Space Bound Genetics Thread

Yeah that was a different thread that was closed by admin.
This is me extending the olive branch and providing a space for growers to show off @DannyTerpintine ’s work in one thread. :green_heart:

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forgive the cynicism but didn’t I ask if you wanted to shake hands ands quash it, and you just said good bye?
…If you wanted to actually extend an olive branch, removing the post on your IG that says I’m a scammer would have been a good start :wink:


It’s just weird is all…

Danny is pretty solid in my book. Can’t speak to his gear as I have not had the chance to run any yet.

But he has put a chunk of time getting done group things together.

And he always seems to take the time to answer people’s Q’s. Even dumb ones.

And considering he has been accused of running a bunch of sock puppets he always seems to answer with the right one! (a joke @DannyTerpintine :wink: )


So you will continue to let your follows think I’m a scammer? But you want to extend an olive branch to me? Do you understand why I think that’s conflicting?

I do NOT SELL ANYTHING on this site for personal profit. Peroid. I’m not a sponsor.

@Northern_Loki please remove post above advertising my page.


It’s a giveaway not a sale

If you were genuine in you saying you wanted to help out, you would actually remove your scam post. I will not exchange money on this site.

excited to get my Eutierria! seems like a really good cross, always been intrigued by UBC Chemo.


You came here, made accusations “this guy IS a scammer”. Then found out that no he is exactly what and who he said he is.

I get it that you feel like a dumb jackass now that your call-out backfired but you are only digging a deeper hole.

The best way to bury the hatchet would to do as Danny asked you are remove your post, here and on IG calling Danny a scammer.

Danny already got a strike here cuz of people posting links to his site, which butt-hurt a paying sponsor. He is not an OG sponsor, thus can’t post anything involving $ for seeds here.

Or is this something personal between you two??


Well Said Sir


Man this high school drama bullshit never stops huh?

At least we’ll never get bored :joy:


Hey man, I though this was gone through on your last thread where @Northern_Loki asked you to take any additional questions to PM or flag the @moderators . His words were "Please reach out to Danny via PM if there are additional questions. I think it’s been sufficiently established who is who. If there are continuing issues or concerns, please tag or PM the moderation team.

Closed this thread."

Please take this to PM.


Already done. Seems this guy is well protected. I’ll scurry off :+1:t3:


Oh the seed shilling is abundant on Overgrow these days. Anybody can do what Danny does. And lots do it. They just don’t charge 130 bucks for the packs. Most give em out to their fellow growers. Anyone who pays 130 bucks for this dudes packs is dumb.


Hammer is warming up, let’s not repeat this game.