salt based fertilizers for cannabis

heard this from my congressmans aid: “real research marijuana is grown with special salt based fertilizers since manure gets in bud under high heat”

is that true? i thought salt based ferts just destroy cannabis cause of the companies, especially taste

i dont get any results on google for “salt based cannabis fertilizer”

so any thoughts? my dream is to bypass the dorks at the hydro shop and buy ferts for cannabis at home depot for 20$ total for the set, instead of 200$ for half the set

the salt fert needs to:
not harm taste
be ph buffered
accelerate growth
be lab backed
must be available at hardware stores

im using maxigro only this grow, i think its salt based


Salt based refers to synthetic based generally…examples of salt based Advanced nutrients , Cyclo, Heavy 16, Remo, GH, Humboldt, Fox Farms,New Millenium, but actually many organic ferts will have salts. Hardware…hmm at my hardware the best i could hope for would be DTE, its natural, a 5 lb box(dry) is around 15 dollars but isnt really ph buffered. Other then that they have 10 10 10 for lawns a real crude fert. By the way I just saw biobizz starter set on amazon for $90 dollars also saw remo 's starter for $119 so unless your buying gallons you can do better then $200. My hardware is kinda expensive,BTW most of the nutes i am familiar with have a 6 month life once opened.

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Salt based? Miracle grow…lol I use it and have for years. (Shhhhh don’t tell anyone)


lol long time ago i used miracle grow,b4 the internet


I still do, even post-internet🤣


:sweat_smile: What is going on there? Congressional aid, eh?


“salt based” doesn’t “kill taste” that’s an old hippie-logic wive’s tale that’s been passed around since forever.

MaxiGro is an excellent product, complete and cheap. Osmocote Plus is available at most hardware stores; it is a mostly complete nutrient. You have a lot of demands lol.

Most laboratories grow research plants hydroponically. Less variables, easier to control specific variables, standardized.


Masterblend is available off Amazon. Easy to mix and will last a long time!

fuck no!

dude probably has a fertilizer line! :laughing:



Hippy logic is what made me lose my Florida Crippy cut.


Haha…shit is pervasive. We’re all guilty of it in one way or another.


I use Jack’s hydroponics
Jack’s Cal Nit 15-0-0
Epsom salt
Cheap and effective
Costs about 5 cents a gallon.


All plant food is ‘salt based’.

You can use the most organic of soils and inputs but the bacteria and fungi you must have so they work good breaks those down to the exact same salts that come in bottles with fancy labels and are erroneously labelled ‘chemicals’ by organic zealots.

Sure you’re going to have all sorts of other organic compounds that may alter the taste and aroma of your pot but when it comes down to actual stone or medicinal value it really doesn’t mean squat. I take great pains to do a slow dry and cure on my pot whether hydro or organic and almost everyone I’ve dealt with for 20 years only judges by how f’n high they get. Totally nothing about how smooth it smokes or how it affects their mentality or physicality. F’n stupid stoners is all they are and not worthy of decent bud.

I got nothing against organics and have grown a lot myself but it’s not the panacea that it’s made out to be. Ever since hydroponic growing was invented 50 odd years ago testing has shown the veggies grown hydroponically are as high or higher in essential vitamins and minerals as organically grown ones. Yields are always consistently way higher and a lot less water and ground space is required to grow as much. To think that doesn’t relate to cannabis plants is to be ignorant/unbelieving of the science.

Today, ‘organic’ food, just means that chemical sprays or fertilizers weren’t used to grow those crops. I’m totally onboard with that as since my youth have been opposed to chemical crap in my food. Hydro nutes are not ‘chemical’ in the same world as nasty sprays to combat disease and bugs in plants but many uneducated growers don’t know the difference.

I was very fortunate to grow up with a mother that farmed almost everything we ate growing up. A huge pantry full of home canned foods that could have carried us through years of famine. Chicken in a mason jar is pretty cool. lol

I figure my AN nutes are about 10% of my total costs to grow indoors so saving pennies using cheaper nutes is not a priority. I’m liking the MegaCrop 1-part dry nutes too and that’s easier and has a way better nutrient profile than something like Peter’s or Jacks for much the same cost. Nothing organic about those either.


If I’m just after speed and yield them I’m growing DWC. Nothing vegs plants more easy and faster than that. DWC ScroG done right can get me a pound off one plant. How is that not a good thing?


get the Epsom at Menards -in the beauty section no less… 4 pound bag for $2.86

yes, i have JACKS A&B 25 lbs bags - $106 to the door [not AMZN]

  • UPS guy was pissed to carry it up my driveway - LMFAO

:joy: well that sounds like a pretty good deal on the magnesium sulfate, but we don’t have Menards down here lol. I don’t know why he would be mad it’s his J-O-B .


an old OG runs this shop check em out.


There nutrients in question are actually petroleum based inorganic salts . Same stuff you put in your car, well a by product. And I love them. I use GH .
Vs Organic nutrients.

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I agree with most of what your saying but here’s something that is undeniable. The hothouse hydroponic grown tomatoes in the grocery store. Try growing that same variety of tomato in organic soil and compare the results. It’s not even a comparison LOL.
I’m not saying it’s devoid of nutrients or anything like that and not saying organic is superior , it’s just something is going on there that affects the taste in a major way.
But to back your point on cannabis , I bet most people couldn’t tell the difference between organic grown cannabis and a garden that used synthetics if the same strain were grown in these two different methods.

You talking about miracle gro ?