Real Chem 91

Im not gonna lie ive never really been interested enough in bodhi to check out what hes doing… I thought jb only kept the 4 but it stands to reason he would share the others before letting them go.

What i really wanna know is the story behind the b1g wyrm cut of chem


Isnt it interesting that we never see pure Dogbud, only bagseed from the NY and Mass crew.


true, who are dogbuds parents?

also is Chem 1,2,3,4 from the renion? or eailer?

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PBud never says. He admits he was low guy on the totem back then.
Pranksters and HA Ive talked to say Peonia x Skunk, maybe hash plant too.
But Ive always wondered why Pbud’s crew never came out of the woodwork.

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lucky dog $100 a pack trying so hard not to buy at least one, that’s not expensive! 13 beans a pack


Ive wondered about dogbud also… My personal thoughts are that it is related fairly close to emerald triangle (maybe a cross?). Which is supposedly the mother of og and tk if you believe origins tk story(idk)
Both emerald triangle and the dogbud are both from the pnw so it is possible.
This would explain the genetic similarities between the chems and ogs.
This is pure conjecture based on what makes sense to me so grain of salt :joy: i wasnt there


Csi Humboldt has Chem 1 feminized crosses out


Speculation doesn’t equal fact, illegality mixed with secrecy and paranoia equals alot of misinformation, anyone who things they know the true lineage of the Chems, Sours and OG’s is a bit of a legend in their own lunch box if you ask me…

Anyway, carry on🍿


I’ve talked with pbud and he doesn’t know much at all
They have no clue

he was gonna send me the chemD but I ended up not taking him up on it

The chemD I had never variegated and it was some of the best smoke out period

I’m of the camp that doesn’t think chemD is actually a sister of the 91 but instead a hybrid of it


PBud did say it came from NorCal/Oregon border.

My guess,
NL5 x Haze x Skunk from Rogue River Valley is SoOR, goes to a mountain top in CO. Possibly related to Peonia bud.
Explains the garlic, the hashplant, the skunk, the euphoria and coverup up the real lineage with a story so it sells and people dont just seek out their own NL5 x Haze x Skunk.


My guess

is it still exists in pure filial form and the people who have it have no interest in fame or recognition

and it was a line being bred since the late 60’s


:100: 91 x super skunk herm baby or something close to that. poop smells coming from the super skunk. farmerjoes Super Skunk absolutely had some of those terps in some phenos.


I like this thesis

I talked to a veteran who told me about OG Kush being much older than people say. That it started under Colonel Oliver North, and Kris Kristofferson was one of the pilots.
Basically, Air America, North Virgina type deal.

How do you fund dark wars that Congress won’t pay for? Drugs.


if you don’t have that pre pre contra OG you ain’t smoking realz


hahahaha, i know, right?


Who would be down to write a movie about the history of the chem line?


Did you ever find what you were looking for? I just went on KOS’ website looking to pick up a pack of his version of Chem91 and they no longer have them.


I think you want to look on csi humboldt for 91. Kos tends to do sativa work


Tried a sample of a buddies Chem 91 S1 from CSI last Christmas and it was some of the better smoke I’ve had. Great taste and solid potency with legs too. The effects lasted and cut through pretty much everything else. Very enjoyable and highly recommend the CSI Humboldt work from Napecta is top notch. Much love


Just found this and thought it would fit here nicely

An interview with Greg Krzanowski created of chem 91