Testers: Soloberry #2 and #3

Here’s one of the SB #3. Yeah they are hard to get started…but looks good so far.image|375x500


Here’s one of my Soloberry #2 (the bigger of the two). It looks to be covered with pests and whatnot, which I have no experience with as I’ve never had an issue before, but no worries as I plan to throw these out anyway. I have no use for them right now. I must say even though these are only in solo cups they are some thirsty fuckers.


Funny they r solo berries and we both got them in solo cups… bummer I wanna see what the flowers look like. Why arnt you gunna grow it out?

i don’t have a set up going right now, and when i do i have other stuff to do (pollen chucking). I have some purple unicorn F5s so first thing to do is make some F6s


i just took a couple of the lower fan leaves off and now my fingers smell so good.


Looks like thrips possibly. I’ve you’ve never dealt with them, better make sure they’re wiped out before growing anything else. Spinosad will be your friend.

A couple of us are running the PU F5 over here:
Purple Unicorn


yeah it does look like thrips from the pictures i compared it with. so, all i need to do is get the right spray (found the spinosad on amazon) and do a thorough cleaning of everything (walls and everything in contact with the small area i have a t5 on)? can they transfer a distance onto carpet or anything like that?

I agree with @schmarmpit looks like thrip damage. I second spinosad to get rid of them. I had to do two applications, but was able to get rid of them.


I just had thrips for the first time on my last grow. I don’t know how I avoided them for near 15 years. Luckily they are fairly easy to control. Any time in veg, right before lights go out, spray all plants liberally top and bottom of leaves and also water them with the spinosad water. May need to repeat application in a couple weeks, just like the bottle says. Then also clean your grow room real well, vacuum and bleach/water wipe down.

They can hang around a LONG time if you’re not diligent. Even now, months after I thought I wiped them out I see a stray flying around once and a while. Now I spray spinosad as part of my IPM in veg. I try not to spray anything in flower so go heavy while vegging so you don’t need to in flower.



Found a sb3 male this morning… :dagger:



Looks like I should have at least 2 Soloberry3 girls. The leaf curl is from being cramped in a small tent with too many others.


Well…I fucked up and posted pollen availability…my inbox is now flooded… @anonymous4289 how many people hit you up in the first 48 hours? I have 6 people who joined less than 15 hours ago, begging for pollen…wtf?!


i’m not really sure, but this thread got extremely popular at first while people were waiting for seeds, constant activity to look through. i had 26 testers sign up, mostly toward the beginning i would say.

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Checked on them this afternoon when lights came on in room and saw all 3 of the sb3’s had popped and tails and the sb2’s have cracked but didn’t see any tails yet. Either way I’m stoked! Gotta prep my dome once I’m home and then getting them In dirt.


I’m number 420! Yeah man!



i’ll flag your comment and have it removed so i can respond and hit 420, lol.


I will be sad… jk. I just wanted to say that these beans are hard to get started. I got most of them to pop. Like all 4 packs and I have like 6 still alive. Man I popped a couple more sb#2 so I would for sure have a mama and they both died. The stems just get soggy and start to rot. I am excited to see what the sb#3 has in store for us! Mine are growing quickly now.

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maybe try a new method? i personally do the paper towel method, and once they have about 1/4 in or more i put them into a solo cup with dry soil and then just water over them and try to keep it at a certain amount of moisture.


I was looking at those tissue culture cups and I saw the 419! Lol I want to try tissue culture soon. I think it’s so cool to be able to keep a bunch of little mother plants in a box!


Sb#3 sausage party.

The others still hanging on but not thriving, not even roots to the bottom of the starter cube still.