ReikoX's Workshop Rebuild 2020

The cover crop is starting to come in nicely. I probably should have hardened off my seedlings before transplanting them into the beds. Oh well, survival of the fittest and all…


Looks like a nice setup, but are you serious that there’s weed plants in there? I know you mentioned it earlier, but I seriously thought you were establishing cover crop before planting weed in there because I couldn’t see anything in either pic.


Yeah I kind of got overzealous and transplanted the seedlings too early. 35 went in, maybe about 5 are still hanging in there. :man_facepalming:


The clover is growing very vigorously at this point. I spent some time yesterday trimming some of it up and searching for survivors. I went ahead and marked them with purple plant tags just to make it easier to find them again in the future. I also cleared any clover that may have been crowding the seedlings. I have about 12-15 that should make it. They all got watered with 5 gallons of RO water. The fungus gnats are starting to show themselves, it’s getting about time to order some predators.


I thought I might have a fungus gnat problem with my top dress soil I just added, but seems to be fruit flies not gnats lol must be from the avocado halves I put in for the worms.


I made up a Neem/Kelp tea today. For this tea I took 1 cup of neem sees meal and 1/2 cup of kelp meal and put them in a cloth sack. This was added to a bucket with 5 gallons of RO water and allowed to soak for 8 hours or so. After that I added a teaspoon of aloe powder, four teaspoons of silica, and two ounces of fulvic acid. This was used to drench the soil and some yellow sticky traps were put up to catch some flying adults.

I’ve spent the last few days cleaning my glass. The bongs were cleaned with alcohol and rock salt. The pipes soaked in alcohol for several days, then rinsed in hot water.


I raised the light as high as it would go today by removing the ratchet hangers. This bought me another six inches of height. I have 32" from the top shelf to the light. That’s taller than my old workbench cabinets. These have about a week or so left, so I am thinking about what autos to pop this weekend.


The veg rack is getting dialed in. The thrips are gone, the mothers are retainung health, and my cloning game is back on point. On the top shelf are the two Ghost Toof x Sugar Black Rose at 70 days from germination. The next shelf has some Skywalker OG cuttings, a Durban Poison cutting, two Grapey Walter Kush that will replace the autos on the top shelf, and a Juanita seed to replace my lost mother. Below that, some freshly rooted clones in 10 oz. cups. These include Skywalker OG, Zak Haze, Cherry Tart, and ICookies. Finally on the bottom shelf, I have my mothers and a couple bigger plants in 10 oz. cups. Some of the smaller cuts look like they tried to flower and reveg, so I increased the wattage on the strips.


Nice repair! :+1:

Have you ever tried this stuff? It does a pretty good job of removing most of the solder. It almost wicks off enough to desolder a pad.


Are you cloning the natural way with aloe? Or do you use a rooting compound? I have used both in the past but recently I’ve been struggling to get my clones to root well. What are your tips on getting a plant to throw roots faster?

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Yes! Have that in my soldering kit. I used it to clean the surface mount pads up a bit.

I still use Rapid Rooters and a rooting powder called Take Root.


Everything is looking awesome as usual bud, im loving the Juanita’s. One day ill make some no til beds up. Hope things are running smoothly. Im digging the far red boards. They’re essential imo. The only plus to my led unit it it has red,inf red, and UV. the plants look beautiful under them.

Doesnt IR help with PM control as well? Good stuff going on…


I got my beneficial insects from Build a Soil today. It was super fast shipping, the included ice pack was still frozen. The rove beetles and predatory mites were sprinkled evenly over the beds and the bin. The nematodes were placed in the refrigerator until the next watering. I am either over watering or watering too fast because I noticed some standing water in the trays, at least they are water tight.

I may have jumped the gun a little and got these guys too early. I saw a few gnats flying around, but when I put up my traps I only caught a couple. So I went ahead and threw my worm bin in there, that should provide plenty of food for them.


I switched to aloe a couple years ago with great success. I cut a sphere off the aloe plant. Clean out all the aloe from it into a blender. I blend it briefly then into a shot glass and dip each cut into it.
Some tips for clones
You want it warm but not too warm
Wet but not too wet
24 light but not too much light intensity
I cut on a 45 deg angle or more
I also use the razor blade to rough up the stalk on the clone that goes into the rockwell cube.
I average around 10 days for most strains.

Also should be noted that some strain just simply do not clone well either.


Yeah that is basically my process. I also have added kelp to the water I put the clones in. This worked well but I have not done this in years. I think my issue is my setup and the new clone domes I am using. I am going back to a 1020 tray with a high top dome (pictured below). I was trying to save on space but I sacrificed good clones.


The Grapey Walter Kush and Juanita la Lagrimosa seedlings are hardening off with baby clones.

This bed is the best looking of the three. The cannabis plants are overtaking the clover. The other two beds still have a few stragglers.


That’s awesome. I took a chance with an old school method which is to put a piece of a potato or something a vegetable in a pot and it will bring the predatory mites in at first when I saw them I honestly thought they were spider mites.

So I isolated a cup where there was a bunch of them in and got them microscope out and got one. When I checked them out he looked different. Lol. :joy: No I don’t had told me to look for the movement of the mite what does it look like he’s doing? I said it looks like he’s looking for somebody to beat this s*** out of. Hunter/killer. When they touch their own the just walk off after a hand shake.:grin:

They must hang out in my garden. I guess they feed on the flying net larvae what little are left and they completely decimate everything. I’ve been pest free for a bit. They’re very tiny so they root out the slobs and kill em.

Good stuff bud. I know you’ve had issues with the lil fux.Fuck a FG! Hope your doing well bud. I enjoy all your little grow nooks. Thanks for helping me through these grows. Have a good one. Be safe dude.:slightly_smiling_face::v:


I find the H/K mites are bigger I can see them without a scope, the also move a lot faster.


Actually all ya need is the gel inside the leafs, dont need to go thru all that.


That would be the part that goes in the blender. It helps the gel part to be actual gel and I find I get a more even coating when I blend first.