Re-vegging plants

This topic should be base for future FAQ about revegging.

Re-vegging (a.k.a rejuvenation) means switching plant back to vegetative stage after it has been flowered.

It is done by switching plant from flowering light cycle 12/12 back to vegetative cycle using 18/6 or 24/0 lighting. Plant that has been flowered is partly harvested and only few flowers are left on the plants. It is stressful practice, but useful for saving genetics or monster cropping.

First leaves that protrude from flower are usually stressed and it takes anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks.

Picture of revegged clone (see bud from which new shoots have grown)


I’ve found a couple strains that won’t re-veg, but most do no problem. Like my Kimbo Kush I can’t re-veg or even monster crop, because once it starts flowering it just won’t revert back to veg. The growth is just ugly and no matter how long you give the plant, it will never look like a healthy vegging plant again.


Why re veg vs keeping clones or a mother?

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I’m beginning to cut clones exclusively from re vegged or flowering plants. I have about 20 normal cuttings vegging and 10 monster cropped cuttings 1 week into re-veg. I take large cuttings and I know people say you don’t want big stems with cuttings yada yada but once they get rooted they are :muscle:

One cutting came off of a re-veg one came off of a momma. The thick one may take longer to root, sometimes up to 4 weeks, but worth it imo

Edit: ive no idea how this will translate into yields but I suspect a plant is not unlike a human in the sense that as we get sick we become better equipped to fight that sickness if it were to return

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If you forgot to clone, or perhaps lost your mother


How stoned would one have to be to forget one of three primary stages of growth tho? :thinking::thinking:

Would be akin to going to move your sprouts into a pot only to realize you never actually germinated any seeds lol

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Exactly… mainly I see it as a backup feature… Clones can get killed, mother room can get infested by pests…

Safe bet is to keep redundant mothers and clones and preferably on another site too… But sometimes people just run out of space and then later in flowering realize that this is exactly the specimen that they would like to keep.


I think I read over here that if you shave your lady’s leg, without those primary pair of stems it won’t reveg, is it true? huh

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if you’re referring to the cotyledons, then i would say no;
but that is of course assuming the plant in question was ran from seed…


Thanks, I think the plant loses the cotyledons in the first seedling stage, they are the nutrients reserve of the seed until it deploys the first pair of complete leaves. I was refering to the first three pair of stems (or more when lollipopping) that you normally cut so the plant has better airflow from below … :sunglasses:


I’ve been doing some research on monster cropping and think I might give it a go just because I have never done it before. A side from getting very bushy plants which I prefer I have read a few times that it can possibly increase thc production on the doner plants from some sort of hormone release but not sure.


Exactly…after growing Bubba Hash for the first time,and trying a test sample,i knew i wanted to keep clones. So i re vegge her and started clones? Short story long process…it was my first success at cloning


I will be taking 3 weeks into flower clones in about 10 days I’ll let you know how goes

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I am doing my first re-veg right now and so far I am very happy with it. I wonder, have people done it more than once with the same plant?

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If there are mothers with more than two years guess it can be done, should check again the technique but must be similar … icon_e_confused|nullxnull


The mothers just veg and get bonsai’d if necessary.

But I don’t know if a constant switching between veg and flower will work. I think I read somewhere that the harvest will be less every time, but in my case the plant is bigger now, due to a bigger grow space. :upside_down_face:

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If done properly the yield is supposed to be higher. However you do lose time in reveg but if you take clones 3 weeks into flower those clone have plenty of time to root and reveg before current flowering plants are done. Especially if you use you flower room to dry crop as well , which I will be doing.