Triangle Kush and her crosses (What's your favorite flavor?)

We have some amazing Triangle Kush X seed runs going by @Craigson15. Super pumped about that. I thought I would throw up a thread to discuss everyone’s favorite Triangle cross. Right now I’ve had a solid Black Triangle female for over a year. It is the best smoke for finishing the day. Cuts through any sativa and brings the day to a close. It’s like a blanket. I am a Bodhi fan but have been trying some other breeders lately…mainly CSI Humboldt.

What has been your experience with this plant? What’s your favorite so far? Your favorite breeder or cross? Any lore or legend?

Here’s my Black Triangle girl.


I can’t say right now, but in doing some tk/nl5/haze from ak beans, and blk swamp gas, from green rebel (mota rebel), which is blk triangle ×swamp gas…I too am patiently waiting for the blk triangle seed run.


SHHH…don’t tell anyone about those ak beans man. Those are on my list to buy. Fire in there.


I have a pack of BT I plan to pop at some point in the near future. Yours looks nice.


Don’t have a lot of experience with the Triangle Kush, but I just ran Swamp Magic from Doc D, and it’s really nice smoke. Super potent.


That looks yummy and Kushy. @PlantShepherd What’s that cross?

I’ll start some lore and legend with this.

If you check out CSI Humboldt’s IG page you can see some of the different Triangle Kush pheno’s he pulled out of Triangle Kush S1 seeds. He finds SFV OG Kush, Ghost OG and Monster OG leaning phenos in the S1’s. He finds Triangle S1’s that lean Chem 91. Also, in Chem 91 S1 he finds OG Kush leaning pheno’s. Definitely confirms many people’s belief that most OG Kush variations are possible Triangle Kush S1 (happy accidents). Does it mean Chem 91 and Triangle Kush have a possible common parent plant?


Hey thanks man! The cross is Triangle Kush x Headbanger, which I think is Biker OG x Sour D from Karma Genetics. Definitely some sour kush leaners and some triangle kush leaners. I forgot we also grow Wedding Cake at work.

Seems like both of those crosses have really crappy structure - by that I mean weak little stems that require a lot of support. Curious if you think that comes from the Triangle kush? :v:


Yeah my Black Triangle could improve on structure. Buds get so big, stems so thin…shits falling everywhere.


I have a Florida gold from dna genetics I’m testing atm, super thick branches it’s almost to compact, it has a unique growth trait where the side branches are much taller then the main stalk and so far it smells of strawberry bubblegum. In other words it lacks the apical dominance normally exibited by camnabis ,makes me wonder what’s going on with the auxins or possible lack of auxins.


Can I ask, what’s the linage on that one? I’ve generally had pretty good luck with DNA genetics.

It’s Florida og aka triangle kush crossed to Jew gold. Jew gold is also known as kosher kush.


I grew out some of there Florida og and wasn’t impressed but it was just one seed out of 12, super greasy but no flavor at all. I just grew out a fem Skywalker of there’s also not impressed, is a lanky plant with tiny buds… I have some other gear of there’s but it will be sitting on the back burner for awhile.


Hmm… it’s been a while, but I remember liking LA Confidential, Confidential Cheese, OG #18, and a few others. We’re still growing 24k at work which is pretty nice imo. I thought the golden berries and golden lemons were ok, but nothing to write home about. I’ve been looking for confidential cheese seeds, but seems like they’re sold out everywhere.

[/stoned rambling]


There og18 has a good reputation , I always liked la confidential also. I have a bunch of there tangie and a few others, used to get tons of freebies with larger orders.


You guys ever get the chance to grow the original? Or know where to get a clone? I’ve never had an old cut like that. I always wonder how she holds up with her age.


Ya, I guess now that I think about it, we have grown Tangie, Sour Tangie, Crockett Confidential, and probably some others at work. Not terrible, but not real excited about any of those.

And just to kinda keep this on topic, I do have a pack of black triangle and black triangle x SSDD in the stash tin. I was pretty stoked to get the ssdd cross - there were only 55 packs released.


These were some TK x Iraq testers that I grew out from Bodhi. My #2 was greasy, hash and skunk flavored that went real well in a bong or doob.


Those look frosty. I wonder if he will release those. I am on a TK cross hunt right now.


Bodhi released them on the last drop to a few seedbanks but they were gone immediately. Since they were released I have gone about making some for my own stash. I think GLG had them listed as one of the supernatural selections.


Ohhhh…that is one I had in the cart…went to checkout and it was sold out. Still salty with GLG about it.