OverGrow's Seeds Tradition

whats your IG? mine is @legal.canada but i don’t have a smartphone and i can’t post pictures from my PC so it’s pretty bare

No problem, i don’t mind. I learn tech stuff daily i believe.

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Its @aaronbush1974 I got a few pics lol

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Highlight that which you would like to respond to…

click the quote button


So just hitting the reply arrow on the message you want to reply too don’t send it to that person? Just to the thread? I have to highlight the user I want to reply too??

not always going where you think it will. There is a logic to it, but takes some getting used to.

you are doing fine. pay no attention to the back ground noise…The highlight trick always brings up a new dialogue box and directs you to the person who you are trying to connect with.



LegalCanada I sent you a DM on IG. I think it’s you lol

The big green button (reply) is for replying in general. The little black reply button (on the post) is for the person directly. :grin: 99 confused me so i was worried about you. Ha! Ha!


Don’t you worry, we can always double back for stragglers and errors.

No harm, no foul. Carry on!



yes it said you followed me, i followed back. i guess the instagram webpage doesn’t allow you to send or receive messages either because i don’t see a message and i’ve tried to DM other people before and can’t find a send message button. the desktop version of instagram is bullshit. can’t post photos or send/receive dms? i dont have a smart phone! its no fair :frowning:

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Don’t leave me!!! :fearful:


Had to get some sleep.

Going nowhere in the long run!


Father of all 3 is (ssh x hindu) mothers are (blueberry x afghan) (diesel x hindu) earlloom. Only blueberry cross is free others trade. Earlloom I’ll only trade for elite stuff bc it’s 1 of a kind and even 1/1 I’ll prob pass. Like i traded 10 of each for 30 (holy grail x gsc) x scott’s og if he woulda said 1/1 on just earlloom woulda passed.

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thanks for getting my attention via the “free seeds” thread. :slight_smile:
as a newcomer that’s stuff that needs to be spelled out for some of us, sometimes.

(…now to polish my beggar’s resume’)


@99PerCent tells the truth here! I too, received dozens of seeds from @99PerCent probably within less than a week of joining up here. I always heard “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” When you come in here with an attitude you should expect to be questioned. I’ve always tried to be humble and have almost always fared well. Everyone on here has been very helpful and I respect them all. I just hope that I can give back as much as I have received.


Already on your way brother.

Keep seedin’


I always thought that the mantra
OVERGROW the GOVERNMENT was what started this community.
Otherwise, why did the DEA shut it down back in the days?



ROFL… .Now one thing I could NEVER fault OG members on is their generosity and genuine sense of community, I would say that this so so far from the reality that it’s not even funny. My own experience has been exactly the opposite… There is however some important qualifiers here… Don’t be a fuckwit and if you have something useful and constructive to say, share it. Unfortunately not everyone makes the effort to do that so maybe it should be of no surprise that people don’t fall over themselves to send them free seeds. My experience is that you follow a few basic principles and beans rain from the sky. You give, you get. Simple .