Show your 2 all time favorites!

You are going to a remote country, where you don’t have access to seed banks, you have to live there for 5 years, and you have the right, to take only 2 strains with you, you can only choose strains, that you have already grown and tried, which strains would you choose for that trip.

I would chose HulkBerry and Shogun, I’m very happy with them, these two phenos are really the best, and according to me, and my friends, both strains go more than 20%thc.

HulkBery multicolored, smells very fruity, herbal, citrus, high is creative and energetic, giggly, without anxiety or paranoia.

The Shogun pheno is quite similar to the GG4, is more for the evening, great for relaxing, watching movies, and it doesn’t have a couch lock, unless I go too far, which I always do. :sweat_smile: :rofl:


Can I get thrown in jail for growing weed? Lol


Good question. If not I would be mailing myself 20 envelopes of seeds, lol.


Me to bro, :rofl:.

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Kali mist and this… I lost it and waiting for @eskobar to revive It😁.


Real deal Matanuska Thunder Fuck (bikers cut) Sativa and Ogre (Indica)…

Matanuska Thunder Fuck clone only strain

Ogre a mutant strain of Sensi Star it’s also a clone only strain…


@Alta.Gama, Kali mist is fire, I haven’t heard of chocolate rain, what is high like.
@PhilCuisine. They look great, frosty, and bud structure is my favorate, both are very unique :green_heart:. :v:


The truth is that I am very bad at describing the smells and flavors, but it was delicious, it did have a chocolate undertone, and the resin was liquid oil. a delight, the flight was clean, cheerful a delight, i really miss her. No Pics in those times to paranoide to take pics😁


First is easy; Dr Greenthumbs cut of Iranian indica which he used in Endless Sky. I was gifted it when I started to grow and discovered CW. It had dense buds with a distinct trait where the lower sugar leaves would be twisted and pointed downwards by mid flower. It had an incredible aroma with deep, rich sweet fruity notes and an underlying funk with slight acrid tones. Strong, sedative effect that knocked you off your ass; a buddy from BC almost missed his flight home after smoking a doobie on the ride to the airport as they were too stoned to drive and had to pull off onto the shoulder to sober up lol. Sadly I have no pics of it, other then one film shot of the mom after collecting it in Ottawa.

Second choice was harder to make as Chimera’s cut of Mental Floss, the TCC’s Chocolope cut or Shiskaberry were all great plants with unique aroma’s and stimulating highs, ECSD is another classic but finicky plant or the bogglegum cut I lost a year ago was a beast with massive buds, that classic bazooka joe pink bubblegum flavour and the perfect stimulating/creative high with just enough of a narcotic effect to manage my pain but in the end I choose Stellar Collision as it’s the one I’m most excited about breeding at this point after growing out a good chunk of Dman’s gear. Power Load was a close second though as I found some really interesting pheno’s ranging from the Exodus Cheese side to the Super Silver Spice/Endless Sky.

Stellar Collision #5 is the mom I kept (this pic was at 7 weeks indoor, usually harvest around 9), partly due to the prominent pink/purple colours which shift to deep purple with cold nights. Coated in frost it has a strong acrid smell with an undertone of grape and some very subtle astringent/pine rounding things out. The effects are strong but balanced between stimulating and sedative, it’s versatile for working through the day or relaxing at the end of the day. It was the largest plant I grew outdoors last year, roughly 7x7ft dry farmed (ie planted then ignored for the summer) with around 18 cola’s 12-18" long and a couple inches in diameter, yielding around 1.5-2lbs of bud that was ready by early Oct.


African Blueberry
Loud smells and total euphoria

Black Tara
Sublime buddha-state


@Somatek, Even if all seed banks were allowed, it wouldn’t be enough for your needs :rofl: :green_heart:. It’s hard to come by such reliable cut, you’re a lucky man, and Stellar Collision #5, sounds so good, and look so frosty, reminds me of a strain I had a few years ago, would describe it almost the same, a friend gave me a cut, and he got a cut from someone, I’m really sorry because in the end I didn’t manage to revegetate it. :sob:
@Wuachuma, Black Tara, I have not heard of her until now, I have heard of Blue Tara, is that your cross or?
African BlueBerry, looks so fresh, I assume both strains are mostly sativa, I definitely like how both look, they are unique. :purple_heart:
Thanks everyone, for sharing your favorite strains. :v:


Blue Tara is not mine. Thats Bodhi’s

I made Black Tara and had called her Green Tara. But then found the black pheno when working with a farm in Oregon/CA border.

African BB throws a couple indica / BB Muffin phenos, but most are sativa, yes. Took me 5 years to make her.


the african bb is beautiful, they all turn in colors like that? …great work.


Yup, to varying degrees.


The last photo is the most indica phenotype? It also looks very interesting. but the other pheno has that light green with purple it looks beautiful


@Wuachuma, Love those to, looking amazeng. :green_heart:

If anyone else wants to share their 2 favorite strains with us, now is the time, I can’t wait to see more of excellent choices. :v:


Thanks buddy.
There have been more indica phenos than in the pics, but I dont have all of my old pics.


which is your keeper, or which do you prefer? indi or sati

Edit. to me it is that light green plants with gradient tones drive me crazy, they are beautiful.


Sadly I just gave the last extra clone of Stellar Collision away, but if you’re in Canuckistan I’d be happy to shoot you one next time I take clones (roughly a month or so). Always happy to share instead of killing perfectly good but unneeded clones.


This was my favorite
Grown in Napa/Sonoma with 120⁰F heat