Lifespan Flower-triggering for pure Sativas?

Hey , i heard equatorial Sativas trigger Flowering after a certain Life-time.

Someone told i can grow a Strain Indoors for couple Months during Winter, then place them outside, and trough the extended Lifespam they start Flowering faster, or even during Summer.

Does anyone have reports that Time itselve triggers Flowering?


would you be so good, and ask your College a bit more specifically when Plants begun to flower, and compared how they normally would flower?

Just the above Questions i need anwsered, you are the only Person who actually has heard it from a College .
This would be so important to many growers, i myselve am at 45 Latitude North.

I am not lazy, i just cant experiment around with precious Seeds like wild…

It will be strain specific. A 26 week Columbian would respond differently than an 18 week Jamacian.

Snowhigh has a lot of information on the web but you will need to search it out.

Give it a try with a couple plants!


@Upstate What Strain was it, wich kept flowering outdoors till June, then revegged and then went into flower again in October? How long was it flowerng already before you placed it outside

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I had ROMulaNgrapefruit do it. Its SwEETPINKGRAPEFRUIT AND ROMULAN cross

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and how long did it stay in flower while 12 Plus Daylenght?

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It was my own strain. Placed outside in April in a hole in the ground with plastic over it. Started to flower immediately( it was good size clone, too)
Buds were definitely smokable, normal buds, but they started in with vegetative growth before they were picked in June, after which they grew normally. Normally, early/mid August my plants switch to flower mode.


Mine (clones)went September, most of the strain were late November


It’s not age. Limited water or root space, low temps, seem to do the trick.

I’d be interested to see a documented case of age-triggered flowering in a pure sativa.


I’d like to see it too . Supposedly that’s how Southeast Asian strains are. But that’s in Southeast Asia with a 12-hour light cycle. Plants have a 6-month cycle. It wouldn’t happen here unless you helped it happen. @Comacus did snowhigh have a light dep Greenhouse Maybe? Or perhaps he continued flowering Outdoors when the days were still short , say maybe late winter ? I’d like to read about his tricks though. Where do I find it? It is a fact that tropical varieties will flower as the days lengthen, but the days are still very short, comparitively. Even at 20° north latitude, the longest day of the year is 13 hours and 8 minutes, and the shortest day of the year is 2 hours and 16 minutes less than that.


how do you know it wouldnt happen “here” while long days if you say you havent seen it?

i just wanna say , dont say you know somethng just like that.

i have the same thread on icmag: one person i tend to trust says he has seen lifespantriggered sativa for two lines. indian and se asian. he says it appeard on raw landraces (non selected Landr. he means probab.)

yes to the other Topic : those autoflowering NEwguinean really needed abit help, just a light rootbound did the trick. I also couldnt find out if it they flowered all the way till the end in veg. BUT he said that they even flowered or kept flowering trough very extende photoperiod (long days).

I correct it to semi-autoflowering, i forgot the SLIGHT rootbound needed.

There is a Therm called: Dayneutral equatorial Sativa. Heard it couple Times, and i want more proove.

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I’ll see if I can find any info from Snowhigh. My recollection is he started them in the greenhouse, and moved them outside. Maybe I have that backwards?

Here where I am the day is 14 hours 24 min for the summer solstice so possibly a semi tropical strain would not go into “veg” under those conditions

Even as far north as Ohio it looks like the longest day is 14 hours, and 16 min .

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Unless it’s one of those semi-autos or equatorial quick flowers or whatever you want to call them, long days will cause it to vegetate if they were exposed to that northern summer light cycle long enough. If they don’t revegetate then they are an Autoflower. Sounds like you’re talking about the autoflowering landraces I’ve heard of too. Like zamal, which is a Time triggered sativa. If we’re talking about a normal sativa, then they will revegetate with longer days.@Comacus… perhaps if a 16 or 20 week sativa is already 12 or 14 weeks into flower, or some certain length of time into flower, it will keep right on going with days around 14 hours. The longest day at 42 North is a touch over 15 hours, with another 30 minutes on each end that would be too bright to allow for flowering. So more like 16 hours here. I’ll try it out if it looks like it will work. That would be pretty nice.

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my firsst post , original post adresses Lifespantriggered EQUATORIAL Sativa. And that is what im adressing. Also the semi-autoflower quest that i asked about was only ment for EQUATORIAL Sativa.

Im talking about flowering after a certain Lifespan

That’s what I said

i think you said Southeast Asian Sativa would NOT lifespantriggerd Autoflower in Northern Spheres, (i think thats what you ment with word here) but probably im misstaken.

Thaifun horizon was supposedly a full blood thai auto. I couldn’t find seeds when I looked. I dont know if they crossed it with an Autoflower and didn’t say anything or what. It was an older strain, I think before Autoflower days. Could have been crossed with some sort of Northern ruderalis or maybe they were telling the truth. Zamal is the other one i heard of, and one from Tanzania. One from Sudan, just outside the tropics. New Guinea may need root binding but has promise. Heard of a couple others as well. Never have seen it with my own eyes, just read about it from other people that have seen it, pre computer days.

yes i seen a Autothai picture aswell, when i asked if its an Auto-cross i think he was bit nerved to hear the question, and anwsered with,“no its a Thai”.

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Moroccan landrace could be as old as 2,000 years old, and is at least 800 years old, and it begins to flower after 6 weeks of growth and flowers for about 10 weeks. Many Traders went through the Strait of Gibraltar passing by Morocco throughout the centuries. Many of these same Traders headed to the Spice Islands in Southeast Asia. Maybe some Moroccan genetics were passed around years ago. Maybe they’re all related distantly. That wouldn’t surprise me in the least. It would be a great trait to have in the northern hemisphere. Sudan is pretty close to the tropics and begins to flower after 6 weeks. And then flowers for 12 weeks. You can see the pattern developing, and by the time it hits the equator it would be growing for 6 weeks and flowering for 16 weeks.


i dont see why it rather should be infused genetics from morocco. we hear from semi-autoflowering moroccan, Madagascar , and Newguinea, so, could possibly be same for Thai.

you mean if Sudanese is grown while the season on wich the earth is facing the furthest away from straight above angled sun it does not finish and revegs after 12 weeks? but would finish when sun is in straight above-season? wich exact Line?

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