Titles are Hard

I’ve got so many questions I don’t even know how to make them into sentences anymore, so I’ll just start posting my results as I go here, and if anyone sees something they can let me know! My build is not necessarily permanent so I’m mostly focusing on the plants. But for what it’s worth everything is in a 3x3x6 tent with a 600w HPS.

I kind of have a chaotic mess of my own making; I have plants that are 5, 3, and 1 week old. Not sure WHY I did this exactly, but it is what it is. First up are two BP x Sk1 x Pineapple Thai (I’m not entirely sure, from @Instg8ter I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

They had a rough germination, but are doing ok despite that, I had them in 24hr light for two weeks before deciding on 18/6. They were up potted into 1 gal fabric pots this weekend and seem happy.

Then there are the others… again, weirdness. They are all Poison Mimosa (gifted by @Vagabond_Windy, I’ll list them in two groups but more on that later. Group one is about 3 weeks old and has been a peach. Up potted this weekend as well.

Group two is just a week old, with the exception of the one with leaves. This one took nearly 3 weeks to open the seed leaves, and that was with help (volunteer caretaker, not me)

A couple things to keep in mind, this has to stay relatively legal in Illinois. No more than 5 plants over 5 inches… which begs the question now, if I can grow 4 plants per run (just the one tent start to finish) why did I germinate 8? Well I’m not usually that lucky. So I need to keep them small for a while, and they may get kicked out of the tent. I do have a 80w 4’ fluorescent fixture I can give them light with but they’ll have to contend with open air.

Also, I try to keep everything relatively simple. I worry less, and I leave shit alone more, it’s a win win. So I am water only currently- I do have some compost tea brewing that’ll be added into the rotation soon… speaking of watering, I have no feel for it. I can tell they are wet or dry on top, but short of digging my finger around the edge to feel how dry it is, I can’t tell when the soil is properly saturated. I’m sure I’m just missing some obvious thing… I misted the seedlings and they dried FAST. So for my 1 gal pots I currently give 250ml of water daily, and plan to just continue until I notice they dry out more or less than before. Seriously considering Autopots but out of my budget- trying to figure a clean way to diy it but I don’t know.

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You should water less according to the size of the plant, not the pot. Better in circles a little distant from the stem to increase horizontal root grow. If you have another pot you can fill it with soil and being dry compare the weight with the others, They’re looking great so far … beer3|nullxnull


Always feel the weight of the pot. Easier on learning to water.


Today I dug a finger in the soil, moist as far as I could reach, so I left them be for today, hoping I didn’t drown them. But looking healthy still!


Looking good man. Those Poison Mimosas are winners. I agree with the posts above, little less water. Otherwise you’re doing well so far


Less water indeed! Left them 2 days, and they just started looking a bit dry.

My word are these Poison Mimosas going!


No time for closeups this week, but here’s a group shot. Blue are the first ones planted, they are growing. Not bad, not great, just easy down the middle, not too stretch, which is odd because when they sprouted they shot way up, bad light distance at the time though. They did get a test feeding of compost tea, which results were not noticeable (except where the leaves burned because I didn’t get enough air flow. Should’ve checked before lights came back on) but I’ve not been wanting to bother with the tea these last few days. I think they’ll likely get a weekly top dressing instead.

Green are the oldest Poison Mimosa, still quite vigorous. Red is the runt of that group, and is consistently slightly ahead of the youngest three but I’m noticing asymmetric growth. Probably needs a closer look here soon.

Yellow are the younger Poison Mimosa, not quite as vigorous as the earlier group. Still looking good though, no concerns.

PS: don’t mind the catnip germinating there, it’s probably dead and on its way out.


I wonder how much catnip one could make in a tent with a hps :thinking:


Well apparently none for me, lol. But yeah… the plan was to keep them in those 2-1/2” pots. Take one out and keep it in the window, cats will nibble at it, if it dies I have 5 more!

Nope. Grows much better on the front step, although that was a transplant not from seed.


Hard to find time for the plants this week, so they got to go a little dry, I’ve definitely stopped over watering them. 2-3days between waterings now is where they seems to be happy. I haven’t bothered labeling at those point, if you aren’t sure what it is it’s probably Poison Mimosa, except the bushier, wider leaf two. The cat nip surprisingly, I think I got 4/6 germinated- I figured it was dead days ago. It may disappear over time as the tent fills.

I have 8 going, normally I need to keep it under 5, but this was unexpectedly 100% germination. We’ll see how they turn out, hopefully I’ll be keeping all 8, 6 poison mimosa, spaced out about 2 weeks from each set of 3. Plus the two (fuck it, I’m referring to them at the Pineapple Thais) big be separated out and spend a lot time in veg, potentially just in open air.

I intend to do a perpetual 6plant/2week grow, so I have mostly scrapped thoughts of scrog, but since I have all these going at the same time maybe I want to use it on the one still.

Grandparents have a ton of trellises- if anything here looks useable I can likely have it. I know, metal will potentially damage the plant, I’m considering two alternatives; just buying a net, or buy a small cage and tying paracord core wherever to suit my training needs. I figured this would be better than a single dowel up the middle?

…pipe dream? Can I scrog inside of a cage- so that actually a perpetual scrog will work, being able to move the plants still?


Plus- any ideas on this phenomenon? Lights off 0000-0700 so this was all in the dark. Setup has a fan with a humidifier on low at the intake, as well as a heat to warm it a bit. Between that and venting my light hood better, temps are looking more normal day/night, much less temp drop.

But the cycling humidity at that kind of range? That’s weird to me.


Weird. Could be the dehumidifier clicking on and off as it does its work. Whats it set to?

Also do you keep your exhaust fan running 24/7?


So yes to both, the dehumidifier in the basement is set to 60%. I just hadn’t made the connection (hey, it’s early still). Hm, I wonder why it’s such an issue, the fan speed is on low and it also is 20ft away. That doesn’t seems likely the cause to me then, but it does clearly drop at 60%+or-0.5%.

Currently exhaust is 24/7 until I can get some more controllers involved. Only the light timer atm, but working on it.


Well the plants tend to ‘sweat’ at night so it could be that increasing humidity, your basement might sweat as well from external temp differences or something.


That makes sense, cold ground warm(ish) basement that’s known to take on water when it rains. Maybe. Interesting either way, thanks for the info man, I’ll just ignore them as noise in my data.


Looking nice so far
Fresh little seedlings ready to take on the world


Well if you ever find yourself without any plants in there you can leave the dehumidifier where it is and take some readings for a baseline.


That’s actually a good idea… better than mine anyways. I left the hydrometer in the basement in open air for a baseline. Yet another reason I want to build some monitoring gear! Will be adding sensors outside the tent to record changes outside the tent.


The humidity spikes coincide with temperature increases…
Looks like a 2 min. width on the spike (usually one data point).
Like a slug of moist air is hitting the sensor. The sharpness (Q) of the spike suggests that there is little if any mixing so it must be close to the RH sensor.

As Arte Johnson used to say… Very interesting… :laughing:



Well, for the very curious minded here’s a little more info.

So that’s lights on at 0700… then it spits out a nice little trio of spikes (10 degrees of course)

I’m about ready to go down there and watch the tent. Maybe a mouse is blowing into my meter every so often, lmao.