Rules for Trading Post - Read before you post!

Trade your cannabis genetics - Seed Trading, Clone Trading, Pollen Trading.

:seedling: Requesting seeds? It is now forbidden to use Private Messages to make unsolicited requests for free seeds!

Please use Wish list thread to make a wish for free seeds instead.

Please read rules before you post!

:warning: Trading rules:

  • No final products of any type (dried or fresh buds, extracts, anything psychoactive is forbidden!)

  • Overgrow is no way responsible for the exchange, if you don’t get your seeds, or you didn’t like what you got. Do not come to forum complaining about the exchange. It is between members.

  • Do not post users addresses on here ever. It will be deleted. Security is a big deal, If there is a bad exchange, I do not want to see retaliation, Giving user feedback is ok, but don’t compromise the address, please exchange personal information in a PM. Moderators have zero tolerance with that kind of behaviour, Expect to be banned.

  • Don’t post email addresses publicly in forum because robots will feed on your addresses and spam your mailbox. Use Private Messages to exchange contacts instead.

  • If you ask for seeds, expect to give as well as receive.

How to be happy trader? Please be aware of all risks!

:money_with_wings: Caveat Emptor

  • Always consider reputation of counter-party (is that new member or established?). Basic rule: the party who has less reputation sends first.

  • If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Never risk amount that you can’t afford to lose.

  • Never risk compromising your post address in PM unless it is address where you can happily accept visit of officials. (Never use your grow area address as shipping address)

Use of Private messages is limited:

:envelope: Rules for use of Private Messages:

  • No unsolicited offers or requests by PM! You can only reply to offer / request that member made in his public post.

  • All seed request should be posted publicly in single topic in wish list thread :seedling: or another relevant topic in #trading-post category.

  • Any other forms of requests (be it PM or another topic - unless OP invites you to) should be flagged as spam and reported to MODs. Please read how you can flag PM in same way as any other post.

:warning: Topics in this category are automatically closed 6 months after last reply.