September Supporter Giveaway [Closed]

In support of the site and to keep my word on some seeds I said I’d share
Im giving away 100+ free seeds to the top 2 new patreon pledges to the site or the one lucky draw winner who pledges and is picked at random . :om_symbol:

Highest NEW pledge in septemer will receive:
20 x “Royal Queen” from No mercy
10 x “California Orange”
6 x “Parvati” from real seed co.
8 x “Night Nurse x Mango x Unknown Sativa” by @Kalgrae
5 x “White widow x Bigbud Mix” from @Gaz29
20 x F-2’s of @ReikoX 's LowRyder x LaDiva Reg/auto.(kindly given by @Scissor-Hanz)

2nd Highest NEW pledge in september will receive:
10 x “Royal Queen” from No mercy
5 x “California Orange”
4 x “Night Nurse x Mango x Unknown Sativa” by @Kalgrae
4 x “Parvati” from real seed co.
4 x “F1 Mix” By @Gaz29
10 x F-2’s of @ReikoX 's LowRyder x LaDiva Reg/auto.(kindly given by @Scissor-Hanz)

3rd Prize is randomly drawn and is available to all supporters in september, They will receive:
10 x “Royal Queen” from No mercy
5 x “California Orange”
4 x “Night Nurse x Mango x Unknown Sativa” by @Kalgrae
4 x “Parvati” from real seed co.
4 x “F1 Mix” By @Gaz29
20 x F-2’s of @ReikoX 's LowRyder x LaDiva Reg/auto.(kindly given by @Scissor-Hanz)

First and second prize are not available to existing pledges, I want to encourage new donors
Third prize is available to all pledges received in September and will be drawn at random
Your patreon donation must be received between now and September 30th before midnight (as decided by patreons system for ease)
@LemonadeJoe will confirm the winners and Me and Scizzor-hanz will post packages
LemonadeJoe will pick 3rd place by random draw at his discretion.

There are no extra seeds, I will endevour to send out by recorded/tracked but if you live millions of miles away and the cost is too great, it will be left up to luck.
there will be no replacements sent due to missing packages as I don’t have any spares
If you are in a country that prohibits cannabis I cant send tracked

Ive typed donor so much I fancy a kebab.


Are you speaking about Patreon support?

Good call.


Thanks @gordongecko for support and generosity!

Donations can be made through our Patreon account. Big thanks to all supporters!


yep sorry I knew donor seemed wrong
sod off Its 12pm and Ive been up since yesterday morning
shift work is screwing my bodyclock


How about a consolation prize for being the first broke ass to donate!!!. Just dropped mine at patreon. Ya’ll are awesome!


Just putting this out there but if overall donations are your goal then a ton of small ones would be better than 3 highest donations. Maybe do top 3 and a wild card drawn from a hat for the remaining participants? Just a thought


Well Id like to encourage any new donations
top prize could go to a $2 donation depending how broke everyone is…

I think we should be aiming to do something like this every month really
Its been discussed several times but never materialised
A random drawing was a popular idea.

anyway off to bed snice its lunch time :disappointed_relieved: :sleeping: :dizzy_face:


What I mean is say take 1 seed from a couple of the strains in the top 3 prizes say 7 total. Do top 3 for like you planned. But with everyone leftover do a wild card drawing for the 7 seeds.

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@gordongecko What an awesome idea to get more motivation going to a good cause thanks for your input! Brilliant I must say!


Night Nurse x Mango x Unknown Sativa" by @Kalgrae
Ouu these 2 strains alone are worth some cheddar!
I’m game, good luck guys
And awesome way to do a give away @gordongecko!
P.s if I count haha


Either way I still donated and this site is waaaaay less pretentious than some of the others so I am good with just supporting… As a sales guy I tend to always look at promos as sales opportunities…Maximize,maximize,maximize!!!



Yes, this is briliant idea and I’m very happy that you brought it to the table! Just few days ago I was offered seeds from @LabRat, so we could do October giveway with him if he agrees.

If there are two donors with same amount then it should be probably on first-come first-served basis…


^^^I approve this message^^^

Well Id be open to doing top 2 highest donors and 3rd could be a random draw done by @LemonadeJoe if he thinks its ok
I think we should get consensus from anyone who has just donated before moving th goalposts
prizes would be unchanged but 3rd would be random draw


Sure, so far it is only @Stusatwork and it’s his idea :slight_smile:


Cool Ive changed it @Stusatwork hope that suits

I hope the wording and rules make sense as Im tired and did that quickly


Good on @gordongecko for this. :thumbsup: :wheel_of_dharma:

I am particularly happy to see it come from a member and not an entrepeneurial type. :smirk:

For whatever my input is worth, it would be wise to keep it humble and not attract the beggar hordes. :smile:







Great idea, last time I logged in it was only 37 patrons. (Highest tier contributors get free seeds anyway!)
Thinking of it like a bar we all frequent, tip when you can!


I think the random draw should also include existing supporters as I know there are people giving a decent chunk each month, would be nice to include them
If this is an issue for you speak now or forever hold your peace. @LemonadeJoe


I’ll kick-in 50 F-2’s of @ReikoX 's LowRyder x LaDiva Reg/auto.

@gordongecko or @LemonadeJoe , just tell me where to send them when the dust settles.