Toker's Glamour Shots and information

This will be where I’ll review what I have grown. A work in progress.

Good, bad or ugly.

Strain: Valley Ghash

Breeder: Motarebel

Lineage: Longbottom Leaf x 88G13HP

Flower Time: 9 weeks

Have been growing this for about 2 years now. When it comes to potency it is my number 1. It’s a fairly easy grower. Clones and reveg’s well. I run it 9 weeks on the money with about 20% amber.

I can smoke this all day every day for months and it still works, every time. It’s not very flavorful, and a bit harsh with a peppery aftertaste. Big hits will leave the unexpected in brutal fits of coughing. It’s a true 1 hitter, and a 1 hitter quitter for those not accustomed to strong smoke.


Strain: Chocolate Diesel (F2) of the Katsu original

Breeder: Derg Corra Collective

Lineage: Sour Diesel x Chocolate Trip (Katsu)

Flower Time: 11 Weeks

Ran this 2 cycles and would probably run it again if I can squeeze it in. It’s a fairly easy to grow strain but does stretch a bit when flipped, It has a smooth fruity, greasy putrid smell to it in flo. A pleasant fruity/berry smell in the jars.

It’s a solid, very smooth day time smoke. Had a hint of vanilla and mint taste/aftertaste.


Those are lovely! I’m so afraid of your Valley Ghash. lol I can be a major wuss. Even after 30 years of smoking.


Thanks @Meesh , it sure has turned into what I use to judge everything else as far as potency. I have witnessed it wreck some people and have heard some stories of friends of friends having episodes. Events like these seem to provide me the greatest amusement, I’m sick like that I guess.


You’re not alone. When I hear horror stories of people’s edibles trips, I can not help but laugh. Just cuz we’ve all been there. :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Strain: Snow Lotus BX x The Unknown Mother (1-C)

Breeder: @GrowHard

Lineage: Snow Lotus BX x (Tahoe Alien x Soul Food)

Flower Time: 8 Weeks

I’ve been running this for a few cycles now. It’s very easy growing, not to finicky at all. Gets some nice piney fruity smells to it in late flo. Very pleasant piney-fruity jar smell.

It is a solid smoke, decent yielding and respectable potency. Pretty smooth, a little piney aftertaste. A good day time and night time smoke and also a good everyday smoke.


Haha, hell yeah. I use one of my own stories when people are about to go down that road. Travel at your own risk and always remember…it’s just weed, it can’t kill you :rofl:


Nothing more humbling, had a guy in uni that insisted he could go for a second and even a third hit.
He was a few beers into the evening, likely contributing to his coming misfortune, he spent the rest of the night wrapped around a toilet evacuating from both ends , poor thing.



Strain: Trainwreck

Breeder: CBF

Lineage: Cedarberry Farms Trainwreck x Woodhorse Trainwreck

Flower Time: 8-10 weeks

One of the few pics I have of this grow, still looks like it had 2-3 weeks to go. Only ran it once. Was a very easy growing sativa. Very pleasant smelling with fruity undertones.

My all time favorite sativa. Very smooth, fruity and tasty smoke. Potent but not overpowering, a very functional great all day daytime smoke.


Very nice, good work. flowers are looking solid and on-point.
Running some good genetics is the key.
I have a 4-way sour deeze/snow lotus hybrid. Im wondering if the sweetness is from the S.L. Ive not never grown, smoked or smelled the 'Lotus.
Trainwreck is still popular for a reason all these years later. I love a good Sativa.
Quality is quality.
Keep up the good work @Undead-Toker


Amazing work! Love the well thought out and documented flavors & results!!

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Strain: Petrolia Headstash (IBL)

Breeder: Reeferman

Lineage: Afghanistan Indica

Flowering Time: 8 weeks

Not the greatest pic, but it is what it is. An easy growing leafy monster of an indica. Decent potency for it’s time. Piney and earthy smelling. A real pain to trim. Had big plans for breeding with this but the calyx to leaf ratio ended that idea.

A pleasant smoking piney Indica. Not bad but nothing special.


@Hydrlizr and @nefrella thanks for stopping by!

@Silverhaze I don’t know a lot about the Snow Lotus either. My only experience with it is the Snow Lotus BX x 1-C by @GrowHard


really nice work, thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing more of your plants here

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Strain: Herijuana

Breeder: Woodhhorse Seeds

Lineage: Killer New Haven x Petrolia Headstash

Flowering time: 9 Weeks

Another easy growing plant. Only ran it one cycle up against some other indicas and it didn’t make the cut. Others may like it but the flavor and calyx to leaf ratio were the determining factors. Can clearly see the Petrolia Heatstash parentage.

Another earthy, piney tasting smoke with a funky aftertaste I didn’t care for. Others may dig it, wasn’t for me.