Remember when we used to go on vacation?


Now I’m stuck at home recreating the scene with some dry sift :slight_smile:


We went on vacations?


Went on one yesterday!



80s @ Fordyce Creek


It’s great having a cottage to spend summers away from the hustle and bustle. It’s cruelly ironic that we are not allowed this isolation this summer. Y’know, the very reason we own the place is to get away from infectious society (or zombies , of course) and isolate our family from electricity, phones, and bills . Isolate the vulnerable and get on with life and considerate freedom.DPP_223


damn that looks amazing

Monterey Bay Aquarium. 2016


yeah, I hear ya, we have no problem social distancing. I live in cottage country and work as a marine tech (boat mechanic) and I have been prepping and delivering boats to cottages since stage 1. Yeah, we are finding people from the city (Toronto) this weekend (visitors have been really good until Friday) have forgotten what the fuck their responsibilities are when keeping others safe? Most peeps are good, but some others need a good fucking slap in the head for being so innocently oblivious to the safety of all of us who keep their million dollar airbnb clean and mowed. Too much inconsistency of rules and mucho stupid jerk-offs (who are understandably frustrated by now), stay away from others, its just 6 fucking feet. Go shopping our towns need the business and we all have rules and tape on the floor in the stores, have at it, just don’t visit any healthcare workers, first responders or old folks homes, while you’re up, gas is cheap GO BOATING.


I’m just a simple Mexican-American dude who grew up in the Southwest and without a doubt my two favorite cities I have visited are Vancouver and Toronto. The DoT! So metropolitan, like a version of Philadelphia with more mellow people, and that underground part of the city is cool too. Vancouver is an amazing city and I fell in love right away. Got there the day of that World Championship of Fireworks thing and holy shit, I never wanted to leave. The seafood and sushi was unbelievable. The Sun Yat Sen garden put me into another universe and I still think about it. Got some expensive gunpowder tea in China Town, took a wrong turn walking onto Hastings Street and got to see the living dead in full fucking fiesta. :open_mouth: I wasn’t afraid though. It wasn’t scary like LA skid row or East Oakland, it was just stanky and you could feel the frantic addiction in the air. Took a cruise out of town and ended up in Horseshoe Bay. What a beautiful place. Smoked a bowl in the little park and daydreamed about living there and all the cool flannels I would wear. I love you :canada: Canada. I felt safe and welcome and I don’t always feel that at home in the USA with my brown skin. Even in Mexico, I can feel like an outsider sometimes because they know right away my Spanish is a little different, plus I usually have some loud ass weed that turns heads over there. Wow! This turned into a love letter to Canada and I’m cool with that. Can’t get back there fast enough. My uncle is from Calgary, poor guy married a bossy Latina in San Diego. I’d love to see his part of Canada with him. Peace and Love to you :canada: Canada :canada:


@Solowolf glad you love our country and find the same love and joy in it i do.
Taken from one of the many job sites i worked on over the years in Toronto.

Hastings St in the 80s was crazy i was in B.C from 84 to 87 then the big think on hastings st was puncturing cans of lysol and drinking could smell it sweating out of people from a block away…Remember when i got off the greyhound bus and stepped outside into downtown Vancouver and looked around i to instantly fell in love with Vancouver from the view of Gross Mountain and North Vancouver to majestic Mt.Baker glittering in the far off distance.The awe inspiring views riding the sky train.To taking a limo tour through Stanley Park to partying on Wreck Beach and living on the beach front in WhiteRock it was a place i will always treasure in my thoughts and heart.

When covid is over i for one plan on doing another cross Canada trekk and hope to meet up with fellow OG members in each beautiful province of Canada…Manitoba will be early July …Got caught there in blizzards in April and November so middle of summer is only time i want to see Manitoba again :rofl::rofl: