Use for Silver Sprayed Plants

Can you safely use any of the plant which you have sprayed with silver suspension in order to get pollen? I think I over did my experiment to make pollen and want to know if I can use the left over, well marked with orange tape, parts. I am still waiting for pollen after spraying with 20ppm for over 3 weeks. I want to save something from my experiment, as I’m not sure of getting pollen at this point in time…


Peace @JJAppleseed I have no input on the subject as I have not yet gotten into that end of growing (CS, STS). Just stopping in to say welcome. And enjoy Ur stay. Be well…:person_in_lotus_position:t6:‍♂:pray:t6:



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Sorry to greet you with the answer you didn’t want to this question, but no, you should not consume plant material that was sprayed with colloidal silver. It’s come up on a few threads before and the consensus was always that it was not going to be a healthy thing to be taking in accumulated nano metal with your weed.

If you are worried about losing the strain you should just reveg it. It’ll take a while but you’ll get to take clones and keep the line if you’re patient.


I won’t even put the silver sprayed plants in my worm bin. I’ve been tempted before, I can understand your dilemma. :rofl:


I get that you should not smoke the silver sprayed product. It seems to be too much of a gamble, or just plain stupid… I’m not sure which!
My real question is can you use it to make oils? People take the silver suspension as a possible guard against infections, so I am asking if this might have too much silver in the weed? Is it worth the risk, or should I just be careful and not even feed the worms with it?
I’ve looked all over for a definitive answer to the question, but would like input from someone who is better informed than I.
Just started growing weed a year ago, and got the bright idea to try to make pollen to extend my seed supply. So far, after almost 4 weeks, no pollen and possibly wasted product with the branches I have already sprayed.
Asking guidance from those in the know…

You should ask some sort of nutritionist, I’d bet Colloidal Silver sprayed plants would be completely safe in edibles.

It’s anti-microbial, so it might hurt your compost more than help.

It has been my experience over decades spent around a wide cross section of hippies, freaks, and general misfits that the colloidal silver drinkers are not what I might call terribly scientific. A lot of the “information” floating around about the miraculous benefits of colloidal silver ingestion are not well founded or researched, and there’s a bunch of overlap with ideas like Hulda Clark’s.

If you haven’t heard of her, Hulda Clark wrote a book called “The cure to all diseases”. Now, if that title isn’t enough to scream snake oil alone, well, her notion that all disease is caused by parasites isn’t exactly supported by science. Like, at all, on a bunch of levels. But that didn’t stop her from selling people “zappers” that would totally cure your cancer and AIDS! Practicing medicine without a license? Fleeing the law? Sued by grieving families? You’d better believe it!

Oh yeah, and she died of…uh…cancer. Yep, cancer. But she totally knew how to cure cancer with a 9v battery though, definitely totally credible!

Anyhow, some hippies and new agers and “natural health” people still swear she was right about everything. You still see zappers for sale. But I frequently found the folks who were big on ingesting colloidal silver on the regular were at least fellow travelers to “treatments” like the zapper. The anti vaxxers are pretty into it too.

But hey, if people feel like fucking up their internal microfauna indiscriminately cuz some profiteering charlatans somewhere suggested it cures everything then hey, you do you I suppose.

I like facts with my drugs, call me old fashioned I guess! :nerd_face::lab_coat::thinking::laughing:


When I first moved to oklahoma they busted a Dr selling “Jesus shots,” as a cure all. Lots of old baptists were getting them.
It was a cocktail of b12, methamphetamine and a little hydrocodone to take the edge off

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Well Jesus H. Christ, that’s quite the… uhhhh… sacrament there. Important to keep those b12 levels up, St. Peter doesn’t just let any old meth drinkers through the pearly gates!! :laughing:

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Don’t knock holistic medicine. My chiropractor helped her father cure his prostate cancer without a single drug from a medical Dr.


Hulda Clark is not medicine, the zapper is not medicine, it’s charlatanism, unfounded dangerous claims made for the sole purpose of extracting money from the desperate. Liars like that kill people with their lies and I will proudly drop the hard truth of science like greasy turds upon their scamming heads anytime, anywhere. :poop:

If you can’t tell an obvious greasy con job like Hulda Clark from actual medicine, well you might as well just serve your ass up to the predators of the marketplace.

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So curing prostate cancer with diet and supplements alone is a scam to you? Granted she didn’t charge her dad anything but medicine doesn’t have to come in a pill man. For fucks sake most everyone here uses a natural plant as medicine lol. I’d rather use natural things than a pill that the side effects are worse than what it’s treating. My family being cherokee indian I’ve seen more things cured from plants than pills.

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Buddy, you’ve got me all wrong here. I’ve got no beef with plants or plant based medicine, for fucks sake my wife and I would both be dead without Cannabis. I never said diet and supplements were useless, I never said medicine has to come in a pill. If I rattled off how many sick people I’ve had in my family and friends that have benefitted from cannabis or other plants I’d be typing all night.

But here’s the thing, we can research plants, we can measure them, we can classify their chemical makeup and discover their active ingredients. We can create repeatable preparations and we can breed those plants selectively to improve their quality. That’s real stuff, scientifically verifiable, falsifiable, repeatable.

We still wouldn’t know our buttholes from our bongholes in the world of cannabis if Raphael Mechoulam and his colleagues hadn’t discovered THC, CBD, CBG, etc, laid the groundwork for our entire understanding of cannabinoids, and discovered the endocannabinoid system. Y’know, basically all the stuff we talk about around here constantly and all care very deeply about.

Diet, chiropractors, that’s real and important stuff too, also it’s stuff we can study and make falsifiable statements about to test. It exists whether people believe in it or not. Didn’t say anything bad about either.

What I crapped on specifically was Hulda Clark, and I 100% stand by that. She was a piece of shit who ripped off cancer patients telling them she could cure them all so easily, and then she died of cancer. It’s actually hilarious how much Hulda Clark truly deserved to get cancer, after killing desperate sick people with her bullshit.

But I’ve had friends who were believers! I’ve watched people get really sick because they decided to use a zapper instead of safe, proven treatments. I’ve known someone who ended up hospitalized with a serious blood infection after they cut their foot dancing in the woods at a festival. Got mud in the cut, rinsed it out with sketchy creek water, refused Polysporin for the wound because it’s antibiotic. Drank colloidal silver instead, kept dancing on it. By the end of the weekend it was nasty, swollen up and oozing. Looking serious now so they got their zapper and doubled the colloidal silver. Would have died of sepsis if friends hadn’t pulled an intervention and dragged them to the hospital a week later.

Another time, another crazy festival in the woods, myself and a couple friends had to basically fight off a couple dozen Galaktik Light Beings who were “intentionally focusing their collective light of healing” on someone we knew that had fainted on the dancefloor. About eight of them were om-ing over him as they carried him into the glacial river next to the party to “bathe him in the sacred healing waters”. Except, nope, he’s a diabetic, he just fucked up his counts and ate the wrong cookies while tripping balls at a 4 day forest party. Now he needed insulin bad, which was gonna take a rough 2 hour rally style burn down an active logging road, or he was gonna die in the woods surrounded by two dozen hippies with the best of intentions and absolutely no fucking clue whatsoever.

That doesn’t even scratch the surface for me, the Canadian pacific coast psychedelic festival scene was a really fucking weird community between 2000 and 2012. Lots of those hippies were true believers that it was all ending in 2012, and the cosmology and cultures that went with that brought some pretty crazy nonsense around under the banner of “natural”.

So yeah, of course natural health is a thing…
But so is “Natural Health™®”


I see, what we have here is a misunderstanding lol yeah my doc hates standard medicine, but will tell you they’re are things that cannot be fixed naturally. I went in once with a severely rotated c1 that was blocking the flow in one vertebral artery putting me at extreme risk for a stroke. When she looked at my x ray that showed the rotation and the non existent hole where the artery runs she laid me down and told me that if she couldn’t get it back she was calling an ambulance and sending me in to get it surgically opened. Speaking of the silver I’ve read a few things that say it can help but nothing that really proves it that can be recreated over and over like we can do with our favorite plant.
Sorry for the confusion my brother be well and don’t follow random hippies to far into the woods lol and run when you hear banjo music lol


Heh heh… in the case of those craaaaaaazy hippies it was more psytrance that was your warning sound. :grimacing:

Yeah, tone and sarcasm are tricky things with text, I guess my quotes around “natural health” the first time could be read as a general fuck off to plant medicine and all that. Didn’t mean it to sound that way, but I get how it did.

I’m always trying to find that balance between the apes we still are and the distressingly powerful technological demigods we’re constantly becoming. There’s lots to love about the internet, but at the same time we’ve turned it into a very distressing and harmful “drug” on a bunch of levels. I love the power to build and create nearly any form we can imagine, but look at half the shit in the dollar store and tell me there’s any need for it to exist. Why do we always seem to do this with everything we touch as humans?

Cuz we can. Cuz make money.

The cutting edge, next level shit is always attractive to fakers, charlatans and con artists. Anything at the edges of human understanding will bring out the best and brightest explorers amongst us, as well as the predators.

So I guess I’m just saying we should all set our bullshit detectors to 11 when people promise the world but run short on details, in any field.