Tower fan suggestion

Looking to get a tower fan be see some really poor reviews on a few of them. Any suggestions?


I have one of these:

I like it, but it’s too high. The brand offers a few form factors. I’ve owned this fan for at least 5 years, and have been running it non-stop for the last few months and it’s taken it like a champ.


Whatever is cheapest or better yet on sale at Canuk Tire or Home Hardware does it for me. Those can be nice in the corner of a tent or tight grow space and come in all sizes.

Most cheap fans are junk and the expensive ones not a lot better in my experience. I like to keep a spare or two on hand. Always seem to be tearing them apart and cleaning the bushings then lubing with 3-in-1 oil every few months until they finally pack it in.



I been using this one since about mid February , only 5 months but so far so good.

Doesn’t take much space you can see the right rear corner in this pic of my 2x4 tent.

It moves things nicely I haven’t had to use it on any speed besides the lowest it’s also fairly quiet , I’d have to go try the other 2 speeds to see how much louder it gets.


I have a sunbeam, bought it off Facebook market place for 10$ been working well for 4 months now.


Funny…i just looked on market place and there is one on there for $20 I think I’ll gove that a try


The sunbeam are good because they have a twist dial for everything, where as the more expensive all singing and dancing ones have micro switches and mini computers, that die quickly.

I get all my fans second hand of either market place or Kijiji.

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