Seed Trading, Moderated (Part 1)

if you ever consider letting one of them go to a loving home let me know :smile:


Reposting with an updated selection. Just thought I’d drop these here in case anyone sees anything they’ve been searching for!

Seeds I have to trade:
Bodhi Pestilence x Snowlotus
DLA9 F2 (Kush 4 x G13 HP)
88 G13HP
Vietnam Black (half pack)
MACintosh x Jalalabad Star
Purple Royale x Jalabad Star (half pack)
Rebel Grown 5g’s Purple F4 (F13xSDx(OG Chem x C99)
Mexican Haze x Paraguay
Chocolope x G13HP (Half Pack)
Chocolatina F2
Rebel Grown 5G’s Purple x Double OG Chem
Bodhi Nierika Nicotina Rustica Tobacco seeds
Triangle Kush x Sister Nice (afghani x g13 haze) F1
AKBB Durban Thai Highflyer F4

Looking for stuff by Freeborn, Bodhi, Bog or other Heirlooms/Landraces especially Blueberry and Piña


I was planning to trade it if I got a keeper, if not sooner. I’m a collector, so let me know what you’ve got. I have a lot of other Bodhi as well


I agree wholeheartedly, however… not everyone selling seeds cheaply are ripping folks! lol
As a sponsor and well known member, I sell my seeds here on OG at $1.00 per, for good :fire:, but that’s just me giving the finger to the high priced shops lol not ripping.
A LOT of folks are growing/toking my strains, with excellent germ rates etc


do you have a list of current strains?

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I do cuz yes, all available strains are listed in my ‘Hall of Genetics’ thread. I know you’ve gotten quite a few of my strains over time lol
Just click on my icon, it’s the first link or here’s the link


looks like most are sold out?

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There’s not many up atm, 6 photo strains and 5 auto fem. I’ll be starting new drops in a few weeks, keep your eye on things for that .
I’m not one of those big commercial shops lol I don’t sell hundreds of strains at outrageous prices. I do ship all over the world and I do replace any lost in transit.
I only sell on OG, to OG…


I’m making a purchase for some 2004 SLH seeds soon. It does have me a tad worried they’re 18 years old lol.

But I figured I’d reach out here and see if anyone has any from 2008ish - 2010ish time period?

When did the quality start to suffer? I’m really not sure on this.


Hey @CARE_giver .
Are you referring to super lemon haze from greenhouse. As far as I know, it made it debut at the cannabis Cup in 08, which it won. It also won the next year as well. I was gifted a cut from seeds bought at the 08 cup and it was the best weed I’ve ever grown(or tried for that matter) And I’ve been around. I lost the cut and most of my seed stash in the great divorce of 2012 but I still have seeds from that cut bx3. Starting pollen donor was a line breed male from Sativa Spirt, my old go to, uplifting daytime smoke before the SLH kicked it to the curb. I need to refresh those, if I can get them to pop.
I bought SLH seed in 2016 and it was nowhere near the same.Way more Afghan influence in it now.
I was unaware SLH was available before the 08 cup.


Yeah I think they started it in the late 90s. But yeah it blew up in popularity after they won the cup.

Yeah it’s hard to find any solid SLH seeds anymore. So I want to jump on this opportunity even with the risk of germ rates. Between this and my sour bubble, these are the only 2 strains I even care about. I really want those pure genetics that sparked this inspiration in me back then.

But yeah the great divorce of 2012 :joy:?

And that really sucks man :confused:. Yeah… I hope I can stumble upon a cut or two from that era also. I’ll do my best… and I mean that lol… and if I do I’ll get your slh back in stock if you’d like :wink::ok_hand:.


I still have hope I can get some of those beans to pop.
My old seed stash was stored (not by me) in an uncontrolled environment. Temps from sweltering heat to freezing and back again. Not to mention the humidity. I think I’ll give them another go when I start my next big hunt in 2-3 wks. It would be cool to be able to hand some seeds out from these. Truly the best herb I’ve had, I pine about how much I miss it all the time!:slightly_frowning_face:


That’s never good lol.

It’s a great breeding tool also dude. Especially for terps like you like.

Searching for this slh I stumbled upon a few elite cuts nowadays using it.

That plant was special back then. Structure, yield, high, taste, smell. It had it all.

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Yep. The cut I ran was pretty far sativa and took all of 12 but better at 14wks to finish. 3x stretch, with fluffy, trich laden buds. Sharp lemon terps. Totally unpractical for a commercial set up but oh so nice. Pure uplifting motivational happy feel good herb. The best daytime smoke! Damn I miss her!


I ran some beans last year that were collected in 2007, as a general statement, ‘it mostly comes down to how they have been stored’.
(OK, there are some landraces that have low germination rates)

All that aside, I got a 40% germination rate… :+1:



I’m not saying its end all be all but I have seen some pretty SLH dominate phenos of Mass Medical’s Super Lemon Pupil. Mass Medical Strains - Super Lemon Pupil

Damn. Yeah it’s 3 fem seeds so 40% lol… 1 seed :sweat_smile:

They were stored in the fridge in original GHS packing they use.

Might have better luck hunting clones that have been kept.


I’d have a look through your stash and see what you might have that’s complementary.
The components are haze, skunk, and lemon skunk… Personally I’d go lemon skunk but there’s other possibilities too.
I’d throw down 10 to 20 seeds total and play the hand you’ve been dealt!



I’ve had this passion brewing inside of me for a long time to do a sour bubble x slh. I haven’t been able to find the Sb that ignited this… but I have some stock from the same time it was found now finally.

And slh is generally good and lemony. So that shouldn’t be too hard to find.

But yeah I’ve considered the lemon skunk as well. I actually want to do that also to compare. I wanted to combine the lemon of the slh into the Sb… so lemon skunk would make sense. But if just have this feeling the slh is the one. Ya know? The same guy has greenhouse lemon skunk from 04 also. Guessing it’s s1s of lemon mans cut.

But yeah well see where this takes me.


I had a nice lemon skunk from Greenhouse seeds about 4 years ago, had 3 fem seeds two pheno’s 2 tall and one short bush, the short one was so lemon flavored every friend of mine wanted some. The tall ones were lemon but not as intense. The kids did lemon haze that year too :joy: lemon year.