Sour apple strain


i smoked like one nug out of a quarter ounce from a friend, was killer, if i could find a california dispensary that’ll sell me a clone for some breeding it’d be awesome, would love to hit it with some dc pollen

anyone with any info?


Some info about it here:

Don’t know where you can find it though.

edit: Alien Genetics had a bunch of crosses recently (Apple Jaxx, etc). TheSeedSource also was giving away what they called the Miami Rogue series of cross based on a sour apple father.


Sour diesel x Cinderella 99 is what makes up sour apple


DC as in Deep Chunk? Man I miss those girls, and the Cripple Creek. Pistil Positive offers Saucyballs I’ve seen somewhere, which is applesauce kush x monkeyballs (DC). Looked really nice.

We grow Sour Apple at work. It has a really nice smell. Doesn’t grow the best, and doesn’t test real high for THC, but a nice strain nonetheless.