Tracking external links

Nobody ever forced anyone to register here…
Online privacy is long gone for average users that doesn’t use tor or equivalent.
Good luck using a Android/iOS device if you are so concerned about your privacy…
And as for history… Old OG forum software wasnt really fort Knox as for security…and we wanna talk about ICM original admin and software developer POM ?? Better known as Variety Jones and countless aliases more? You really think that your data were safe in his hands seeing him screw up GN as he did ?
Reality check needed there…


@LemonadeJoe Works tirelessly to keep the site as safe as possible.

Ramble Alert

@anon82664705 Using a VPN to access the site your end will help your concerns all meta data is removed from photos but I’m sure with some research or probably an app these days you could remove that data yourself if you don’t think it’s being done. Which I do.

The site protects itself it is your responsibility to take steps to ensure your not being watched when being on the site.

Paranoia over? Rationality returned?

No offense but we are all responsible for our own online safety and expecting Joe to explain the inner workings in more detail than has already been outlined could comprise the site.




@Dee.S73 See there is someone who gets it.:+1:


I appear in a different location every day. Apparently i was in Dundee the other day but i’ve never been there in my life :laughing:

In this era your personal privacy is every bit as secure as a soap bubble in a storm :joy:


Opsec is the new unicorn. Simply no longer exists. All your actions are tracked vpn works as an inconvenience at best…

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Feeling so good to be old enough to have lived & played before:

I’m almost certain the OP did not understand the subject functionally.

But I could be wrong. :smile:


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There are some tips to make online browsing more secure… at least it can serve to raise awareness…

Practically all sites are using cookies and tracking user behavior nowadays to “improve user experience” (no matter how questionable it can be). Our site is no different… This is pretty much standard in 2018. I’m surprised that anybody is questioning it… I can guarantee that all these clicks and statistics are used for good purpose and serve the community. They are used to sort and promote quality content to provide you - members - with information you need and also to give us - Team Overgrow - tools to prevent misbehavior and spam.

The site would not be safer without tracking for example clicks to external sites. It is exactly the opposite. We are responsible for content that users put on our site and for that we need to understand how members are using the site through statistics like the one in question.

And of course our site is compatible with tactics recommended in article above, so we explicitly invite you to use whatever means you find appropriate to secure your online browsing via 3rd party tools (TOR, VPN, etc).


Better go live in a cave then. With a dark sat phone.

Have fun


You’re implication that I’m worried about anything is completely unfounded AND the antithesis to everything I believe

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Your the one that made a thread asking about security. Then followed with none of it mattered anyway…

So it seemed your paranoid about security which is a valid point and we all should be but if it’s all to no avail. Then as I said we may as well all get spec ops black phones and live in caves underground.

Not trying to be a dick. People including myself were trying to help with suggestions on how to minimize your exposure.

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@Bongedtobits if I could interject real quick. The issue was started by oscarthegrouch who freaked out and ran for the door before anyone knew what was happening.


I’m more of the opinion that the “issue” started with the first post:

My natural response? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Have a nice life!


Wow, effective immediately. That’s too bad.

This person states that he owns a cell phone in a previous post. Probably uses it to post here. He also narrows down his own general location (city, 17 hour nights in winter, confined space work, industrial trades, likely Canadian), too. And, also tells us the items he always has with him. The irony.

Just too much time in confined dark spaces with little sunlight + :smoking: + thinking.


Paranoia will destroy ya…


With all due respect if you think I started this thread, you are barking up the wrong tree. I’m not OP nor do I think ANY online activity is ‘safe’, yet I continue doing what I do. So don’t know what to tell you m8


Im baked confused most of the time. With my current high RSO dose. Not an excuse but even my misses has said I have been a bit…odd.

There is no problem between us. Im all cool. Sorry if you though I singled you out. That was not my intention.

I’m just a rambler




:kiss: :hugging: :innocent:

:evergreen_tree: :laughing: :thumbsup:


That didn’t take long…



Right?! LOL Plan B successfully implemented with only minor anal properties exhibited.