"Son" Of BOG is a scammer

This scumbag trying to ride on the back of a legend like BOG? For profit no less? Are you fuckin’ serious dude? I shouldn’t be surprised when I see he was taking peoples money. See here’s the deal, I just found the account this weekend and I was super stoked to know BOG’s work would continue, I sent a long heartfelt message inquiring about Pat and giving condolences for their loss, I’m sure some of you did as well. Then I wake up to this news today? What a total piece of garbage. Let’s shut him down!

EDIT for clarification: he set up a website for seed sales. Yesterday his ig was all about BOG, shots of BOG’s gear and after backlash of him taking peoples money for BOG’s gear and not delivering his ig changes to the second picture. Dude is a scammer of the highest order. IMO.


guess I dont see what you do? whats wrong?


I should clarify. I will edit the op.

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Well, one: IG is stupid haha. Two: he’s being followed by plantmoreseeds. That’s Bodhi. I trust Bodhi’s judgement.

And three, this whole,”Let’s shut him down” mentality is one of the biggest problems of the internet. “Let’s all gang up on someone and shame them and ruin their life!” is bullshit. How about you just don’t order seeds from him? I still don’t even see what the problem is. What’s the problem with this guy? He’s not actually BOG’s son?


Dude seriously, he’s taking peoples money and NOT providing seeds. So, we ought to just let him go about doing that all the while ruining a name, a legend that literally came from Overgrow? I’m not at all about cancel culture either but this is fucked up to the highest level.


BTW this all just happened so I bet Bodhi doesn’t even know yet. Keep checking if you want to others in the industry are posting the same thing I just did with the same shut him down sentiment. If I’m wrong I will be the first to come back here and apologize.


I’m about “cancel culture” when it’s warranted. I have no problem with holding people accountable for the shitty things they do (or other people holding people accountable haha; I don’t have time for that). Having said that, is this dude not BOG’s son? How long has it been since you ordered the seeds? Are you sure they’re just not being held up at a post office somewhere?


I never once said I ordered seeds, I really wanted to, I wanted to support BOG’s family, but others have and have not gotten what they paid for. The website was up and active yesterday, I signed up with my email to get updates, today that is all gone including the name of his IG, just a placeholder website from Sparklight saying the domain is available.

I can’t say whether or not the person is actually BOG’s son or not, but what I do know for sure is that I inquired with Jim and Pat several times over the last year or two about purchasing Blue Kush seeds and each time they stated that they were sold out and did not have any current plans to reproduce that line. Blue Kush is in stock on the website listed. The seed game is seedy; always be cautious. Stay smart, stay safe. Positive vibes…



Couldn’t agree more on 3.

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Nuuuuuuugzzzzzz… Been a while, dude. How’s everything going?

Really what I think the whole moral of this story is: we need to quit buying seeds haha! I mean, yeah, I really don’t know anything about this. And thanks for bringing this to our attention, @riahgorf_1. But I mean, I feel like most of us know who we should be buying seeds from. It is definitely a shitty thing for this guy to be doing, trying to capitalize on BOG’s good name. But I don’t think I’d ever order seeds from some random dude on IG anyway. Or rather, I don’t think I wanna spend my time “putting this guy out of business.” Karma will take care of that.


I would hold out on anything listed as BOG until an official statement is pushed out from BOG’s kid or bussiness directly.


He has been exposed, water circling the drain!!! Don’t allow other’s corrupt mannerisms to cause you anxiety and ruin your day(s). I’m sure Pat/Jim have noticed or been informed what is occurring. @minitiger is right, it’s NOT a Fight worth fighting!!! SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :pray: :heart_eyes:


Shiiiiit, I almost always order direct from the breeder, BOG, MzJill, Subcool, Irie Genetics, Twisted Trees Autoflowers, Mark and more. Direct and often through IG or email because that is what they prefer to use, I don’t know why, but if you want deals it’s always best to go direct to the source instead of paying that middleman markup. Maybe since I have direct connections to guys like BOG and the rest is why this pisses me off as much as it does.

We can agree that Karma is a fickle bitch.


I posted this in another bog thread 3 days ago.

"I saw the instagram account @son_of_bushyoldgrower pop up today. It says its bogs son and is continuing on with his projects. I asked them a question about beans and immediately got blocked and no response.

Seemed sketchy. Itd be sad if someone is scamming using bogs name."

That website was sketchy af and he def baited people into buying beans off it before deleting the entire site.


That was on Wednesday. He had an rip dad post up and everything.


Yep. This. Exactly.

And just so everybody knows, the internet is filled with shady people haha!! I mean, seriously, if some dude pops up out of nowhere and says,”I’m BOG’s son, buy seeds from me,” after not having any sort of internet presence… it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out that that guy is full of shit.


The son of BOG is continuing the Cultivar line. I have ordered BOG seeds and received testers seeds 20 years ago from BOG.

Currently talking to site administrator. BOG jr.


guess we will see how it goes.

You should Ask him what the deal is with that Instagram profile.

Because that’s the same exact site that was called downeastdankdepot.com a few days ago and I got blocked for asking him about on IG. Very sketchy behavior.