Question about growing in a cupboard and smell

Hi guys, I want to start a new grow in a cupboard (60cmx60cmx170), but I live in a flat and I’m concerned about the smell. I want two autos in the cupboard, but I don’t know how to deodorize it. I don’t think that i could put a coal filter in :(. How can i make the cupboard to lock the smell better?


Two things spring to mind and the first is a activated charcoal canister, you do not have room even for a smaller one? These work brilliantly!
The other is genetics. Stay away from the stinky girls!! Perhaps something like Northern Lights autos?
I’m sure folks here will have lots of very good suggestions in that regard. :+1: :sunglasses:



Smell is going to be an issue if you’re going for stealth. You can’t make the cupboard airtight because you need cool air to displace the hot air from your lights.

You could DIY a carbon filter that suits your space more - I built a carbon filter that fit into a PC case, so I’m sure you could make it fit in your cupboard!

These are the instructions I used:

I used a small pencil holder for my filter, it was about 6cm in diameter and about 15cm long. Exhausted air through it out of the case with a PC case fan.


Carbon filer , if not inside , then outside wardrobe : )


Great link @pufferfishfiend! :+1: :sunglasses:

Thanx & Cheers


I grow in a smaller space than yours. A wooden cabinet that I built, 40 * 60 * 100 cm and I have a carbon filter inside; actually I have 2.

This is last grow, just before harvest

170 cm height is enough to fit a carbon filter at the top.


Thanks for the great advices! Likely i will put Auto Og Kush in the cupboard. I don’t know how bad it’s smell, I hope it’s one of the less smelly ones.

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Thank youu!! This is very helpfull for me and i’m szre for a lot of people! If i don’t find a small cheap one I will definitely make this! I just don’t know where to buy charcoal :confused:

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What size are the two filters? :slight_smile:
Ps. Your plants looked amazing!

You can get activated carbon from any pet shop that sells aquarium stuff. They’re used in aquarium filters a lot. You can get big tubs of it:

For example.


The bigger one is a can Lite 1500

The other is the first one I got and proved to be too small a can 705.


you have room for a filter, standard 4" is more than enough for your space