The Real Seed Company

This is how it went. No response from the Company about 30% germination rates. They even went so far as removing a tweet to tell the company about low germination rates. As one last shot I signed up for Instagram posted there and I IMed them they blocked me and didn’t respond. Horrible customer service be warned


Thanks for the heads up. Bad customer service should ruin a company. Pretty lame they can just remove your comments. Leave them a review on Google. :grin:


Hell, I had an issue with some seeds from, emailed them and they have more seeds on the way. They offered, I didn’t even ask!


I am sure you will use them again and recommend them rather than talking shit about them on the internet. To be clear I asked for nothing but a response guess that is to much too ask.


I will recomend on customer service alone. I love how you can buy singles of everything they offer, and customer service is top notch. I had 5/7 of my stealth fighter germinate and, the ones that didn’t show webbing from the get go, all hermied on me. Basically I sent an email saying hey this is what happened, and they offered to send me a replacement set. I’ll run them again, you never know if it was just a fluke, and I like to give the benefit of the doubt.


Good move.
Too much shit goes on these days that goes on unchallenged.
I pretty much speak my mind when I’m abused like that and still have all my teeth and no ventilation.


Email image removed.

@Namkha, looking at your email address… are you representative for the company?

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Hello @Namkha, I’ve removed the image of the private email you’d posted. It’s generally frowned upon to post private messages onto the public forum.

But, feel free to join the conversation.


Those images the mods removed are the screenshots of the conversation where I offered replacement seeds back on Feb 28th

This thread was started by a troll

Same troll has been all over our Instragram and Twitter too

Other than that I have no plans to continue using the account.



I removed the troll’s email handle and name

The reason for providing the screenshot was so that anyone using this thread can read the conversation and see this character is just a troll


Understood. Please provide your rebuttal and detail but please try to keep it polite … even if angry.

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Regarding the White Widow, I retested those after your email and got 100% germination

As you say, we sent out replacements anyway regardless

I’m not sure what the issue is with the OP, but I’d appreciate it if the Mods allowed me to post the email exhange with the name and email redacted, given this thread is obviously intended to harm THe Real Seed Company’s reputation


Not angry at all, just stating the facts!

So can I post screenshots of the email exchange?



Negative. Describe the interaction and your response, that will be sufficient. Thanks.



What I have here is screenshots of the email exchange with the troll

Evidence that proves this is a malicious thread

I suggest mods take the thread down, given you have been able to read the email exchange, unlike other readers

The troll is using the same name in the email as he does on the Twitter and IG handles he’s been spamming our pages with

I replied to his first email within 24 hours offering replacements

Then when he opened these threads and started deliberately spreading lies

So I deleted his comments and bumped the email, reminding him

His reponse has been to open more threads, continuing to lie

Anybody who genuinely wants the truth of this situation is welcome to get in touch as I have the entire conversation on record

In fairness, stuff like this is why everything has moved to places like Instagram, which are at least less toxic


I wasn’t talking about the real seed company. I was talking about , which is its own seedbank and seed company



Well, rather than take the lies from the OP at face value, you can read the start of the email exchange here:

He started another thread there:

I’ve been able to post the truth there

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Well look at that I got a response to this email. (Removed private mail) that I told you what I was doing. First response ever.

Mods, you’re now knowingly allowing this troll to post lies

You’ve removed the screenshots

And you’re removing the links to where I’ve posted them

This isn’t a great look for you