Spill ur' Beans

Hurry bro, it might take you months to walk all the way, and regulation comes next year… For what we know…


Hope it goes well! I’ll be watching closely. Been considering a move to CR quite a bit this year.


We are waiting for you and all the senyoritas too!


probably 100k+ not including the property (cant be where you live, can be separate facility on your property if its subdivided i think), and you have to fully build/secure the facility during application process before you know if you’re approved, so good idea to hire consultant to help w/ application to make sure everything is in order… max 2134sqf per license, and if you want to run perpetual w/ a veg and flower you’ll need cultivation and nursery licenses, would need 2 separate facilities/addresses … can have unlimited licenses per person but each needs it’s own facility/address, warehouses w/ separate addresses for delivery bays or strip malls would work good.




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I picked up some XJ-13 Crosses.

Word has it that The mother plant, XJ-13 is a cross of Jack Herer and G-13.

I got…

Kogi = XJ-13 x Santa Marta Colombian Gold and Sugar Kiss = XJ-13 x Deadhead OG

They sent me two 5-pack freebies…

Hearst Castle Kush = XJ-13 x Frisco OG and Zesty Banana = The Zest x Banana OG


Ok. Where am I going to?


Love me some ticas!!!


Picked up some of the new Ethos releases, some older exotic genetix that SHN had on sale, and an interesting cross from Annunaki genetics. I also got some fancy weed- black label and they came with a free “tester” pack of starfighter F3 from the same company.


depends on if you have property or not, equipment, how many licenses etc but i think maybe 50k-250k and 12-18 months maybe? you have to fully build the facility while waiting for approval so good to hire a lawyer to ensure full compliance etc


There was an LP rep in the local hydro shop last time I stopped by. They said 25K for their effort in licensing, and a lease on a warehouse, and they buy all the product… sounded like a scam to tell you the truth. Kinda like the “chicken grower” model. But apparently people, especially those on medical licenses currently, are signing up. Medical is gonna become an issue in the next year or two.


Sorry for the iffy formatting but heres my current list. Really going to try to do some big pheno hunts and get through a good chunk of these.

Strain Name Description

Blue Tara Bubbashine x snow lotus
Blueberry Snow Blueberry indica x snow lotus
Lemon Penetration Lemon diesel x snow lotus
*** Axis x snow lotus
Snow leopard Tigermelon x snow lotus
*** Legend og x snow lotus
Goji og :seedling:-1/2 pk Nepali og x snow lotus
Roadkill Unicorn Purple unicorn x snow lotus
Snow temple Temple x snow lotus
Purple Lotus Urkle x snow lotus
Snow lotus mega mix Various x snow lotus
Love traingle TK x snow lotus
Tranquil elephantizer remix💎 88g13hp x snow lotus
Bobas Stash LA Affie x snow lotus
*** A13 gorilla arm x snow lotus
Head trip Choco trip x snow lotus
Ancient og Iran x snow lotus
Satsuma Cali-o x snow lotus
Blockhead bx Blockhead x snow lotus
Mothers milk Nepali og x snow lotus
Green Lotus Green crack x snow lotus

Tranquil elephantizer Snow lotus x 88g13hp
Secret chief SFV OG X 88g13hp
Dank Sinatra LA affie x 88g13hp
Godhead Blockhead x 88g13hp
Mango hashplant Mango biche x 88g13hp
Nibiru f2 * Sensi star x 88g13hp
*** Bubbashine x 88g13hp

Angels milk LA affie x appalachia
Blueberry hill DJs blueberry x appalachia
Blueberry mountain Blueberry indica x appalachia
Cherry mountain Cherry oie x appalachia
Golden triangke TK x appalachia
Tiger mountain Tigermelon x appalachia
*** Blowfish x appalachia
Dream Beaver Dirty hippy x appalachia
Fantasy Island Urkle x appalachia
Pagoda A11g f2 x appalachia
*** TTNL#6 x appalachia
Mountain temple Temple x appalachia
Tigers milk Bubba kush x appalachia
Lucky Charms The white x appalachia
Yo mama Afgooey x appalachia
*** XJ13 x appalachia
Blood orange Cali-o x appalachia

Sunshine daydream Bubbashine x appalachia
Orange sunshine Cali-o x SSDD
Elf snack Apollo 13 x SSDD
Sunshine 4 Chem 4 x SSDD
Barefoot Dr Harlequin x SSDD

LA wookie LA affie x wookie
Space monkey GG4 x wookie
*** Afgooey x wookie
Sakura Bubba katsu x wookie

Harlequin bx f2 * Harlequin x appalachia
Cali-yo Cali-o x yo mama
NL#5 BCSC open pollination
Old school hindu LA hindu x 80s hindu
Chocolate trip f2 Choco trip x choco trip
*** GG4 x Apollo 11
Gooey meds Afgooey x good medicine
Apollo 11 genius f3 A11 x A11
Flying Tiger Tigermelon x Apollo 11
South african ciskei Landrace
*** RM nigerian x afghani f2
Skunk 91🌱 Chem 91JB x RKS
Dragons Blood Hashplant Hawaiian Sativa x 88g13hp
Dread Bread Mango biche x omg
*** Mango biche x durban
*** SoCal MK x Uzbeki
*** Bubbashine x kashmir

Black triangle x wookie Testers
Ortega x snow lotus🌱 Testers

Breeder Strain name
Omuerta genetics Thousand oaks
Mosca seeds C99bx
Reserva Prada Confidential Cheese
Alaskan Cannabis Cache 86RKS
Alaskan Thunder Fuck
Dutch Passion Durban Poison
Utopia Farms Holy Banana
MaryJanes Handcrafted Wines Gorilla Grapes
Dungeon Vault Genetics Humble Pie
Docs Dank Triple Doja Dog
Pistil Positive Creations Fofana
Big Worm Double Purple Dojo
Blackberry dojo
97 blue moonshine x purple NL
Green Point Copper Chem
Tony Greens Tortured Beans Gorilla Bubble bx3
Pua Mana The blood bx1
TGA Cherrygasm
Hazeman Rocky mountain high
Triple XXX
Chocolate thai

Bad Dawg BK30 x LBL
Deadhead x 3 headed dragon
Deadhead x LBL
White skunk x LBL
Starfighter f2 x LBL
Dynasty Oregon Huckleberry
DNA Citrus Sap
Green Merchant Caribbean Cruise
BC Bud Depot Fire og bx3
Platinum Cookies
Sin City Seeds Cancers nightmare
Barefrog ASAD Kashmir
Chocolate thai
Jordan of the Islands Blueberry muffins
Gods Green Crack (extractor edition)

Greenlife seeds Silver hawks

Bandit brand Debo’z skunk

Starburst cookies
Purple Space Cookies
Purple Chitral Kush
Pakistani Peshwar
The Future
Cali-o skunk
Lemon Skunk
Pie Face bx1
Pieface x banana cookies
Maui wowie x banan og
White romulan x shackzilla
White romulan x blue dream
White romulan
Critical hog
Thai x white widow
Cali-o x NYCD
WIFI BC OG X granddaddy oink
Dragons blood
White widow x dragons blood
Blood orange


Hola Craigson 15

Really nice list

I like list

good gems in there



Some of the newest additions


Black Friday stuff from SHN. The little exotic pack is fruitopia, a freebie for being one of the first hundred to order a pack of exotic genetix that day.


Damn that lsp tho…


I had some other crosses of pink lemonade as freebies from annunaki but gave them away lol


Deecee00 is on a temporary hiatus until 12/25. More info, https://overgrow.com/t/do-not-ask-for-free-seeds-in-pm/11368/210


Great Lakes Genetic delivered