Strain hunter Franco Loja dies at 42 RIP

Franco Loja, died yesterday January 2nd, 2017 in exceptionally young age (42). The reason for his death is unknown so far. He was a partner of Arjan Roskam in the Strain Hunters project (Green House Seeds). Franco was the head breeder for the company and accompanied Arjan travelling across the globe searching for cannabis communities and landraces.

Rest in Peace Franco… :cross:


R.I.P Franco :us:

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GHS could really tighten their strains up a bit, but this is sad, and I really liked Strain Hunters.

Requiescat in Pace.

That is very sad… Franco was nice guy. I’ve met him two months ago and he looked like aged really fast :frowning: But still very lively man… We’ll see what is the reason, but he was very young… :fearful:

Yeah, I must agree that GHS strains were not my preference… I haven’t heard any positive reviews of their seeds in years.


Big loss for the community IMHO there is currently no other person doing the same work he was doing. I wonder whos gonna fill the void :confused:

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fuck man. rest in peace franco!! you are a legend.

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Ohh, I’m very saddened… Could this been prevented?

On his last trip to Africa he contracted Cerebral Malaria and passed away quietly after a short but severe illness.

Is it really so common to catch malaria in these days? I’ve always thought that currently available anti-malarial preventive pharmaceutics are 100% sure and can protect tourists from this disease… Can somebody enlighten me?

In the Congo, I imagine it is. Kinda like how Sierra Leone was the AIDS/corruption/famine/poverty/warlord/boy soldier capitol of the world for a while. He wasn’t there as a tourist, but as a martyr.

Jamaican Expedición!!! I knowed just married couples travelin to the Island to Honeymoon who have seen more n better varietés than the GH “expedición”… Thats the reason cos ya cant buy any Jamaican landraces by GH… But ya can buy Jamaicana Blue Montain or DoubleJam (Blue Montains x Lambsbread) from Spanish , French or USA/Canadian companies as CannaBioGen, Underground Seeds Collective, Tropical Seeeds Co, etc…
N the same whith Mexican, Colombian, Panamá, Trinidad n Tobago, San Vicente n Granadinas, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Spanish Ecuatorial Guinea, Reunion, Mauritius, Senegal, South África, Leshoto, or Malawi landraces… Look for it in GH catalogue, je,je…
All ya can see the CannaBioGen trips arround the World if ya have interested in kwow how professionals works… N without contaminated all landraces arround World with skunky/indica holland genes…

But not only talkin bout Jamaica… I would show ya other Caribbean, HispanicAmerica, África or Asiatic landraces recoleted by people i know who travelled arround World n continúes working whith these recolected landraces…Can we seen the same from GH?

He contracted an anti-biotic resistant strain, the deadliest of them all,basically within hours of being biten he was in a coma… you are never guaranteed with malaria .

I had the chance to meet and chat with Franco several times… he was a great guy doing great work. He was actually in the congo looking for a specific strain for medicinal oil unclear excatly what it was suppose to do but he thought it was worth while. Last time I talked to him in person almost a year ago he mentioned finding sativa’s in the congo with high levels of THCv Perhaps this is what he was after… .

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I got cerebral malaria myself in 2014 while in Cameroon close to Congo borders… got a 5 days coma , then I woke up on Xmas day… Luckily without too many consequences…
Rip Franco.

A new malaria vacune, if same day ya must return to África, @Dee.S73 .

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Thanks for the info Mig. But "not risking my life for a job anymore " is one of the reasons for wich I’m now living “en una isla encantadora” in Spain… :slight_smile:
No more malaria risks for me in the future… :wink:

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An Spanish European or Spanish African Island? Welcome home, @Dee.S73 !

…spanish african…
gracias MiG :slight_smile:

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I have a lot of growers&breaders friends close to you… Cant ya grows outdoors?

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Btw n talkin bout GreenHouse… Arjan n Franco allways said the biggest cannabis plant they never seen was a 6/7 metres high Timanfaya Haze in one of these Spanish African Islands…Enjoy!

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