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Couldn’t find an “ask the community” for general plant sickness questions.

I just wanted to prove a point to a friend.

This plant has yellowing bottom leaves and dark green running through the new growth.
Please help.


Hope this can help some.

SICK2 - Copy


First guess is that it’s hungry. Second guess check pH


Go with this guy


Judging from the slight burn on the tips of leafs i would say it has plenty of food. The yellowing I would agree, tells me to check the PH… Maybe from watering with chlorinated water as the real culprit?

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Yup she’s saying feed me. As stated above long as your pH is in check shes showing demand. So if not locked out she’s just starving also note size of pot. She wants room too.


Agree she needs new shoes, yellowing on bottom could be she´s taking nutrients from them. Upper foliage looks like Zinc deficiency, maybe pH is too high … beer3|nullxnull



Thanks very much, gang!!! :call_me_hand::v:

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could be simple thing like municipal water being 8.5 like mine


Most deficiencies stem from Nutrient lockout due to incorrect ph balance or incorrect Nutrient mixing techniques :+1::ok_hand::metal:

Edit. Root issues are often an issue too.

Looks over watered, rootbound and lack of N

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I thought lack of N too, I looked at ed’s marijuana garden saver and it looked similar

I hate trying to diagnose someone else’s shit. But looks like its eating itself for N based on the little leaves on the very bottom. And droopy leaves with a small pot says they have been watering it to death and its go no where to grow.

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This bottle is for a waterhose application. Obviously it would add water but how much does one think I should add based on these percentages? (Not going to attach to a water hose when I use it) Thank you everyone for any input!

Check this out … beer3|nullxnull

Hey family,
Looking for some guidance here, as this is one I’ve not had before. It’s happening on my Undertow plant.
Started noticing it 2 weeks ago, and it’s definitely spreading. The plant only has maybe 2-3 weeks left, so I’m not too worried… but don’t want it to keep spreading.

I’ve scoured the plant and leaves with a 40x loupe and don’t see any insects. It’s the first thing I thought because of the way it looks.
But I just don’t see any.

So… some deficiency maybe?

It’s mostly happening on the upper leaves of the plant. Lower leaves are ok, and new growth seems fine.

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Have you looked under the leaves as well. Just doing a bit of searching it may be spider mites but I’m not sure as I haven’t seen this before. Good luck and I hope you get it corrected. I’ll be watching to see what more seasoned members have to say.

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Yeah. I have done thorough searches under the leaves too. No signs of bug poop, or skeletons, or any of the usual insect signs.
But I agree. It does look like mite damage.

Fortunately it’s not showing on any of my other plants in the room

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Totally agree


It looks like ‘the Borg’. to me as well.
Ignoring the spottiness of the leaf, it does healthy… Maybe some genetic thing?


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