Post must be at least 20 characters?

I know everyone is familiar with this little guy
but just so you are aware the forum accepts HTML code and counts it towards the character limit, so you can always fill up the remainder with random HTML like this instead of a bunch of periods of words to fill up space. I’ll post a blank post afterwards to show what i mean!

<!-- 20 characters! --> OR <type=20 characters> OR <a href=20 characters>

haha i think i might have been the first to do the complete blank post that i know of and i was trying to post an actual link


ahhhh, I did see a blank post somewhere and even tried to copy whatever text was there

just trying some big letters while I’m here

lol, I did the same

Why don’t we just kill the 20 chars limit if it can be circumvented anyways @LemonadeJoe?


It was set up like that to encourage a quality discussion. The like button is for quick hits.


i was mostly suggesting for threads like this one where posts are just 2 word


I dont see how it helps make a quality discussion. All it does is make people add unnecessary junk to a post - or go to a whole lot of extra trouble when all they want to do is say OK, or Alright, or I can do that. or I agree or or or or or.

Sometimes all you want to say is something like “LITFA”. Adding more chars is trouble you dont need to go through.

All it does for me cause irritation and waste my time.

In case you were wondering - I hate it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the review.

Just to expand on this subject - there are any number of times a short response is the correct response and the one that will make for a better discussion. A simple acknowledgement (ok, thanks, sure, etc etc) is a valuable, and very important part of any conversation.

Also, there are any number of times a “Like” is not the correct or best response a post. Some times I dont like a post at all, but I still want to respond with just a short comment - “No”, or “Maybe”, or “Im not sure about that”, or, or, or.

I should reply lol. There is a few things that are killing forums. Our platform addresses those concerns. Our admin has a clear path for the future of this site.


Their are time when one word would make sense.

Im glad to hear that, but Id be willing to bet most of your users dont much like the 20 char minimum thing. Just sayin :slight_smile:

Maybe try a poll?

I just wanted to make a brief reply and say hi. The admin would be able to explain it better.