electrical are. My partners sun is a general contractor so he handled all of the carpentry stuff.

That part on the reporting about wanting to know how much your drying marijuana weighs is a load of shit. But here is the long and short of it, your reports must be completed by the 15th of the month for the previous month. I just schedule my harvests so that I never have and cannabis drying until after the first of the month or I ensure that all of my drying cannabis is weighed and curing before the last of the month. Capische?

Don’t get hung up on the piddly bullshit man.



So true man. The biggest issue right now is all the crap alot of the dispensaries are selling. You talk to them about curing and they think you have a vaccine for the wu-flu!


One of our local dispos was showing off some new flower to my wife. Mind you the wife is used to smoking my homegrown, cured terpy goodness for the last 10 years, so Dispo lady pulls a jar down and says hey check this one out. The wife smells it and tells her is smells like wet hay. Dispo lady says yeah I get a better price if it buy it uncured.

What the fuckin fuck?

True story fellas, it happens every day, all around us. No pride in their work, just out for a dollar.


I have 5 spreadsheets I already worked up when I was doing a business plan, and I will share them if you want. I can also help teach you formulas, and how to modify to make it what you need.

That goes for the rest of you as well.


Man that’s no joke. I have yet to smell any weed in a dispo that made me want to stand there and huff it. I’ve found some that had a slight but decent smell but not much. And they’re so excited to do it, “here, smell this bro”. I’ve got shit that wasn’t even dry. I think there will always be a market for a quality product at a decent price, no matter the industry. Craft weed is where small producers will thrive. That’s my target niche. :slight_smile:


Man, that makes me feel a whole lot better about it right there. :grinning:

Thanks for sharing


Guitarzan, you’re talking pretty similar things to what the wife and me say. About 20 mile west of Tulsa here, and I gotta agree with pretty much everything I see here! We are a small ‘mom-and-pop’ setup that’s been running now since late 2018, growing small batch, top shelf, organic marijuana that we SHOULDN’T have any problem selling to dispensaries. We operate from a small barn (25x40) we converted and built-out ourselves, and average a pound or two a month. Nothing spectacular, but it suffices for our needs since we’re older and everything here is paid for, so not many bills. We smoke about as much as we sell and are growing/expanding slowly. It’s a marathon, not a race.
BUT…most of the dispos we check out for possible selling to, want to pay ditch-weed prices! Mostly due to all the ‘get rich quick’ big money growers that are clueless to what actually good smoke really is, selling large amounts for garbage prices. Or bringing it in from other states where they bought it cheap and didn’t grow it themselves. I don’t mind selling for slightly lesser amounts, but I’m not going to give it away! As a lifelong lover/grower of the wondrous weed, one of the things that really torques my drawers is all the f’idiots churning out garbage for a fast buck… then selling cheap to dispensaries, who turn around and mark it up for ridiculous prices!
Also, there are inexpensive seed-to-sale programs available, you’ll need a label printer and some programs might even require a scanner, although the program I use is set up and ran by my daughter-in-law who uses an LG notepad that can scan the QR code direct into the pad/program.
My S-2-S costs $50/month, but I think that was because I got in on the ground-floor, ‘special sign-up price’ opening of the company, it may cost more to latecomers. Also yes, it is an OMMA registered/approved S-2-S.
The regs here can be a bit silly, but there are work-arounds, like riahgorf_1 says

I agree with that and do the same myself. There are peeps on here that have visited my operation, and can tell you it’s a small shoestring op for sure, lol. But, the product is very good, and we keep chugging along, managing to stay compliant.
Finding a niche that you can feel comfortable in is a good idea, Guitarzan. Don’t give up bro!
A build-out can be an expensive thing, but it can also be done on the cheap too. Yet still be done well. PM me if you want to, and we’ll see if maybe I can help you figure things out a bit. It can be rather daunting, but not insurmountable.


I love this thread I guess we all want to do this
Iam in NJ and we may soon go legal in November
A Small grow shop is a dream but it may come true
Good luck all


It’s great you are a bit free-er but from the Calif. perspective I have to say :warning: :exclamation: shitty road with crazy tolls!

Imagine going to Las Vegas to gamble… you’ve got 10k to blow, the odds are getting worse every day as more & bigger fat-cats arrive, and in a few years the casino won’t let you in without a million, and only a dozen people are in there playing. Still sound fun? :wink:

Don’t spend anything on that endeavor that you can’t just throw away… like lending to certain kinds of people-- you know they’ll probably never pay but you do it anyway out of love or blindness, not for return-on-investment.

The $ in herb has always been the prohibition pricing, the risk affecting the supply. Now the risk is only financial…which is fine for rich folks, not so much mom & pops.

Its well worth in investigating the prices in WA, OR, CA, CO before jumping in. :chart_with_downwards_trend:

All that said, OVERGROW! :joy: :+1:



I feel you. That is somewhat infuriating. Even in legalization, state after state is lining up to screw the little guy. I’d love to run a small business, but I don’t think this country will ever be the place to do it.

:x::x::x: :frowning:


That’s a great idea man, I never considered timing things around the reporting date. I grew up in a little town called Hartshorne, it’s about 15 miles south of McAlester. First seed I ever planted was in the Horne.

I agree about the piddly bullshit, I just don’t know for sure which bullshit is piddly, and which is serious. :laughing:

So you know contractors that have worked on grows? How far are you from Muskogee? :grinning:

The HVAC is my biggest worry, everything I’ve read says if you get that right, you can make up for a lot of other limitations. But if you get it wrong, it makes all of those limitations worse. I want filtration and UV-C on the building intakes, and HEPA to the rooms. I really hate PM, a lot.


Farris Heat and Air out of Bartlesville was who did mine. The guy who was actually on site is a commercial grower himself so he knows the deal. I think Muskogee is close to two hours south of here but it might be worth a call to see if they will travel. If not they may know someone in your area.


you got an OKC oklagrowmie, saying what’s up !