Silver Mountain co-op run

If anyone didn’t know Ritchie Blackmore & Ronnie James Dio’s Rainbow, now you know! He is, of course, the real Man on the Silver Mountain… but I may or may not be smoking the F2 right now, so you may also call me that if you like. Or Ishmael, whatever works. I highly recommend listening to this track as background music while you read this log, or any other time for that matter.

I have 9 seeds generously donated by @Uprangewilly for this preservation. After a thorough scuffing this morning, they’re going into a bath of hydrogen peroxide and water, and into EWC-amended rooting cubes later this afternoon. These 9 seeds also happen to be 9 years old, so I’ll be trying hard not to watch with bated breath - I definitely feel like germination is the chanciest part of this grow. :crossed_fingers:

Anyway, I’m done rambling for the moment. I’ve compiled some info on Silver Mountain from sources online; feel free to read on if you’re interested. There are several different sets of cannabinoid/terpene numbers, though I’d be hard pressed to say which one(s) are accurate, or for that matter if any are. Bribes may or may not have been paid to inflate numbers somewhere along the line; it’s a shady business, apparently. :man_shrugging:

About Silver Mountain

As beautiful to look at as she is to smoke, Silver Mountain by Bodhi Seeds is making a name for herself worldwide. This sativa-dominant strain is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Appalachia, resulting in nugs that are gorgeous, powerful, and for most, uplifting. The next time you need a bud to help you make the most of your day, consider taking a few puffs of this special gal.

Great for most types of users, Silver Mountain’s potency ranges from 15% up to 23%, but typically lands right around 20%. As you could imagine, her flower takes on a very silver tone thanks to her high trichome coverage and already light coloration. Just a few orange hairs tend to poke through this popcorn-shaped silhouette. If you’re into flavor combinations that are just flat out weird, you’ll probably really love this bud’s taste. Strong notes of spicy citrus and juicy melon linger with a finish that’s funky and a bit sour, so prepare yourself accordingly.

Users often expect that strains with strong sativa genetics will be the perfect thing to pick them up and put some pep in their step, and in general, they aren’t wrong. Silver Mountain typically lifts users from the moment they toke both physically and mentally, imparting a feeling of happiness and creativity that’s seemingly never ending. Focus can improve here as well, and while you might suddenly become a powerhouse at work, the desire to socialize may also be present. For some, Silver Mountain balances out her energy with a tinge of relaxation, ensuring that you don’t go off the deep end with productivity.



Reserved for wiki

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Yay for this one!


This is a strain I’ve had my eye on literally just because of the name. A favorite cologne of mine:

This strain name evokes the aroma of this fragrance for me. It would be nuts if it had a similar “icy” smell ---- i know it won’t, it would just be cool if it did


Oh yea! Let’s get it on!


Great tune! Best of luck on the run and thanks for putting in that work!


Yeah buddy! You know I’m in the front row for this one.
Go stand over the seeds and encourage them to pop; I always tell them "Come on out! It’s awesome out here!":crazy_face::bear:

Oh and to make sure you get the best possible germination, and a perfect M/F ratio (whatever that is to you):

:sparkles::sparkles::bear: I bless this grow with the headiest of Heady Bear vibes! :bear::sparkles::sparkles:



Awesome! Let’s do this! Very cool @Cormoran heres hoping for an absolute abundance of beautiful brown beans for the masses! Much respect :facepunch:t2:


The F2 I grew had a smell like incense… just a vague hint of sweetness to it as well. Other people have come across more fruity smells, like honeysuckle. As for the F1s, hopefully we’ll find out in a few months. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome brother! Love to see old seeds brought back to life and preserved! Doing the community a big favor brother!


i have a pack of silver mountain stashed away for a rainy day. best of luck with your seed run, :+1:


Thank you for posting a terpene analysis as well @Cormoran. Ocimene is a favorite terpene and that looks like a pleasant array of accompanying terpenes as well. Blessings! Much love


Hell yeahhhhhhh !

@Uprangewilly is the man.


I know Bodhi used 2 SSH cuts as evidenced in his remaking of Temple. Do we know which one is in this? oldsog or the other one?


cool. i grabbed a half oz from faragosi farms about 18 months ago. was 23.4%. smelled like lemons and vomit. was pretty strong, but i thought it felt like it has some sort of ceiling.maybe it had some cbn/cbd. the bud was pretty orange from a distance, so i argued with the lady at the store that it was cut late. unfortunately, just after the first time i smoked it, someone got killed right in front of me. i will always remember this weed and the poor kid.

good luck with the run.


Best of luck with your run @Cormoran.


I didn’t even know he’d used two cuts, so I’m not the one to ask. Didn’t come up in the research I did, either. :man_shrugging:


@Cormoran & @Uprangewilly You Guys Rock!

g smoking Bong
Ripping some “Good Luck” tubes for ya! :call_me_hand:


Hey bro, are you in the Dad? I live just out of town and I know the guy who owns Faragosi Farms. It was my favorite place at first. He’s all organic. I barely ever go into a dispensary anymore. Give me a shout if you live here. I’ll meet you for a beer and/or a bowl sometime. I go down to the Smokehouse for happy hour a few times a week. peace

Sorry for the off topic stuff, @Cormoran, best vibes on the grow. You got me wanting to pop my SM seeds. I can’t wait to see it grown out. :man_farmer: :v:


mr nice super silver haze mama (shivas trident cut) ****
and Oldsog


Have found the answer. Seems the temple was because he lost williams wonder not ssh. Just two diff cuts used.