Seed Runs Co-Op Logistics/Cost/OT Discussion Megathread

Grow diaries are accessible to anyone. If you decide to start your diary in private lounge that is your decision and your risk.

We have decided to open Private lounge only for active members. Seed runs don’t need to be tied necessarily on current trust level. It can be tied to tl at the moment of signup or at the moment of closing the seed run.


I know that, but if you live in a country where it is illegal to grow weed, the risk to put it in an open section is worse ppl_police|nullxnull , it is not a free choice in this case … :sunglasses:

I think this would be the better option, as breeding the seeds take a long time and personal circomstances may change …


Sorry, but Private lounge is not meant as a wall for anyone to hide. See

You really don’t miss any opportunity to discuss endlessly the same topic again, do you?

You don’t have any grow topic in Private lounge yourself, but you use it as an argument.

You don’t manage any seed op but you still care about how it is organised.

There are two paths we can go by and we have chosen one of them. We can’t satisfy everyone, every case and every minor group.


I am not discussing at all, I have no grow diary for the same reason, it is also illegal to grow in my country. I just pointed out a situation in a civilized way, seems it is not easy now to expose some personal thoughts about general questions, even an algorithm now is sacred, have a great day … beer3|nullxnull


But is there a rule in place at the moment one way or the other? While I can see reasons for both ways, a practical thing is, nobody knows their tl at the end when they sign up at the beginning. There are free member slots anyway, it’s not like I would be out of the game. It would just mean useless editing work for several topics. And then again if I accidentally get the regular status back. :smile: If I’m taking away anyone’s place I’m happy to step back from a run.


To summarise the outcome of discussion earlier in this topic (around post # 300):

There are supposed to be two tiers in each seed-run. One for Members and one for Regulars (which have the priority over Members).

Once you reach status of Regular, you should have the privilege to participate in seed runs in Regulars tier forever.

I was suggesting to identify privileged members by looking at their Regular badge.

The problem is now that system is no longer functioning the same way. Promoting a demoting users is automatic and it does assign or remove Regular badge with the trust level.

So we will have to find out some new way to identify privileged members. For now I’d recommend to trust the user that he will insert himself into proper tier/category for each seed run and only verify it at the time of addition to the according list. (Owner of the post and also each member tracking the topic will get notification about OP post edit so they can briefly check the new participant.)


Ah, I see. I was wondering about that because I remembered the badge would stay, but I did not find it in my info. So it works different now. Thanks for clearing that up.


I was not aware of this until now that you have brought it to my attention.

It seems like previous behaviour of the system was probably malfunction or a bug and it was fixed during upgrades that came later…


A bug for one is a feature for someone else. :laughing:


My badge is or was gone too thought it was odd


Hi All! Just curious if we are we still doing the preservation boxes? I remember there being talk of an April box, but I never did see anything? Did I miss out? :pray:


we are waiting for MOTR to get back to us… she’s kind of been out of communication for a few weeks


All OGers and SDxSL have been sent out to distributors. You should be recieving them anytime or you may have received them already. Super sorry for the delay. Life has me spinnin :v:


Just throwing this out there-- maybe no one should send any more shipments to Mom on the Run until we hear back from her?
Clearly she is swamped, I don’t think adding to the work load will do any good.

The more lines that get combined into one package, the higher the risk if that package is lost or damaged. I don’t think it would be ideal to keep combining new projects with the spring preservation box.

I’d suggest that breeders hold on to any finished projects until distribution of the current seed runs is complete.


@zephyr She’s all good I spoke with her 2 weeks ago. She got lots going on but is doing well. :v:


Boxes were held up because of me. Finally got the two strains out to everyone. So those spring boxes should be along soon for fall haha… again very sorry.


Please don’t apologize for giving away free seeds. :point_up:


I agree with allotment, no apology necessary. Your efforts are certainly appreciated. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out or something. I look forward to the OG preservation seeds. :slight_smile:


Hey will somebody publicly address this issue raised by @SCJedi? This is pretty important. We seed run folk need to know what’s going on and we need it in a timely, transparent fashion.

@LemonadeJoe @moderators @MomOnTheRun @cannabissequoia @Meesh

I and others have also reached out and tagged some of you on my seed run and not been given any guidance on what to do with my seed run seeds - nobody contacted me after I tagged you, and MOTR hasn’t replied to my last two PMs since August.

I also have Wolfpack F2 from @Greenhighlander that I agreed to send out with each of my Pura Vida F2, so it’s not just my seeds that are languishing.