Psychedelic Strains

Do they exist? Let’s hear your experiences.

True ‘Purple Haze’ supposedly produces psychedelic effects. I experienced it myself fifteen years ago, but was it real? Was it due to lacing or do these varieties actually exist?

Can we track down these rarer genetics here at OG?

List of strains:

  • Colombian Black (Wacky Weed)
  • Cinex
  • Jack Herer
  • Original Haze (Purple Pheno)
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Southwest Mexican Sativa
  • Zamaldelica

Eat moar shroooooomz


If they do exist, I haven’t experienced it. I’ve also never heard anybody say, “Oh dude, I went to the dispensary and got X. It’s a crazy psychedelic strain”. It always starts “I was traveling to some distant land…”

So that makes me think it’s one of three things:

  • Related to strain AND environmental conditions
  • Related to body chemistry and various stresses unique to the time and place of consumption
  • Laced somewhere along the chain of supply

Having not experienced it myself, I don’t hypothesize further. I don’t think you can just go out and find some seeds and bring em back to a Cali grow op and get everybody hallucinating.


I tend to lean towards the idea that it became laced along the way also. Thai sticks were commonly soaked in opium to create a body high so there are many possibilities.

My experience was within the USA. So, it definitely confounds me because it was like an intense mushroom trip. I don’t know what it could have been.


i believe "psychedelic " strains are just people who have no idea what smoking weed is and ran off “this is what the media said it would be like and i have to say I experienced it or they’ll think I smoked it wrong”

my .02 though :wink::joy:


The one I supposedly experienced:


Several Colombian and SW Mexican strains were speedy and psychedelic. And they were not treated in any way. Colombian Black, also called Wacky Weed comes to mind, as well as Punto Rojo (not to be confused with Punta Roja) and some Guerrero strains I have smoked were all mildly psychedelic and trippy. I got a bag of fresh weed from Colombia once that was trippy as all fuk. I had to stick my head out the window because I was totally rushing out of my gourd. It was speedy and mind bending like LSD. It was a one off. I have also smoked Ganja from India that created complete brain freeze.

I would venture that none of the later fat Thai sticks were soaked in Opium. Opium was worth far more than Thai sticks. I have smoked a lot of Thai and a lot of opium. I would say that the Thai was dipped in hash oil to intensify it. I am talking about the later fat Thai sticks, not the earlier skinny sticks. I never tripped on the fat Thai sticks and I usually just passed out. I also smoked weed laced with PCP, and that was good stuff. Very uppity high. I also smoked weed laced with shrooms in Mexico. Very colorful, and instant. Much better than the stomach aches and puking from eating shrooms.


With the ‘Purple Haze’ I only smoked two hits out of a pipe. I got up to walk and the road stretched out in front of me. I don’t have enough experience with anything besides mushrooms and cannabis to draw any conclusions. I laid down because I was uncomfortable and becoming a bit disassociated. The room turned blue. I started having vibrations pulsate up and down my body to the point of it being extremely uncomfortable. Almost like it was numbness traveling up and down my body - like electricity. Do you think my experience was from the cannabis alone @PanchoVilla ?


embrace the uncomfortable


C99xssh and a f6 cross I’ve got to ssh×hindu too.


Maybe you’re looking for pure/almost pure sativa landrace genetics? I’ve noticed all the old heads I’ve talked to, talked about old genetics like that, “heart racing,paranoid, psychedelic, that makes you sweaty”. I honestly can’t point out anything specific, but you should check out someone like Hazeman who has tons of old genetics. I hope you find what you’re looking for. The Rev from Kingdom Organic Seeds loves stuff like that, so you might want to check out KOS as well.


Rally nice @Stinkyfishgutz, Im searching for these old pure sativa strains but I can’t find it anywhere lmao


Zamal is legendary for its trippy high. Its why I am growing zamaldelica. Zamal × golden tiger. And look at the article on cob curring on my main thread. Fermenting transforms your buds into a darker much more expanding smoke and the taste will change completely.



I grew out a bangi haze cross a few years ago that was pretty freaky , I smoke a lot so it takes a bit to get me stupid, anyhow I got lost twice in two miles on a road I had driven a lot lol on a pinner , closer to psychedelic than Thai stick was for me and I was a greenhorn smoking that back in 77, and fuk you smart asses , not 1877 :grinning:


Yes, that is likely from the weed alone. All that sounds like smoking too much Jack Herer. Especially the tingling and electricity part. They do not know which cannabinoid is responsible for that feeling though. There are something like 500 different known cannabinoids and another 150 terpenes produced by Cannabis. It is likely one or several combined cannabinoids/terpenoids with THC that give you the hallucination effects, body high effects, couch lock effects, brain freeze effects, and speedy effects. The speedy effects are likely from THCv. Sleepy effects are commonly seen with CBN, which THC converts to over time as weed ages.

If you get too many rushes or weird feelings, or think that you are too stoned, you can smoke some pure CBD weed or oil with low or no THC. That will bring you down in about 15 minutes. It will give you a weird feeling for a while, but it will blow off.


If you have or get vertigo like I do, that does not help. One reason I could never ‘get behind the high’ on acid. I was just off balance on a roller coaster that would not stop. Also why I do not smoke rushy weed like Cinex any more. I want a lift, not a racy shove. So I smoke Cherry Bomb that is the ticket to a nice uplifting high, and Durban that will wake me up, but not beat me up.


Oh, there was nothing sleepy about it. The whole experience was electric. It was awesome in hindsight, but tough to handle for a first time experience.

I would love to get my hands on some original Haze soon and hunt for that purple pheno, amazing. Flying Dutchman’s looks like the most legit from my research.

Do you have any Cinex beans? I have never heard of that strain.

You don’t get any speedy effects from ‘Cherry Bomb’ @PanchoVilla ? Dr. Greenegene has bred it to the Sativa side over the years and I was hoping to find a similar experience with it. I always assumed it had THCV from the Oaxaca lineage. Although, Dr. Greengene claims it was of Thai Sativa origin on ICMAG.

I have heard great things about Zamaldelica @V4vendetta , another family tree I need to explore one of these days.

I think one of the intended (or unintended) effects of prohibition was the reduction and pollution of mind expanding genetics. I believe (now) they’re out there @lefthandseeds , but not readily available.


I was not talking about any stain in particular in regard to CBN. But THC will decompose into CBN at the rate of about 10% the first year and less the following years. Old weed will make you more sleepy than fresh weed will.

I doubt that “real” original Haze exists any more. I found SSH and some other hazes to be boring.

No, I do not. I am not interested in growing it, as it gives me head rushes and is rushy weed. Cinex is a VERY common strain in dispensaries in Oregon. I have also seen a lot of Cinex closes for sale here. If you like head rushes, you will like Cinex. Cinex is a cross of Cindy99 and Vortex.

THCv is not speedy for me. I grow and smoke a LOT of Durban Poison which is high in THCv. Its gives me a lift, but not a shove. No head rushes on Durban. I cannot smoke it after 4pm though, or it will keep me up at night. The '78 Cherry Bomb that I grew has no speedy effects in it at all. I can smoke it and sleep on it, or stay up. It has a nice stony head high with tactile sensations and its good for sex.

I have also heard that Malawi can be quite psychedelic. The Malawi Gold is said to be rather trippy.


mixes sativas americanas(Latín América) genes, and combine them with tropical sativas from Africa. and you will have very high doses of psychoactivity and psychedelics, example, old Congo, (old timers’ haze x Congo Pointe noire), they can honestly leave you affected if you are not mentally stable. It is preferable not to abuse yourself. Greetings from the tropics.