Deathstar crosses

Hello, new to this forum. Just wondering if anyone has any deathstar cuts or crosses for sale. Im from the 330 and that girl has always been close to my heart.


selectednursey on IG often has DS cuts for sale.

Expensive for sure, he usually charges $150-$200 for a rooted cut, but it’s there if you want it and he is legit. Gotta pay to play if you want it quick.


Holy smokes 200 a clone , do people pay that? I’ve seen some higher asking prices . I didn’t think people actually paid that.
I remember when you would get clones for 10 bucks a pop feels like it wasn’t that long ago.


I throw away 50 potential clones a week from trimming plants and moms. It is unconscionable for me to charge for it. I’ll sell seeds but if I like a person they can have any snip in the garden, since I’m literally throwing it away. It ain’t 2003 anymore snips are legal and weed is legal-ish for the majority of the population.

I paid $100 for a clone and it felt expensive but I wanted it so I paid. I still hear stories of guys paying multiple 1000’s for the latest hype-train cali hotness and I’m like, y’all are silly.

However, it’s a viable hustle for guys who want elite clones but live in places where they don’t exist or don’t know people in the area. Low risk but easy and massive profit margins that exceed flower. $200 clone, only overhead is a rockwool cube, a little light, and $15 in shipping.

Remember the old stories of OG Kush cut that sold for 20K? 10 years later you can buy it in rec dispos for $10. Not saying it’s right, and that’ll never happen again, but there’s still a lot of money to be made so people feel comfortable paying it.


I would never pay that . I may do 100 more likely to do 50 on something I really want.
I guess it’s supply and demand


$100 is a bit high, but reasonable to get a total stranger to get off his ass and go to the post office for something I can’t find elsewhere.

If I personally know a guy and he tries to charge me more than shipping, well, we obviously ain’t that good of friends lol.


I agree. If you want 5 . I’m not pay 500$ and I wouldn’t feel great buying just one. I think 100 is reasonable for the first one .
Or x amounts dollars with a minimum of 100$.
No I wouldn’t want to get up and go drop one or 2 in the mail @ 10$.


I wish they’d just sell unrooted snips at a cheaper price point. It’s fully legal, easier, and anyone who has any business growing a clone already knows how to root a snip haha.


For some of us and some of us have medical in our state with very strict no growing laws.
When I got busted all I had was unrooted clones.
I was given charges that were made for meth cooks like running a drug factory.
Not fun.
I think it’s in the context of the way you get caught with them. Mine were in a bubbler. If your caught driving with a clone it most likely wouldnot be the same


Was this before or after the 2018 Hemp bill?

Man glad we pay taxes to pay for pigs busting heads over…pieces of hemp stems…

I feel safer already lol.

“Don’t worry everyone, this thug who was growing flowers is locked up at your expense. Rest easy”.


Well before . This was hg420 days .
I looked some what into my state and growing hemp. I don’t see a crime for growing hemp but you have to register with the state . I don’t know what the difference is between commercial and private.
You know how cops are they can take any law and twist it to make it fit . Even if there wrong you now have to spend 10k just to prove your innocence.
My other half was target practicing one day out back 100% legally safely . She was arrested and the town used a law that was for hunter hunting live animals running in the forest around other house. But because that law fit their agenda . 10k in lawyer fees just to prove they were wrong.
There’s something very wrong with our justice system .
The police are having a real problem distinguishing cbd from thc though.


Weird times we live in. Gas stations sellling CBD flower but Johnny Dimebag goes to prison.

That’s fucked, but that’s small town pigs for ya. If they don’t like you, they’ll find SOMETHING to charge you with. Most people commit 10 crimes a day and don’t even know it.

People really don’t get it. You can be 100% legal, with charges thrown out at first appearance, but they don’t realize the lawyer, fees, lost work, going to the courthouse, uncertainty and worry are often worse than the actual punishment. I was falsely charged with a misdemeanor once and it cost me 10K that I really didn’t have to begin with.


Think about the 99.9% of the people who don’t have access to that money . The under educated the poor .
That’s where the distrust and unhappiness comes from the average American.


Dudes have literally told me:

“Why didn’t you just get a public defender”?

Zero experience with how things actually work. It’s pay to play, baby. Even if you’re actually innocent. Dudes have opinions until it happens to them.

I’ve been on paper like 20% of my life and have probably paid 20% of every dollar I’ve ever made to either a lawyer or court in some regard. It’s racketeering top to bottom.

God help you if you’re darker than a paper bag. I spent enough time in and around it to fully appreciate how things actually work here in America.


oh my! I never understand why the American police are often very aggressive, they are trained and advised to be tough on people. Look at the taser, this crap was banned for the use on dogs and it is used on people by cops. The arrest and imprisonment rates are very high in the US.


Because theyre recruited most times after they tour with the army . For x amount of years theyre trained to take over other countries and when they come home these uneducated young men who just spent 4 years in Iraq now have the same tools but are dealing with civilians.
Yes they’re uneducated you don’t see most people who could of been doctors engineers lawyers directing traffic .
It’s our system the dumbest people are the very first people you encounter in our justice system. You would think a person with a master’s in law would work every shift at the police station stop the stupidity that comes from them.
Nope you have a bunch of meat heads running around like cavemen.


You and me both! I’ve been looking for Deathstar as well. I grew the actual cut for a couple years then had to close up shop. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

Don’t think I’d pay $200 for a cut though. If you’re in the area you should be able to sniff it out eventually. It’s still being run. I’m in southern Ohio and its even down here somewhere.


Lol, he’s charging $400 for the Deathstar cut!!! It’s out of stock anyways but YOWZA.

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There is still considerable risk to run a ‘legit’ business but once traction gains at the federal level (in the US), it’s a matter of time before an entity comes along and up-ends the old model.

Not to mention the absolutely absurd taxation occurring in some states to be considered ‘legal’. E.g. Nice business you have there, couple of 100 thousands of dollars to stay within the good graces of the extortion/protection racket.

But, yeah, the prices some are trying to get aren’t in my price-range. Hence, OG.


Check out greenrebelfarms on IG I have a deathstar x sour sis I believe

Mota ‘s a great guy ( was a major part of the old Motarebel line ) greenrebelfarms is his new label