My first pollen chuck

I’m gonna try my hand at making some F2 seeds, never played with males before. I’m running some Jawa Pie from Ocean Grown seeds. I have 6 unsexed plants that have been in veg around 60 days.
They were planted on New Years day.


When my Tangie in the 2x4 finishes which should be any day now, the JPs will go into the 2x4 to begin flower.


My question is about male flowering times… I have heard that the males need to be flowering just before the females in order to pollinate them correctly. Is that correct? Or if I toss em all in at once, and let em all flower will it work the same?


Remote size tangle bud… Nice! That looks deeeelishious.

411 for best seeds

It smells incredible. I have the rest of my Tangie stash in solos right now as seedlings. I wanna make F2s of them as well but wanna get a solid breeding round under my belt first with genetics I wouldn’t mind losing so much.


I know this kool cat lady, she’s on the same path… 411 the best pollination results.
You have any of the tangie to smoke?

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Nice I think I’ve seen that crazy cat lady around… :grinning:
Once from a local shop, but was disappointing. It was right as all the shops opened and everything was rushed and pulled early just to get something on the shelves and it sucked. Mine will be better. I’m gonna try to reveg this whole plant.
I’ve smoked plenty of Tangie crosses and know what to expect.

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If possible, I like to give the females a couple week head start on 12/12 that way you have nice Lima bean size buds to pollinate when the male is ready.

If the male starts dropping pollen too early, you can always isolate him, and collect pollen to dust the buds with later.


Very good point. It doesn’t seem like they’ve shown sex yet, but they’re goin into flower shortly. So like you said, If the males are early ill just isolate and collect pollen.


That’s right… Most males try to cover a lengthy flowering period and starting early is a big thing.
You can actually select for faster flowering through the male lines.

They remind me of slow motion fireworks, as there is a delay between the flowers opening on each level.



I have re-vegged males so they are ready when the ladies are. They explode on the second growth of balls. If you pollinate a female too early it will stall and nute lock. Too late and you’ll have a bunch of pale seed and premies.


You can re-veg males! :exploding_head: …didn’t know that!
That opens some interesting scenarios…

What do you figure the best time to pollinate the fems … 2 weeks into flower?



Been meaning to ask @Tonygreen aboutthat, best seeded plant I did after the ball of the bud had started to develope and the pistils had just started to whither at the tips…she gave up around 1000 seeds


Thanks for all the tips and resources guys.


@parkerspurps this time of year I will induce flowering on males 1 week before the females.
Female cannabis plants are most receptive and receive pollen best at 3-4 weeks. Males will drop pollen around 4-5 weeks. Earlier in the summer, later in the winter.
By flipping your males a week earlier you will have the best chance of your females taking the pollination at the optimum time.
Keep in mind that you can also separate the male to another room or area and collect the dropped pollen. You can then dry it and selectively pollinate individual branches on individual plants. The advantage here being that you can produce up to a couple hundred seeds for future work, but not wasting the rest of the plant/plants for seed production.
One good male hitting a couple of your females in an open pollination situation can produce thousands of seeds. If your needs don’t call for thousands of seeds, pollinate a branch or two and harvest the rest as top shelf bud. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!!!


Will it reveg??


Maybe lol. Some plants will and some just won’t…at least for me

Cool strain, btw I’m assuming it was named after the iconic moped:


Here we are. Today marks the 1st day of 12/12. No signs of sex yet.

I threw up a couple more slaps too. I mean I had to, they sent it with the beans. :man_shrugging::v:


Normally males start before females (depending if you are crossing same cultivars).

I do recommend you to star flowering your females first fir around 2/3 weeks , then introduce the male/s


So should I leave em in 12 12 til they show sex then pull the males for a few weeks back into 18 6 or whatever?