Papalag : Chronicles of a mad hippie Or what a madman does with three tents, five octopots and a crap load of seeds

Oh let’s start this off right blast some music and boogie


Fill your blow , joint , bong or what ever and let’s grow some pot !

Currently in the
40in x 40in 30in high tent
Lighting tech light compact fluorescents with 2 bloom ant 2 veg bulbs
16 in in-line fan hooked up to a carbon filter
Air in take split to all 3 tents ( from house 6 in a infinite fan )
I scrogged my moms and are flowering them off 7 plants 5 strains in 5in x5in sq plastic pots

Line up
2 joti black delato
1 nycd sour @santero
2 skunk 1 Mel franks
1 mazer x Herijuana sinister seeds (Indy’s a great dude everyone should give his gear a try )

New line up waiting for the big tent
1 mazer x heri
1 black delato
1 blackened skunk useful genetics
1 Mamosa evo fem Barney’s farms

Tent size and gear
40 x 40 x 60
Intake same as above ( shared systems)
Exhaust 6 in in-line hooked up to carbon filter
Lights 500 watt California lightworks led
And 2ea 2 foot led strips for supplemental lighting
4 large Octopot
3 fans air circulation

These two tents stack on top of each other kinda a space saver

Today I’ll clean up this tent ( it just finished drying the last of the last grow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll top and start the M/H and the B/delato and transplant them in to the Octopots most likely today
Then the other two seedlings will hit the other two tomorrow
Oh by the way I have to start this way because stupid killed the clones what can I say but crap happens and if your not growing you don’t have troubles lol !
So more pictures to follow
Peace from me and the mrs


Pulling up a chair. I really like those Octopots :sunglasses: :+1:



Ahaha Jokes. Funny start to this one.


Gots to start off clean and kill any possible critters

Here’s what the stacking tents look like

Nice and clean

I little adjustment added wire fence to the top of the tent for support

And small tent

In the small tent is 2 PR x CD by mr sparkle

Amnesia is in reveg

Holding for the big tent

That is for now bowl time



Pulling up my chair, pipe in my hand, ready for the show!!


Oh boy! This will be nice! Nicely done! Congrats!


Looking good man!! Best to ya !!


gonna watching along as well. have a another good run,Bru


I’m ‘parking’ for the duration…

Loading the party bong. :sunglasses: :partying_face:



Hi Y’all
Well let’s start off with a toke of something !

Now inhale ok we can start now :crazy_face:

Today was a busy day ,I decided to take 2 clones to get ready for the Octopots and started some seeds
Ok you say another tale of germination & rooting clones damn skippy your right
** Very important feed moms a 10/30/20 feed days before your choose your clones ,boost the P and the K .helps the plant to develop roots ( thanks friend fish )
Seeds where soaked in tap water 24 hours all showed signs of like ! From there into paper towels
Overnight they sit on top of my cable tv box 24 hrs all had tails of all sizes into the promix they went
I started using these fabric bags so far so good
Here’s a few pics
Cloning gear i soak the rooters in humic acid
Clones soak in tap water to keep capillaries open

New seedling bags

Seeds under dome starting to pop up as we speak

Just my container for cracking seeds

Next step clones are placed in cloneX
Routers are cut open clones are placed into routers and tied tightly then placed under the dome for the next eight days or so

kermit smoke weed - smoke 'em if you got 'em
That’s all for now we’re going to take the dog for a walk



I decided to cut the clone at the same time as starting the seeds so that they all hit the Octopots at the same time and size give or take
Timing is everything lol
Also the choice of genetics for the big tent they all seem to grow at the same rate and size

I’ll leave the skunk 1 for the 24 x 24 x 58 tent so she will grow solo this may make it easier to control

Not too sure how :skunk:1 grows any way


Hi all this was Hash makin day
So let’s smoke something to start things off ( me I’m hittin @Mr.Sparkle ’s PR xCD nice​:+1::+1: )now circle around and past the joint
Took all the trim from the last grow mixed and ran it through the bubble machine
My sesh makin station :station:

I try hard to keep trash out of my sesh

A spray bottle is a handy thing to have around but a pump sprayer is better

I did 3 runs at 15 minutes each

I also has a oz of @lefthandseeds Panama haze x Lebanese trim I ran throu separately and the color was much different

I only used 120 , 73,&25 micron hash bags
I only really like the 73 and the 25 the 120 I give out or press

Bottom row was ph x l the color is so much different

I’ll let this dry in a dark place for a week then I’ll finish it off Frenchie cannoli style

That’s all for now


The dancing old hippie GIF was enough to lure me into this thread. Pulling up a camp chair over here in the corner, trying to roll a half decent joint… failing.


Looking great Paps! Always good to see another free soul and his wife kick off the spring grow with a naked jump into the pond.

You have my attention! Carry on with the best of positive vibes and the greenest of thumbs. :man_farmer: peace


Looking good from my location should be quite the show I’ll make some pop corn and pull up a chair.


Hey papa, if you like wee bags I got a bunch I’ll send to ya!! They work great, until you recycle medium back into your outdoor garden’s. They just do not break down the way I needed them to. They are very well made, and do exactly as they should do.
Love the capture station!!


Thanks bro I’ve got like 400 so these may last a minute lol :joy:
Always good to see an old friend


Ah idk how I missed this thread! Pulling up a seat!

Looks like you’re off to a solid start and everything looks great!

Sucks you lost the clones :cry: but now you just have room for more! :wink:


Pulling up my bucket to sit on and im along for the ride brother. Damn good entertainment so far.


OM! I’m still laughing. Thanks for sharing.