Still alive.. and carpal tunnel

still around… have not been on in some times… one… for years I’ve been asking and wanting to hire someone to help clear the pasture… for 5 years… nothing… so I went and put a circular saw blade on a weedeater and am doing it myself… whats not good… is I have severe carpal tunnel… i should not be doing that lol… i had my first therapy yesterday… trying to avoid surgerysleep is hard as there is pain during the day tho it seems to go away… tho I have huge numbness issues and its gardening season… i haven’t even been messing with any of my games online. lol


If you have to do it yourself I’d suggest you look at a splint (may or may not help).
Also, investigate anti-inflammatories.
I’d suggest Tumeric capsules and CBD full spectrum extract.



Cock up braces help my wife and myself a lot and kept us from having surgery multiple times. They are available at any drug store. I use cold and heat to help as well good luck :+1::sunglasses::peace_symbol:


That’s the CT/tendinitis culprit, especially online I believe it was 10-12 hrs of EverQuest and PSO that’s triggered it for me. I honestly wish I never got into playing online. Would’ve avoided the condition if I just played single player offline, then group etiquette to get in one fast when signing on. I feel for you @BeeLady. I’ve found Celebrex helps with stiff joints too


Look for ones that contain piperine as well if you try them


I understand at least I think at least a little :sweat: it’s laugh or cry :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

As far as the saw blade on the weedeater… I just finished diagnosing a dead weed-eater that I’d used with a brush cutting blade, dedicated use, for about a year. dozens of hours on a 2nd hand Stihl.

Long story, short: it will kill the wacker-- it’s just too much for them. So I will still use but only when nothing else will do the job.

I can no longer swing a machete to clear my jungle so I got a gas-powered hedge trimmer because it won’t wear out like me, and the teeth can be sharpened. Swinging the weedwacker up sideways is just a PITA.

Not sure how much area & where & all of that… but since your profile says something like 2 feet south of Canada, right hand side looking north, I’d say try a craigslist ad for a labor “gig” or search it for people already doing clearing type work. As always, beware of scammers & nutjobs looking for bee-ladies. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you worsen the only hands you have left :thinking: then shit creek will get deeper, so … maybe hire it out?



Nice to hear from you again and sorry to learn of your pain.

I can relate to the agony of aggravating carpal tunnel with the wrong activity. Years ago I had a job in a sediment lab for awhile where I spent day after day with a mortar and pestle pounding hard sediments into dust to prepare them for the chromatograph. By the end of it my right hand was a crumpled claw and my whole arm was useless. The doc gave me cortisone and after a few weeks it relaxed. Gone but not forgotten and it still flares up from time to time.

Hope you get better and can avoid the surgery!

PS, Goats are really good at clearing pastures…


true that lol… no this is a high torque weedeater I bought new just for this job… if it dies… so be it. lol but only allowed to once I’m done… hiring people… is a hard thing tho I might have someone to help put the cut brush into piles…


Not fun stuff, I had really bad carpal issues after a head on car crash I was in. Ended up having to get my carpal nerve cut in my right arm. Got a screw in my scaphoid bone and a ligament that got torn and healed wrong because the dr missed it somehow when they went in with their camera. The test they do is damn near torture.


well i go see the hand doc on the 19. lets hope its a easy fix


Hope it works out for you.

Hands are handy :sweat_smile:


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update… had carple surgery on the right hand… . not sure if it fixed it… but to soon to tell… at end of sept ill have it done on the left hand and also my elbow has to have the nerve moved… so not sure how long before I can get on the computer from that… lol