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Super stuff, great tools spot on, I also use the bio bizz all mix, you will not have to feed the veg part of nutrients for transplanted clones for 2-4 weeks of veg growth it has enough in it to last that long in a decent size pot 11 litres upwards. I transplant clones into it, for seeds I use the bio bizz light mix.

I feed the root stim, rhizotonic, canazyme, nitrozyme for the first 2-4 weeks of veg in bio bizz all mix in 15 litre pots for healthy transplanted clones.

Then start adding the veg food or straight into bloom feeding depending how long you wan to veg for. (mums dont flower, they stay in veg)

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Now I’m going to understand something, thank you.so in the veg part, you mix all that nutrition’s with water and watering plants with this mix till flower stage? Do I understand correctly?


yes but you start by measuring the ec of your water only. take that measurement then increase the ec by adding the nutrients to desired level of ec, low for young plants 0.8-1.2 EC going up to 1.6 EC in veg, then upwards to 2.0 EC in flower. the chart wil give you an idea.

Your food level EC is the measurement of EC inc food in the water, minus the EC of the water only (1st measurement) generally speaking, unitl you start getting itto hard and soft water and calcium and magnesium etc (CAL-MAG)

If you need more help and explaining just ask :wink:


100 litres water veg mix for young vegging plants to acheive around 1.2 in my water, its ph is around 7.2 naturally, and EC around 0.3 naturally, best water is on wednesdays as least chlorine in from water companies.

100ml root stim 1ml/l
250 ml canazyme 2.5 ml/l
200ml rihzotonic 2ml/l
250ml canna terra vega 2.5ml/l (this may go up to 300ml or 350ml so 3ml/l or 3.5ml/l) Test as you mix and go etc.
Ph adust down to 6.0 using ph down approx 5ml (depending on strenght%)

There are other things like silicas and humic and fulvic acids etc but get the basic first :wink:

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This kind of advice locally is invaluable… Carpe Diem!

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downloads_leaflet_2b_terra.pdf (653.0 KB)




A must for every grow room ^^^^^ downloads 68 :wink:

A magazine worth a look ^^^^^^

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I have 3 seedling skunk#1 auto’s on the go atm it’s my first grow and I am a total newbie and would like to no wot you would say was the best temperature and RH for my grow room I am currently sitting at temp 28.1 RH goes between 58 and 60%

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So with this mix I can water my plants in all stages? Only a little bit stronger in flower stage? Right? What to do with ca-mg?

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Thats not bad at all, ideally a little lower on the temp 27c and 50-55 %RH

Is that the ave room temp or from a probe at canopy height directly under a light ?

Do you monitor night and day temps and RH% min&max ?

No you use flower food in flower with canna terra you switch to flores from vega.

You increase the EC of the veg mix as the plant gets bigger and the nutes are used / depleted from the soil / medium, The bigger the plant the more food and water it will require. canna coco is different same base feed through veg and flower.

Cal mag is for soft water areas as soft water has less calcium and magnesium in it than harder water, generally if your tap water is under 0.4 ec you use cal mag to bring the tap water up to 0.4 then start adding the other ingredients (nutes). It can also be used as a cal mag additive for plants that are deficient or demand more calcium or magnesium. Soft water specific formula nutes will have a higher cal mag % generlly speaking :wink: Cann dont do soft or hard water variants :sunglasses:

Edit, drop off the root stim after first few days of transplanting. In flower drop off rhizotonic to 0.5ml/l

In flower use booster all way in flower and pk 13-14 around week 5 give or take strain dependant.


That temp is from inside the tent the probe is stuck on the sid of the middle pot as they r only seedling my hygrometer is out side the tent and it monitors max and min Temps I don’t have a carbon filter and exhaust fan yet still waiting on it getting delivered

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Check if your hygro meter monitors its humidity from the display part or the probe, some only measure temp from the probes and not the humidity, some do measure both from the probe mine does, worth checking @Smokinsammy :wink:

here is a pic of my hygrometer and a digital thermometer and rh meter I have inside the tent wot do u think


one of the seedlings so far


looking good you have 2 the one on the outdside i think may only be measuring temp from probe as no outdoor sign on display, if the probe is solid plastic it wont be measuring rh if its open basket type thenit probably will do :wink:

The probe is metal I have moved the unit inside the tent to see if the rh goes up the display does have an in and out display if u look at the photo u will see wot hygrometer do u use

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Is it possible that the truncheon blinks at 0,6 and 0,8 at the tap water??


Not sure wot u mean by that wot woukd be the best and most accurate hygrometer to use

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On the digital display I see a in and out temp, but not an in and out for the rh%, usually the sensor is located on the circuit board and there is an opening for the air to get in.

Some have an rh sensor built in the out probe, bu tthe probe is usually in an open basket type enclosure. I have both types, but prefer sms.com equipment to run on my enviromental control.

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