Smells to medicinal benefits?

Anyone see any fact to this?

I do know catpiss, skunk

, pine, different smells effect the health benefits.

Was reading this from a seed brochure
Marketing or truth?

I am in no way affiliated or take credit for attached images which are part of public distribution.

Would like to see advanced work of this in public sector to bring forth legalization and extraction for holistic medicines based on identifying / preserving certain features beyond yield color or freak features and further legalizing.

All opinions are just that and no reference or licenses state truth only public opinon.


Research on Terpenes is a hot area right now. Exactly what the effects are and how they work as a mix are not well understood.
My opinion is the marketing person starts off with truth and ends up with pure conjecture by the last page.

But hey, I’ve been wrong before… :sunglasses: :+1:



Terpenes, as I see it, are a core part of holistic medicine. The degree to which its medicinal has yet to really substantiate. A lot of people are helped by natural, not harmful treatments; so it seems to be somewhere above placebo, but not much. I for one though do smell for certain things. Caryophyllene and Myrcene are my “I know that will probably work” terpenes. It’s not a given that it’ll work; and eating a shit load of mangoes doesn’t do much for the anxiety.

Curiously though, if you utilize the entourage effect you can notice the terpenes give a THC/CBD high different traits. Mangoes or red grapes notably in my experience.


I have noticed different effects over the years in variations of types.

Be nice if has labs to check this I feel like so much being missed still. If we could synchronization of and how to recreate. Holistic could replace big pharma off hemp alone. :thinking::shushing_face:


I see it as more of a classification of what we already knew. Terpenes are in every plant; in it’s essential oil. These are the colors of our food palate! (Which I think by itself is pretty damn cool!)


Most definitely! All terpenes have their own effects, and when mixed may produce other effects.

For example, if you’ve ever smelled Lavender Oil and felt a slight calming sensation?

…Whether or not you can distinguish the nuances of the different terpenes would be more related to how self aware you are with those kinds of things.

I can smell a bud and instantly know if it is going to work for me. Further, I can give a pretty good description of how the effects might be just from the smell alone.


Overgrow 2.0 comes the start was state legislation. Next public forum towards medicinal federal. These forums trial and error gave me skills I have today…

Any contributions possibly if rare phenos found can do a preserve the line and independent lab tests through fundraisers.

Then possibly non profit and states funded.

Like to see where this could go very interesting.

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Lavender is linalool based no?

I grew some soapy weed (I know that ain’t everybody’s jam) but damn it was strong and quite nice.

Beta carophyllene is what I associate with black pepper and I find smoke with that terpene to be awesome. I can rip a bunch of it without getting majorly spaced out (and have zero anxiety).

Romulan was great when I could get the proper BC bidness. Would love to have seeds of that


linalool is lavender yeah.

I love my black pepper terps as well! :smiley:

I got a crazy The White X Romulan … which lead me to believe Romulan genetics has some solid Romulan. (Which is available at some banks if you’re looking for some Romulan)


I’ve seen a bit about them. Certainly piqued my interest!

I grew next generations purple Romulan as they were only doing crosses at the time. Very nice smoke… and I think they are the only one who have a link to Fed’s Romulan, which was the deal back in the 90s (as far as I knew).

May have to splurge on a pack from Romulan genetics.