Seed run sour strawberry closed

looking like the seeds are almost there…


Most excellent @Daytripr69 !!!:clap::clap::clap::clap:


Fantastic @Daytripr69 looking nice :+1:


Awesome run!! Those girls look to be heavy with seeds with most just about ready for a nice seed harvest with plenty of material for edibles :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly I don’t know how to make edibles lol was just gonna throw it in the tumbler with dry ice and make more hash lol would love to learn how to make edibles. So when the beans are ready I send them to you @MomOnTheRun?


it’s never too late to learn. Here an easy recipe:

there is also the reikoX thread, there are many recipes and information:


Thanks brother. My biggest problem is finding high proof ethanol


You can use brandy or vodka or a high alcohol content spirit drink in substitution of Ethanol
Or if you wish, coconut oil or any high fat content as the terps are also soluble in fat. In case of a fat based infusion you should add lecithin.


There are many ways as peeps above have pointed out… I use all methods depending upon what I am making ie butter or coconut oil = straight infusion, caramels, cheese or hard candy = solvent transfer. Just all depends on what it is…I love smoking cannabis just don’t want the taste in my edibles if I can help it.

Yup! I know I said that I wouldn’t be accepting seed packs for the October distribution though I didn’t anticipate doing one last seed run for the remainder of my winter this year…seed whore alert!… I just had to fit in Strawberry Haze to try and while I am at it, may as well do a seed run plus I am getting my youngest set up with his own seed starting station as he really wants a garden in his room AND outside like mom soooooooo I can fully utilize all 5 of my cabinets once I get done tinkering on 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok I’ll message you once I’ve got them harvested and dried. I’m guessing I need to package them up in 10 packs?


That’s awesome that you’re setting up your son :+1:


Update. Looking pretty much done as far as I can tell, but what do I know this is my first seed run lol.

@MomOnTheRun what do you think? The seed is from one of the lowest branches. Had to dig it out. Was thinking about week since it’s supposed to be a 50-60 day strain. They are at day 60 from flip come Tuesday.


Great job @Daytripr69. :grinning:
Both the buds and seed look really good.


Awesome man! That seed looks nice and ripe


Yup…if you need help with containers let me know and i’ll get some to ya

He is very excited to have his own garden set up in his room. So far he has started Kohlrabi, purple leaf lettuce and blue corn. Next up is tomato’s then we’ll get some strawberry starts going in a fabric pot with the blumat system…pays to have a grower parent :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks pretty good especially for being from a lower branch

My personal countdown is 6 wks from removing males which is ~4wks of flower start… some start their count down from the 1st male flower opening up marking the 1st day of pollination - like seedless harvests, there is no real deadline to finish :wink: Being your 1st time, I would do a staggered harvest a week or so apart so you can see the different levels of maturation at different times and get a good feel for it


Looks good and I always let them go a little extra time from normal flowering time for seeds. Bogimage image

Please email me at for seeds if in USA. :blush::heart:


Good advise BOG, I tend to let them go a week or two longer too. I was taught to let seeds go “until they rattle in the pods”.


They should be done and by looking at the one seed I pried out of a bud they look the part. I had to leave for a week again so I’ll see how they are looking when I get home. I really need to get something back in there too produce buds before the wife runs out and her seizures come back.


They do look viable so go ahead and start a few but give the rest another week to be sure other seeds that may still be immature have time also. Bog :heart::blush:


Thanks for the advice. Was gonna check the plant that I put in flower last and see how she’s doing. It will be at least another week because I’m it of town that long