Recent legal changes

I live in AZ and we just gained the ability to talk about our grows :laughing: Has anyone else gone through that recently? It fucking weird. I have to re-read everything I type because I am so used to a ‘closed mouth/open eyes’ policy. It’s weirding me out, and it’s cool and all, but that part could calm down a little and I would be ok. I don’t want to sound unappreciative, because I know it’s a good thing we’ve been given, it’s progress towards freeing the plant. :peace_symbol:


I’m in Canada it’s been legal for a few years here and I still often don’t believe it. I still only talk about growing on here…old habits!


I will call water pipes, water pipes until the day I die lol.


Congratulations man. I know its gotta feel good. I can’t wait for my state to get on the ball. I know they could use the tax $. When the day comes I’m going to put a green house in my back yard.


Just not a Bong I lived thru pipe dreams :frowning:


I still retain a lot of deeply rooted paranoia from my youth with cannabis in an illegal state. Spent at least 10 years avoiding run-ins with the cops trying to just get baked.

I’m in a legal state but I still think I have psychological artifacts around being scared of the law all the time, though it has eased up a lot.

It’s been a great realization when I can look at my grow and think “I’m doing nothing illegal, whoa!!”


I got sentenced to 8 years for cultivation. Went and did my time, walked off parole a few years ago and started up days later after moving to a cannabis friendly state. I try not to be paranoid but sometimes it does enter into things. Kinda normal after many years of growing illegal.


It’s legal where I am.

Can’t get rid of the anxiety that has come with a lifetime of risk though.

And I’ve got privacy issues too, for the same reason.


I get suspicious, like, am I about to be one of those idiots who gets talked about for years, like the big brains who (if true) responded to the police offer to have their meth tested?


I’ve been Californian for 42.0 years & it’s taking it’s toll. :rofl:

Completely lost any apparent awareness that it was ever illegal & still is. :smoking: :speaking_head: I don’t really trust the judgement of any adult who doesn’t enjoy weed. It’s like a driver’s license-- the children just aren’t permitted, for everyone’s safety. :sunglasses:

:thinking: But initially though… yeah, I had an idea of what other oppressed groups that have recently enjoyed some liberation (i.e. :rainbow_flag:) we’re feeling.

After the years of being a dirty pariah, then watching the corporate greed rush & canon[sic] of bullshit along with it, I just can’t give a fuck about it beyond watching my own ass.

I’ll be moving states soon though & have to burst my own haze-y trichome because folks outside of here are 30 yrs behind here(lucky for them, for the most part)… :policeman: :man_facepalming: :dollar: :running_man:

And doomsday-prep some hash… :joy: :flight_departure: