2021 Spring Seed Runs Co-op Box information

:loudspeaker: The Spring Box is being assembled now and should be mailed out around the end of the month. :loudspeaker:
All of the seeds that I’ve received are packed in seed cases and ready for boxing.

:heavy_dollar_sign: :mailbox: US Shipping payments can be made at Overgrow.com Seed Run Shipping (MEMBERS ONLY) – DIY Green Life :heavy_dollar_sign: :mailbox:
:bangbang: Recipient names are being cross referenced to shipping payments received so make sure you include your Overgrow Username in the payment form during checkout. :bangbang:
If you didn’t include your Overgrow Username then you’ll need to email SebringSeeds@gmail.com with the name you used on the order form, or the order number (check your spam folder), along with your OG username.

We have a large number of members on each sign up sheet this season, so if you didn’t sign up, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to receive any of this season’s seeds. However, you should sign up for the seeds being grown for the next Seed Run Co-op box this Fall.

Current list of seeds:
(that have been received for distribution as of 4/15/2021)

  • Silver Mountain
  • Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze
  • Malana
  • Go Nuts
  • Craigson15’s crosses
  • Good Medicine CBD

If I’m missing any seed runs, it’s because I haven’t received seeds for it yet.
If you have a bunch of seeds you’d like added to the box for distribution, now would be the time to get them mailed. (Message @Sebring if you need the address.)

Chocolate Thai (Seeds are still maturing on the mother plants. It’ll be in the next Co-op Box.)
Mac1 (Seeds are still maturing on the mother plants. It’ll be in the next Co-op Box.)
Supafreak (Seeds are still maturing on the mother plants. It’ll be in the next Co-op Box.)

(If you order through the provided shipping payment link, but it tells you that payment failed, I will still make sure you get your seeds!)


This is great, thanks for the info. I sent you a PM regarding payment. Really appreciate all the hard work you are doing for this.


Thank you for clarification . Unless some are not listed or if there’s a spot open on some of the runs for this box I think im.only in for 2 .


Paid via your site! Can’t wait to get those seeds!


Boom, paid. Thank you for all your efforts, Sebring, in managing distribution. And to those who did a co-op seed run, words will not convey my gratitude for the time, effort and tent/greenhouse/garden space you put in.



Thanks @Sebring for all that you do for us in the community, your hard work is much appreciated.
My payment has been sent. If there is anything left over please put it to good use for your site or something like that :wink:


Payment paid for BOTH Box and other items, as discussed. You just gotta know you’re OG’s Patron Saint!!! SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


Cannot seem to check out for UK properly. What should i be paying for 4 runs to the UK, coming out at $19 shipping? .


Rock on, @Sebring :+1:

I’m so loaded down from the last mailing that I’ll skip this one. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Can’t stop this OG.



As far as I know @Sebring only collects for the USA distribution, I had the same confusion. I will be sending my payment to @Shadey once seeds arrive in Canada for distribution. I think each individual distributor collects from those they distribute too but I could be mistaken. The different distributors are listed on Sebrings site.

  • Africa: Distribution by @MikeM; $6 for shipping
  • Australia: Distribution by @Johnnybsmokin; $6 for shipping
  • Canada: Distribution by @Shadey; $3 for shipping
  • Latin America: Distribution by @Vertebrata ; $6 for shipping
  • UK: Distribution by @Gaz29; $3 for shipping
  • EU: Distribution by @Swe-can after Brexit; $3 for shipping
  • US: Distribution by @Sebring; $5 for shipping

Oh okay so as a Canadian I don’t need to do anything at this point then?


No, I spoke to Shadey. He will message everyone once the seeds arrive here and you will make payment through him with either Paypal or Etransfer. I believe he is going to make a doc to pin to the seed run section so people will know what to do going forward.


@Sebring I sent you a pm

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Did I miss a sign up for the Trump Nutz? Tracked down all the rest, but can’t find a thread on these. I know @Molto_Mota bred them originally.

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Ah crap, I didn’t see good medicine was tentative on the site, only on here, and I already paid. If I need to pay more that’s no problem just need to know… I need to get more topical cream anyways ^^


Here you go.


I believe both tentative folks confirmed they will be sending them


What does exactly mean “tentative” in this context? icon_e_confused|nullxnull Cheers … beer3|nullxnull


It meant distributors have not received the seeds yet so were not sure if they would be included in spring box. Sebring reached out to both tentative folks on their threads and both said they would send them in for inclusion in spring box.


@DougDawson Thanks for that. Missed that one completely!!