SeymourGreen's Tent

I only got a small tent right now. Running critical kush and liberty haze I got as a freebie from barneys.

I’m still trying to get a hang of posting pics. I have a timber 250 true watt cob cree led and it’s a great light. First grow using cyco coco pearl 70/30 blend.


whats your temps and humidity at? whats your feeding schedule look like

I got a really shitty camera. The critical kush is a nice little bush and as you can tell the liberty haze is a beast. Just an unruly beast. I’ve chopped her, super cropped her and started to flower her when she was only 15" tall. She is now a 4 foot monster taking over my 62" tent. She has grown way past the light and I have her tied all over the place so her buds aren’t being bleached by the light. They are both hit 4 weeks flowering yesterday.


yah those hazes like to do that! i havnt grown critical kush but ive smoked it and it was great… bro your gonna be cutting it close in that tent how much more room you got

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Its been 94 here the past 2 days and we had torrential down pours today with humidity at %100 both days, but I’ve been holding steady at 55 rh and 81 temps with a dehuey running 24/7. A little to hot for my liking. I really need a portable ac for down here ( I’m in my basement) and there are no windows for venting the ac, but I can cut a hole and have access to vent outside. Money’s a little tight at the moment. Had two birthdays in 3 weeks for two teenage girls but soon as I can I plan on getting the ac.

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good man. that ac is gonna do wonders for you. wish i could teleport one of the many i gave away before leaving hawaii

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None! :weary: the thing finally stopped stretching after 4 weeks!


good thing! its a real problem indoors to have to much… you gotta dial it in… maxing out what a strain can do and still produces top shelf

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And the funny thing is liberty haze apparently has no haze in it! It’s supposed to be G-13 × some sort of chemdog!

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haha really i know both of those plant to not be stretchy you must have run into a gem awesome… i love the chemdawg ran it heavy about 5 years ago

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Tried chem d before, pretty potent stuff, never grew out any chems or G-13’s before. I have a couple Acapulco gold seeds I got as freebies form barneys also, can imagine how tall those would get! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::open_mouth:


Quick question if you got time, have any idea what this could be?

sorry if its a shitty pic. Cal, or mag may be? Potassium? Started after I tried cutting down the calimagic by a measly 1ml. I use ro water, so have been having to add cal/mag. The critical kush is just fine with 2.5 ml a gal while the liberty haze gets all pissy with anything under 7 ml per gal.

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how often are you using cal mag and how much also can i get a shot from under the leaf for shits and giggles

also is it affecting the whole plant

Every feeding. They both get fed twice a day. The critical drinks about 80 oz a day the liberty drinks about a gallon. I mix the nutes 2 gallons at a time. The critical gets 2.5 ml of cal/mag per gal. Ph’d to 5.8. The liberty gets 7 ml per gal, ph’d to 6 cause that’s where she seems to like it.

And sorry man, I just tossed that leaf, but it’s only affecting the upper and middle leaves closer to the lights, and only the liberty haze has issues.

I will snip another leaf later showing the same issues. Going to try and get a couple hours sleep. Peace everyone. :sleeping:

new leaves, looks like necrosis, interveinal blotches, not deformed.



Combined with reported recent reduction in CalMag suggests calcium for sure.

Potassium or magnesium would be if you got the same symptoms on older leaves

I run RO as well and I find that between 10% and 50% tap water helps reduce calmag issues.


Thank you very much for that chart, and I was thinking calcium to. Heard about adding tap, but my water here is so hard it leaves calcium deposits all over my faucets, so been kinda nervous to add it. I guess as long as it’s not over 150-200ppms I should be alright?

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I would say 100ppm and some calmag would be fine although if you wanted a more accurate way to measure, you should put the right ratio of tap water to feed to make you cal/mag the right level relative to your feed strength.

Depending where you are, you could get a water quality report from your local water company. In the UK they have to supply you one for free on request so most companies put one on their website (you may have to hunt about for the PDF download that has the actual info in it)

Then you would know exactly how much of each chemical was in your water, so you would know how much to leave in to get the cal/mag ratio for your feed strength. You may find you do not need to buy any, just get the right amount of tap water left in your tank.

Here is a water report for Mayfair, London, UK (PDF). It shows the TDS (in us/cm) and amounts of each chemical (calcium, magnesium etc in mg/l) in the water, as well as any bacteria (if any) and other contaminants.

After getting the report for my area, I found myself trusting the water much more than when it was an unknown quantity because I knew how much to put back in to get enough Cal, Mag, and other micro nutrients.

I also found that they try to limit the mag in the water to 30mg/l or less as it is a useful nutrient for brewing but more than 30mg makes beer bitter TMYK

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