Searching for the best LED grow lights

hi all recently my mars hydro 400 led burnt out and was happy with it but looking for a new one i was looking at price is in aud ?
Mars Hydro Mars II 700W LED Grow Light $360

for that size and shape is perfect but also seen
Mars ECO 98 LED Grow Light $200 each was thinking maybe 2 of them and piggyback or
VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W LED Grow Light 12 Band Full Spectrum with 3 Switches $320 or
VIPARSPECTRA 600W LED Grow Light $200 d any advice would help ? couple things i do have LightHouse 305mm 45W Eco Heat Greenhouse Heater

ame tent but 60x60x180
same tent but 60x60x180


What is your budget and how big is the space it will be used in?

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i did have a mars ll 400 in a 1X1x2m tent but know i have a 60x60x180 grow tent with this

this to use another $200
i dont really want to spend any more i got my set up sorted just need new a light this is 40cmx40x abit more cant remember

you’d be way better off with COBs or samsung LM561C diodes. here’s a 3 cob 265w setup for $220?USD and @Baudelaire has kits for PCB LEDs for great prices too - much better than a mars or viparspectra

if you are willing to source your own parts and build everything from scratch you may be able to save a little bit more but those DIY kits are very convenient and excellent value for your dollar


That little aero setup looks pretty cool. Are you in the US? If so RapidLED, TastyLED, Horticulture Lighting Group, Timber Grow Lights are all good. Best low budget light is an HID though. None of the cheap LEDs will come close performance wise. A 150 or 200 watt HPS would be a good match for a 60cmx60cm area.


im in australia need to keep it all stealth

i’m sure most ship in discreet packaging if you ask, but yeah i’d rather get an HPS than a mars hydro imo

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@Baudelaire makes and sells very nice led strips called SOLstrips. $20 per strip if you’re into DIY or he even has a kit. Here’s the link


I don’t know any Australian LED companies. The one’s I mentioned will probably ship there, not very cost effective though. How are you at DIY? Can you drill a couple of holes and strip wires?

White cobs / Solstrips would be my
I would prefer the low profile from solstrips for this tent.

For white cobs:

cant have any heat gota have led that dosnt produce any heat

wait wait… Australia ???

I actually got my kits from Aus when I was living in Brazil !!!

Amazing guy !

You can get a 4 cxb3590 and dimer it, or just 2 for this small area


Sorry, that doesn’t exist yet. If you wan’t cheap and not DIY. Go HPS. A 200 Watt HPS will put off the same heat as a cheap 200 Watt (actual) LED, but you will get more PAR.

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For the price range, go with SolStrips as previously mentioned twice. He even has kits all you have to do is screw a screwdriver.


For the price and ease of assembly you can’t beat solstrips, I’m convinced. These will easily blind you haha

My build


I agree with the DIY votes. Definitely the best bang for your buck, but the OP might not want to have to build anything. If that is the case, which I’m assuming at this point, there aren’t many affordable premade LED lights that are worth the parts they are made of.

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yes 1 watt produces the same amount of heat whether it is LED, HPS, or CFL… 1 watt is 1 watt worth of heat - the only difference is higher efficiency lamps give more lumens per watt so you need less watts to achieve the same light output.

1 watt is about 3.412 BTU of heat


Cutter is a well-regarded Australian LED DIY supplier. I don’t know if they offer assembled lights, but they have a good range of COBs and some strips.

I’ve designed the SolSheet basic kits to ship easily and inexpensively internationally. You source the reflector housing (commercial aluminum baking sheet), splash shield and driver locally, the kit contains the rest. Ships to most of the world for under $30. The SolStrips themselves are very light and easily shipped worldwide. More info at



I’ll second the cutter recommendation.

I wouldn’t buy anything other than SolStrips from our beloved Mr. B. @Baudelaire

Unless it was COBs.