Sologrow Garden

I kinda didn’t want to put up pictures because I was a little intimidated at first. This is where I want to be. Thanks OGEEZ.

Pictures came out all out of order. I will put descriptions in the following once I get the order correct.


will be sure to watch your grow :slight_smile:

all the best


  1. Valley Chem seedling no cotyledons but it’ll make it.
  2. Purple Crash fem seedlings very uniform. Please don’t herm babies
  3. lefthandseeds Black DominaxJungle Spice
  4. Constantly mulching wood chips and twigs for structure and leaves green and brown, etc. trying for that regeneration of the soil. You can literally see the garden “digest” what is put on top. Break it up a little with a pitchfork aeration.
    5&6)Vader OG which I got at a dispensary in Venice that was a small space on the second story with graffiti trees on the walls and I cannot remember the name. It’s pretty damn heat tolerant, but not as flavorful as I would like. Trying 6 cola mainline on one and lollipop the other.
  5. It reads 106 at noon.
  6. The hot corner with Valley Chem seedlings in front and an Autoflower fail in the middle.
    The rest of the space is for more lefthandseeds heat tolerant strains. Greenpoint strains! Liquid Swordz(MACxMendoBreath), almostdone gifted seeds (I call the Superunknown seed drop), room for the spearmint, tomatoes and chilies. I also have an 8x6 area for preservation runs in containers or making crosses to be semi enclosed when the temperatures come way down.
    Special thanks to my buddy Joboo who’s passionate like me and we became friends on the Greenpoint forum. We’re gonna help each other out and of course I plan to pay it forward and back here on OG. Thank you very much.

  1. Area for seed runs over winter.
  2. I started calling this cactus Old-Ron with affection, please don’t be offended.
  3. Excuse me sir, but there might be something wrong with your testicles.
  4. The Basil barometer. This is the plant that is my indicator. I use it like a canary in a a coal mine. It’s the first one to tell me to water again or use more nitrogen because it gets treated like the cannabis. I figure that if I can keep the basil alive through 110 degrees, the weed will make it through the summer.
  5. The garden soil has been amended with homemade biochar and broken terra-cotta in order to try and replicate the terra preta of the Amazon and Central America. Granular humic acids, pine straw and apple cider vinegar help with high pH it takes a long time to lower it, hence the containers for testing different mixes. The native soil is basically concrete and a few years of adding peat moss and busting it up and removing rocks has helped a lot. It was full of sweet peas and seasonal flowers over the winter that get “plowed” under. The tree shading everything is a Desert Lilac (vitex?) that really broke the ground up with amazing root growth. I can abuse the hell out of that tree’s roots in order to make room for plantings with no affect. The spearmint will really attract some of the leaf eaters first and let you know if they are content there or if you might need to do something. I have to just eat a certain amount so it stays abundant. Pests are usually at a minimum because of the heat and surrounding desert, then the cool nights shut them down around November. Thanks for watching.

This is great!
What interesting conditions you have to deal with!

This will be fascinating.



Hell yeah brotha lots of things to. I like that set up you got going on there

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For a rough comparison between the Holy Land and here during different months. Obviously varies from the coast to inland.
Garberville CA Humboldt County
June80° / 49°1 day rain 85% humidity
July89° / 52° 0 days rain 87% humidity
August89° / 51°1 day rain 88% humidity
September86° / 47* 0 days rain 87 % humidity
October75° / 44° 6 days rain 86% humidity
Tucson AZ approximate climate
September High 95 Low 69 Humidity 39%
October. High Temp: 86 °Low Temp: 59 °F Humidity: 34%
November High 75 Low 47 Humidity: 37%
December High 65 Low 45 Humidity 48%
Chances of frost and mold during flower are lowered because of the dry conditions.
I’m like the Serengeti here. Just have to make it through the drought and we’re alright. Of course less than 12hrs daylight means seed to flower which is cool with me.


A great looking set up and some beautiful plants. I am honored the cactus is Old-Ron…lol. My wife would agree…I am a sticky prick…lol


Can’t wait to see your Grow. Thank you For coming and sharing.

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He was not asked to sit there, but okay. That’s Cheeky and he’s my shadow. These are some rocks and petrified wood I found in the area. Thanks OGEEZ!


Damn thats a beautiful garden dude


Thank you so much. I’m not afraid to say I’m an emotional kinda dude and the nice words hit me right in the heart. OG has been good for me in ways I can’t explain. Sincerely :v:t3:&:heart:


For sure dude! OG is seriously the most chill and Friendly forum I’ve ever been on, definitely glD to call this place home :grinning: ever need someone to talk to just drop me a line.


Nice garden my dude! Looking great! Rockhounding is something I’ve always wanted to get into. Love finding old treasures.

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Nice collection. Seems Cheeky listens as well as my kids…lol We have a small collection of fossils. I find them so fascinating. We have antique furniture, rugs and paintings too. I enjoy old things and their history. My wife say it is because I was around when they were new…lol


Here are some of the things we have collected.


What kind of skulls are those buddy?


Alligator, coyote, and bob cat

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Alligator, Bobcat and Coyote

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