Sometimes you just get lucky!

As a chucker, I rely on luck most of the time when I cross-breed plants, but lady luck was really friendly to me with a recent cross that I made; Lebanese Landrace x Sweet Pure Auto CBD.

I love Lebanese because it grows so well outdoors in my typically scorching hot and dry climate, it finishes incredibly fast, and the cannabinoid balance is nearly perfect for me. The one thing it is lacking is terpenes.

I wanted to breed some terpenes into it, but I didn’t want to risk driving the THC too high or extend the flowering time. Hence, I chose Sweet Pure Auto CBD which is very high CBD, very low THC, autoflowering, and quite stinky. The mother (SPACBD) of the seeds was a 20:1 CBD phenotype.

I am growing 4 of these crosses right now (all females). 2 in my tent (12/12 from seed) and 2 outdoors. I do want plants that do well in either environment. They are all very vigorous, and very stinky (stinkier than mom). Much more Lebanese-like structure and leaf shape but the terpenes are incredible. The 2 small girls in my tent are the only plants in there right now and when I open my tent to water them, my entire basement reeks for about 30 minutes after. Outdoors, I can be sitting or working many yards away from the two girls and get an intoxicating hit of their smell randomly.

It’s probably too early to get excited, but I can’t help myself. If the cannabinoid balance is good for me, I may have created my perfect plant.

I’ll update this thread as things progress. Eventually I may take these to F2 and then select the inevitable autoflowering plants to breed into a separate line, or I may back-cross to both Leb and SPACBD (separately) just to see what pops up.


A picture is worth a thousand words (?):

These two miniature girls (1 gallon pots, for reference) can flood my entire basement with stank!

I should also note that the smell is not only more intense than the mother SPACBD, but considerably different. SPACBD smells sweet, fruity, citrusy when growing while these girls have an almost overwhelming skunky fuel overtone. There is Diesel in SPACBD’s lineage way back, but otherwise I don’t know where all this stank is coming from.


They look great Cogitech, I am happy for you, that you may have found a great combination for your medicine :+1: I hope it goes well in the testing for you.


Thanks @Shadey. I’m keeping them small via 12/12 for this test run. I have no idea what week they are on, but I’m at the point where I just sort of “know” when plants are done. I am guessing at least 4 more weeks. I’m really interested in seeing when the outdoor girls finish.


Nice job. Those look great.


nice cogitech glad your project came out so well.
I remember your initial lebanese breeding project thread from a year or two ago. Looks like this cross met pretty much all the goals you set for the project.

If you’d like to try a few other lebanese hybrids, I’d be happy to send a few of my Dank Sinatra (78 LA affy x 88g13hp) x Lebanese. Although I seem remember you are uniquely sensitive to potency?

This summer I am working on a general lebanese genetic expansion. I’ll be growing another generation of my leb IBL and reinvigorating it with more original lebanese import seeds from the same stock that started the line.
I will be BXing my Lebanese Sinatra to pure lebanese males. The Lebanese Sinatra BX to Leb might be a good fit for you. I’m finding awesome subtle terp profiles in these ranging from straight up glazed donuts, to wild herbs and champagne.


Looking great, congrats on your more than successful chucking experiment. Wish we already had smell over internet. :nose:


Indeed I am. 3-4% THC is about right for me, and if it is lower than that I don’t mind. I just smoke a bit more.


Nice work Cogitech…Your plants look great…!

Once you create your f2 beans you’ll be able to find that recessive Auto gene to stabilize…(1 in 4) or are you going the other way to identify true breeding photoperiod progeny since you live in an area where the photoperiod is likely to finish?


I’m probably going to do both, actually. For various reasons, it would be nice to have both auto and photo versions of this hybrid.

The only thing with F2s is that I will almost certainly see big variations in structure, cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. and I don’t have the experience or plant numbers available to do proper selections. I will just have to rely on Lady Luck again.

Back-crossing is also a very useful option. For example, I could take this cross to F2, isolate the autos, and then breed the auto progeny back to the original SPACBD. I could do similar with the Lebanese side.

Lots of options! :slight_smile:

Side note: There are some seeds obviously growing on the lower branches of one of the girls in my tent. The only possibility is that some residual Romulan pollen (from my last run) must have got on them. I’ll keep those seeds and grow them out, just for shits n’ giggles. Romulan x (Lebanese x SPACBD) could be a funky combination.


Yeah, nailing down the Autoflower recessive is going to be far more straight forward as it easy to identify when you have a homozygous Autoflower…they flower all by themselves. :slight_smile:

The other option is to backcross some of these f1’s you’ve created to one of your full blooded Lebanese and hope you’re terpenes are in these f1’s…By doing so you’ll be dramatically narrowing down the bug hunt as the Lebanese will have Homozygous (PP)…(100%)photo genes…Increasing the chances progeny also PP with no hidden recessive Auto genes…can be a fair amount of work as you need to breed out additional generations to be sure the Auto gene doesn’t reappear…Even by crossing with a Pure Lebanese parent, you still going to need two more generations to confirm your photo period search.


Yes, that’s exactly how I would back-cross on the Lebanese side. Since these are for personal use only, I won’t be too picky if there are some recessive auto alleles in the mix. These Lebs are “semi-auto” anyway.


Glad you got lucky with this chuck. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pretty decent calyx-to-leaf ratio on these, and they continue to stink up the house whenever I open the tent. Next time I will put them in bigger pots and let them veg a bit.

Looks like I will basically just need to trim the fan leaves on these and hang them up. Less trim jail time. I like that.


Wow that plant is starting to look seriously good man.


:slight_smile: I’m getting super-excited about this cross. Too bad it’ll be a couple of months before it’s ready for a smoke test.


Looking good bud!! I’m glad you found a strain that works and super cool you made the cross yourself!!


Harvested early-ish for (hopefully) maximum CBD:

My house absolutely fuggin’ REEKS right now!

This is the total trim from both plants. Basically just some fan leaves:


Still a couple of weeks away from a full cure, but I couldn’t wait any longer…

Ding ding ding! This cross is definitely low THC and high CBD! I just rolled up a decent joint of it - mixed about 50:50 with some extremely well-aged Escudo pipe tobacco. I smoked the entire joint.

Now with most weed, this would fuck me up to the point where I wouldn’t be here typing right now, and even just talking to my family or watching TV would bring on anxiety, high heart rate, etc. for at least 20 minutes. Nothing like that has happened. I’m relaxed and focused, and my shoulder hurts a lot less that it has lately, but I am not even close to “high”.

This is a huge win for me, folks. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is exactly what I have been searching for for. The fact that it is a cross that I made myself - something that will cost me nothing to keep growing, is amazing! I couldn’t be happier!


More good news - the two that I am growing outdoors started flowering about a week ago, so definitely early flowering plants that will easily finish here by around the first week of October - just like the Lebanese does. In comparison, my outdoor Romulan looks like it is still weeks away from pre-flowers.