PsillyRabbit starts off 24'

Pull up a seat and let the chaos begin. I am excited to share my first summer with OG!
22’ this is a long thread but i go through process of how to chase vigor from seed the entire time. I would almost call it a guide on how to grow trees. Just not put together well and blurples…( Biggest MJ i have ever seen documented in NY- Please prove me wrong. )
23’ is just fun…

Zone 7B*, plans involve using an unheated outdoor pop-up “greenhouse”. If temps are gonna gip into mid 30s i will lug everything in but low 40s girls are on their own. I’ll give em an extra sheet of plastic.
I always have a plan. This year im just winging it. I think I want to keep it to 3 plants in the ground but if i feel safe might push it up to six. I try to avoid my neighbors house’s when taking photos but its damn near impossible this causes some of my angles to appear a bit “artsy”.

I like to cheat. I like to use all my tools. Equal in importents to harvest- i like to have aesthetically pleasing yard.

By cheat I mean provide something that nature cannot provide. Supplemental lighting. I need to at least match what they are getting right now. I run a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening until the summer solstice.
There is so much light pollution from my neighbors that e shadow puppets can be made at any time of night.
In some sort of weird bro science way I think giving the plants this set pattern of light and then abruptly ending it. Helps to alleviate stress from light pollution when im not extending daylight hours any longer into flower. (again thats just some weird bro science)
Usually i will add supplemental lighting toward fall during daylight hours because cloud cover is so heavy.

Generally in the past i would have said plants started may or June can yield just as well. In my limited time planting in the ground I found there is a difference between planting old mothers with slow metabolism and planting large plants that have been chasing vigor for 150 days. (although photos can almost always “reinvigorate”

This year my plants are somewhere in the middle of those two scenarios. The two big girls need terrible hair cuts

I have another re-vegged clone from my winter grow but that strain needed 13 weeks and i’m kinda afraid to push it. The weather for the last two harvest season was warm but im not sure i want to bank on a hat trick.

I am obsessed with plants and many of the photos here will not be weed.
please enjoy my passion- Check out my separate seed adventures here

Freakshow is 65 days old and was my first OG trade shoutout to @Pawsfodocaws

1987 (Ft. Collins Cough x SSSDH) x (Kali Mist x SSSDH) @ Purple City Genetics was obtained from from California Street Cannabis Company in San Francisco. Gratuitously made its way to NY from our dear friends @ICMAG she is 100 days today

Pulled this muskrat out of the water last year and obviously the photo shoot was for her.


Thanks for that shout out my psily friend! Beautiful plant!


oh yeah. i have a broken camera lens on my phone… I do what i can but man the bottom left flare ups and blurs are hard to beat.

Thank you for sharing the experience. Ill get some better shots above was just to show the size and habit. They look a bit weird cause they are getting turned 180 degrees every- to every other day.
i have a tent big enough to stand these ladies up right but they are getting " light trained" for another week or so.


Of course man, wicked good trade. :+1:


I only have two beds. This thread will help me figure out wtf i am doing this year. I have to grow veggies too.I have never shared main bed one but i think the Freakshow is going in there this year snug next to that sumac. But i also am thinking about planting it on the left side of bed two to make an archway over to bed one with it.
Bed One

Bed Two ( if I plant too close to the peach on the right the plant will get PM)


Been a fan of the way you work it. Eager to learn from how you do. Will trade peaches for compost. Always see folks growing freaks but haven’t read much on the smoke.


i have not read much positive on the smoke but i have read a few less then ideal reviews. I think we are looking at 16-20% thc ( my guess)
I have also read reports of some phenos taking 16 weeks. I have 13-14 max on temp but its all in the air when it comes to snow or hurricane.

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Oh, time is no issue over here. I’m about to pop some 26week lambsbread. But super curious what you think of the smoke after you grow it out. Oh yeah, weather events. I suppose that’s much more of an issue for you coastal growers… and I thought seasons were enough of a headache


at least we dont have earthquakes, or tornadoes, cept that one time’
-late November.

This is a temp chart for a normal April day in the “green house” if i forget to open the door before work.

I was hoping to avoid giving them 18 hours of light and just doing a dark interruption for an hour or so in the middle of the night but i am afraid i will just stress them or go cause them to go threw “the dance” that I am trying to avoid anyway.
Anyone use lights at night and wanna weigh in on that ?


Totally cool
Cat is a super star.

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Tomorrow will be the day these ladies go outside. I’ll put heat mats on their feet on a timer for night.
I hope the rest of my north east peeps heave comparable weather soon! Ill take a few Pics in the AM.

I have decided to merge the freakshow right into my Black lace elderberry/ sumac combo.
Certainly not recommended if i only cared about yield but its gonna look so fuckin cool. Yellow/purple/green all merged into one canopy
Pretty much in between the stakes is in this picture.

.-- morning, 70s here today. Let the acclimation begin.


That is a cozy little garden, I would do whatever it takes to make a summer house there :slight_smile:


If i wasn’t a dink it wouldn’t be possible. :laughing: I’m not dying on the inside a little bit at all :no_mouth:
Any opinions on night cycle interruption? I am running the light from 6-8:30 than an hour 3-4 AM. I feel like that is less of a disturbance to the community than running the girls up until 12 and then on again at 4. I am trying to avoid the lights on when people are going to bed. 6 houses can see into my yard.
When it comes down to it i really dont give a fuck and i want to keep the girls from doing the dance.
Anyone think this will cuase them to herm out ?

first night out camping with some autos for company. Wish me luck


Two nights out at 44F. They give zero fucks. When im home from work I move them around to varying amounts of sunlight but It’s been cloudy and raining so they have just been chillen in the tent. Both are due for a major sculpting but figured i would do that after they acclimate.

We had our 19th earthquake the day after i posted that. Some Truman show shit


I saw you post with a l link or something for mushroom spores but can’t find it now. Can you
let me know what it was. Thanks and happy 420.

Sporeworks is legit for spores.I dunno if they are still selling Columbian Rust Spore but I gave them the original sample.


Psyched to be a watcher on this most excellent endeavor :deciduous_tree: :rabbit: :deciduous_tree:

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40F tonight. I can bring em in right now buttt i would rather take a shower. Am i crazy? they are in fabric pots on heat mats.

I wanted to snap some shots before the first major trim but that didnt end up happening. Made like 50 clones today.

tOnight is a full moon. The next one we will be in the ground.
Tonight is also predicted to 38F. I am confident these ladies Can take it. But why do that to them… i have off today i will bring them in. Then can enjoy an indoor tent for the next two night.
That is the last coddling i will do.


Girls have been inside for two nights under blurples with a few dozen clones and autos.
Its 44F in the popup “greenhouse” right now.
Just went outside to smoke a joint and figured since the green house was empty I would put myself in the plants-shoes-
Put the the light on sat underneath. Took my shoes off and put my feet on the heat mats
Not too shabby. My morning joint coupled with a cup of joe makes me wanna go. go, go go. But sitting there made this rabbit super comfy.

How fuckin creepy is this guy

I brought miss freakshow over to okay the planting spot the other day Good neighbors and great sun all day made the decision easy.

bog garden is waking up