Real Chem 91

Forgive my lack of knowledge around this, but I have become fixated and intrigued with all things Chem. In my history with the plant we all love, I have yet to passively experience (to my knowledge), any of the chem strains. After listening to most of the episodes of the potcast, my curiousity has turned into somewhat of a fixation. I am wondering if the collective minds would be able to point me in the right direction as to where to get seeds that would be Chem 91, or as close to it as possible.

That’s a S1


Chemdog 91 and the rest of her sisters were from bagseed of unknown genetics and therefore would be impossible to get any more of whatever that strain was. Your best bet is a selfed or S1 of the chemdog 91 (or whichever chem cut catches your eye). That is really the only way to hunt through that strains lineage. The next challenge is finding someone selling S1’s that you can trust it came from the real deal. I know CSI:Humboldt sells S1’s and their reputation is pretty stellar. Some other folks might have some suggestions on where to find Chem 91 S1’s.

Edit: here are some links to CSI:Humboldt Feminized S1’s of the Chem line.

Chem 91:

Chem D:


If your a fan of kush chemdog seems to be in all modern strains one way or another lol


I would love some real chem dawg , but its a bit pricey isn’t it ?


Humboldt CSI is a good bet but also Lucky Dog Seed Co. by Skunk VA. He uses the original Chem 91 in a lot of crosses and has a pretty good rep but his packs are expensive.


Lucky Dog would be the way to go if you’re looking for some serious heat using his Chem91bx3 male.
Also, let me be the first to tell you it’s ChemDog (not dawg) :wink:


The top dawg guy calls his stuff chemdawg that’s why it’s a bit confusing!


JJ from Top Dawg would be another good one for Chem crosses. And yes, correct it’s one of the main reasons for the name confusion lol


I havent smoked the Chem1 or Chem3, but 91 one of my top 5 favorites. Chem 4 is kinda nice, but I like pre98 bubba kush more.

The NY crew got ounces from PBud Mike in Colorado, and they found seeds in there.
It was likely some hybrid of Hawaiian x (Super)Skunk probably with either HP13 or Peonia mixed in.
I heard about it from a Merry Prankster chemist last year, and heard PBud Mike talk about it, but my memory aint that great after a TBI I suffered several years ago. But I do know Hawaiian x Skunk is the backbone of Chem, then ironically it got crossed with Hawaiian x Skunk/NL to make Diesel and Sour Diesel.
Id say try to search for PBud’s appearances on podcasts to hear the story.


interseting information I didnt know about…but never trust a prankster :wink:


Heh heh, boy do I know.
Same story came from HA, though

Its interesting who you rub shoulders with in NorCal

I know PBud had the Chem cuts tissue cultured and now the D no longer throws variegation.


what’s the most leaning sativa of the chem lines? i always thought it was D but i haven’t had all of them

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Chem sis I believe


Chem 1 and Sis

All the Chems benefit from going as close to 14 weeks as possible.
The industry pulls em at 9 weeks, but once you get to 11 weeks its a whole n’other smoke.
Just watch for nanners as some cuts - especially 91 and Sour - like to throw nanners later in flower


is chem 1 just known as Chemdog?

91 is “Chemdog”
chem4 is “reunion pheno” as thats closest to the Dogbud they smoked at the Dead show


@Wuachuma what is Chem 1, lol?

and on that note, how would one describe the high of Chem D?

man so confusing

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There is no chem 1… Chem 91 is chemdog, chemdog a became chems sis and chemdog b was let go along with a male… Years later he popped 3 more chemdog c,d, and e with the d being the loudest terp wise of the chemdogs… A few years later joe brand popped 4 that he got from chem dog himself giving us chem4 the reunion pheno as @Wuachuma has said.
This is all easily found in multiple interviews with chem dog, pbud and joe brand.
Now whether or not you wanna believe chem dog about chemdog is up to you


There in fact is a Chem 1, 2, 3 & 4
with the 4 being the most popular and held onto of those 4. I don’t think anyone has the 2&3 anymore, or something like that.
I can dig a bit deeper, but it’ll be a little while because I get busy. But if you listen to Bodhi’s Potcast episodes and Nspecta from CSI, they go into some details about the 1,2,and 3. :green_heart: